Dr. Boaz Barack

Dr. Boaz Barack is our exclusively recommended Capital Markets Law expert in Switzerland on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Boaz directly using the contact details listed above.

Boaz is an experienced banker with over 30 years of an international banking career, including more than twenty years as Member of Senior Management at the two leading Swiss banks. The Rothschild Group acquired his private asset and risk- management company in 1990.

Dr. Boaz Barack holds a Ph.D. degree in International Law and Economics from the University of Cambridge, England, Master’s degrees in Law and Business Administration from the University of Tel Aviv, Israel, and diplomas in Common Market Business Affairs from the European Economic Community college in Bruges, Belgium and from the Academy of International Law in the Hague, Holland.

Firm Overview:

BONART is an independent Swiss advisory and execution firm.

We join forces with investors and entrepreneurs to navigate through the capital markets.

We anticipate that the growing focus on private markets, and the digitalisation of the investment supply chain, will drive substantial changes in the solutions offered by the traditional finance industry.

To capitalise on these opportunities, BONART has built a unique business model combining our teams’ passion for innovation, and our drive to deliver simple profoundly practical solutions.

Our three interlocking business divisions:

  • Financing Private Equity
  • Structuring Investment Strategies
  • Proprietary Investment Strategies

We look at finance and investments differently than others.

​First founded by Dr. Boaz Barack in 1983, BONART initially provided financial risk management strategies and the first-ever structured methods to hedge the business risks and transactions of its substantial clients. In 1990 the company was bought by the Edmond de Rothschild Group.

In 2010, Dr. Barack re-established BONART as a Swiss company. It advised UBS AG on financial matters, served as a hub for investments of the Barack Family Office, and acted in directorship and holding positions in several European financial institutions.

The combination of our access and interactions with both traditional institutions and start-ups has shaped BONART’s philosophy and vision for the future of finance.

Olivier RIVOIRE, LL.M.

Olivier Rivoire is our exclusively recommended Banking & Finance expert in Switzerland on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Olivier directly using the contact details listed above.

After completing his legal studies at the University of Fribourg, Olivier was admitted to the Geneva bar in 2003. During 2006 and 2007 he studied at Georgetown University in Washington D.C (USA) where he earned an LL.M. degree in General Studies.

From 2003 to 2012, he worked for various law firms in Geneva and Zurich mainly in the areas of business law, insolvency and bankruptcy law, civil and commercial litigation.

In 2012, he joined the FINMA in Bern, banks division, authorisations section. As from 2014, he worked within the legal department of a large international banking group in Geneva and was involved in the wealth management and IT/BPO activities of the bank. He led the IT/BPO legal department. Afterwards, he joined the Legal & Transactions department of an independent Swiss-based banking group and was mainly in charge of litigation and regulatory projects.

He joined Bory & Partners as partner on 1 August 2019.

Committed to his clients and mindful of their needs, pragmatic, he advises and represents in court individuals, companies and non-governmental organisations, based in Switzerland or abroad.

Building on his experience as in-house counsel during several years, Olivier Rivoire mainly provides his services in the following fields of expertise: regulatory for financial intermediaries, in particular banks and independant wealth managers, company law, including contract law, employment law and immigration law, inheritance law and mediation.

In this last field of activity, he was certified in 2020 by the Federal Department of Finance as mediator within the meaning of the Federal Act on Financial Services, FinSA. He is also Committee member of the Groupement Pro Médiation.

Olivier Rivoire is a member of the Swiss Bar Association, the Geneva Bar Association, the Association of International Business Lawyers and the International Bar Association.

Firm Overview:

Since it was established in 1994, the firm has continued to grow dynamically, coherently and with an entrepreneurial spirit.

To date, the firm has nine partners. Each of them came with proven and recognised experience and knowledge in their respective fields, their skills complementing each other.

The Firm’s partners, as well as its other lawyers, practice their profession with passion and determination. The Firm’s priority is to ensure a high level of competence and personalised service to its clients, be they individuals, legal entities or State entities. Guided by their clients’ interests, they do everything possible to arrive at the best possible solution, either amicably or, if necessary, by defending their rights before cantonal and federal authorities or before national and international arbitration bodies.

The Firm advises its clients in many spheres of daily life and business activity, in particular in the areas of family law, estate planning and inheritance law, contract law, corporate law, banking and finance law, real estate and tenancy law, labour and employment law, criminal law, immigration and pension law, and international business law.

In addition to their work within the Firm, the partners have always considered it natural and useful to be actively involved in parallel activities – as an associate judge at the Geneva courts, a law professor, a member of the lawyers’ supervisory body, a trainer at the Geneva Law School (“Ecole d’Avocature”), President of the Union Internationale des Avocats, or in a term of office as an independent board member.

This kind of involvement has enabled them to maintain close links with the judiciary, the academic and the business worlds, and to develop a wide network at local, national and international levels.

John Moetteli, Esq.

John Moetteli is our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Switzerland and Liechtenstein on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact John directly using the contact details listed above.

For about twenty years, John has been a practicing patent practitioner/Attorney-at-Law, licensed before the Swiss and Liechtenstein Patent Offices. John has represented famous individuals, luxury watch brands, as well as innovative companies, both small and large, before the U.S., Swiss, Liechtensteiner and International patent and trademark authorities.

His technical specialty is mechanical, IT, software, medical devices, and sports products. He is particularly specialised in preparing freedom to operate, invalidity and unenforceability opinions, as well as preparing and prosecuting patent, trademark and design applications. His experience preparing legal opinions gives him the ability to quickly and objectively assess infringement and validity, all helpful to fair and thoughtful determination in arbitration as well as in providing strategic litigation advice.

John is a member of the Association of International Business Lawyers (AIBL), the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), and the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI). He’s been inducted into the Order of the Barons and Order of the Coif, well-known honorary legal fraternities. He’s also the founder of the North American Attorney’s Association. He’s lectured for the Da Vinci School of Intellectual Property, the Swiss Patent Office, WIPO (as a WIPO Patent Expert) and the European Commission. He is currently lecturer in international intellectual property law for the Zurich School of Applied Sciences and has served as an IMD faculty for the Program for Executive Development (PED). He’s published several articles on the subject of intellectual property law as well.

Prior to moving to Switzerland over twenty years ago, John worked in the intellectual property section of Haynes & Boone LLP, a large general litigation firm with offices in Texas, Washington D.C. and Mexico City. He earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence magna cum laude from the University of Houston Law Center, a highly ranked law school. Prior to his experience with Haynes & Boone, John worked at NASA’s JSC with astronaut Joe Kerwin, the first physician in space. There his responsibilities included technology management as well as space station systems design. During this time, his work was featured on the Discovery Channel’s Invention Series cable television program.

John speaks fluent English, French and German.

Advisory Excellence Appoints John Moetteli and Da Vinci Partners LLC in Switzerland and Liechtenstein (streetinsider.com)

John Neocleous

John Neocleous is our exclusively recommended Tax Services expert in Switzerland on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact John directly using the contact details above.

John is the Founder and Managing Partner of NCI Law Group. He holds an “LLB (Hons) from the University of East Anglia, a Master of Philosophy from the University of Sussex, and a Diploma in European Law from the European University Institute. Mr. Neocleous has lectured and published extensively in the areas of human rights, international tax and commercial law, and international criminal law. He has practiced internationally for more than 20 years, with an emphasis on solutions to complex international legal problems, including taxation, collection, contract and business law for high net worth clients. He is an active member of several professional organisations, including the International Bar Association, the Washington State, Cyprus, and American bar associations, the Bar Council and the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England and Wales, and the Ordre des Avocats Vaudois in Switzerland.

Firm Overview:

Welcome to the NCI Law Group. With offices in the US, UK, Switzerland, and Cyprus, our team of lawyers is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive legal solutions to our clients. A multinational law practice with a proven track record of success, our philosophy is simple – quality, practical, cost-effective legal solutions, delivered in a timely manner. Simply put, we get things done.

The firm has received numerous awards for its practice of tax law, commercial law, corporate law, immigration, and innovation excellence. We handle transactions of all sizes and complexity and offer a full spectrum of international legal services. Our client base covers over 40 countries and ranges from private investors, to single owner start ups, governments, leading investment banks and financial institutions. We have built a reputation for quality, experience, and with our business acumen, for helping our clients move from strategy to strength.

Thierry Afschrift

Thierry Afschrift founded the Afschrift law firm in 1994. He was, at the time, a renowned tax specialist, professor in charge of several courses at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. More importantly, 1994 is also the year he published L’évitement licite de l’impôt et la réalité juridique (lawful tax avoidance and legal reality) at the éditions Larcier. In this book, Thierry Afschrift targets a law from 1993 that reformulates the article 344 of the Code d’Impôt sur les Revenus (income tax code). His core message forms the basis of the values held by the lawyers that joined the Afschrift Law Firm: the taxpayer can never be forced to pay more taxes than what the law prescribes. “The government cannot force a taxpayer, whether a physical person of a legal entity, to place herself in a less favourable situation. Every taxpayer has a right – provided she respects the law – to reduce as much as she can the tax pressure put on her shoulders by the Belgian State. For more than 60 years, successive governments have tried to limit this right, event though it finds its origin in the spirit of the Belgian Constitution. Their attempts have so far been rejected eventually by the Constitutional Court.” The 1993 law, largely useless, has been replaced by a new version in 2012. Thierry Afschrift holds that this version, rechristened disposition anti-abus (anti-abuse provision) by the then Minister of Finances, will face the same constitutional obstacles. “As long as the principle of legality of tax will be enshrined in the Constitution, the legislator will find it very difficult to pretend that a law-abiding citizen could suddenly be deprived of their benefit on the sole reason that he tried to use them to his advantage.”

Firm Overview:

Strength, courage and gentleness

We have chosen the bear as the brand image of our job as tax lawyers for its strength, its courage and its reputation for gentleness.

Energy and courage

Everybody knows that bears are powerful animals, very quick to defend their cubs and their territories against intruders.

As fiscal lawyers, our role is to defend our clients and to protect their assets against the government. We will tackle this with the same energy and courage as a mother bear defending her cubs.

Gentleness and benevolence

But the lawyer also has to advise and provide guidance to his clients so that they can manage their assets and professional activities. We look after our clients with the same care as that of a mother bear supervising the first steps of her baby cubs.


Finally, the teddy bear is the first friend to whom a small child will confide his secrets, knowing the bear will never betray them.

Inevitably our clients, if they are going to receive advice that is most suitable for their needs, will have to disclose certain details of their private lives. We do everything possible to protect such confidential data.

Protecting bears

To provide a tangible example of our attachment to bears as the emblems of our activity, we have decided to put words into action. That is why we support in Spain the charity “Fundación oso de Asturias” which works for the protection of bears in Asturias.

Claude Nicati

Mr. Claude Nicati was born on March 10, 1957. He is married, has three children and is a grandfather, and has been living since 1990 in the canton of Neuchâtel.

After university studies in Lausanne, then a training of lawyer in the canton of Bern, he held positions of manager and magistrate in the whole chain of the criminal investigation and is thus able to advise usefully the persons involved, in whatever capacity, in a proceeding.

His work in the Neuchâtel court for more than four years allows him to know practically what are the difficulties and what are the demands placed on the magistrate so that a file can be sent to court. This experience is precious today.

At the level of the Confederation, in his capacity as Deputy Prosecutor General, he headed for eight years teams of federal prosecutors in charge of the fight against serious international crime (organized crime, money laundering, terrorism, etc.). ). He personally also conducted sensitive investigations in these areas and supported the prosecution in the Federal Criminal Court (TPF). These activities have opened many doors to him internationally, still very useful today.

He still had the privilege, within the military justice, to be successively judge of instruction, auditor (prosecutor) then president of court. He was in charge of the only war crimes cases tried in Switzerland. This experience is rare and profitable.

Finally, the four-year term he has served as State Counselor of the Republic and Canton of Neuchâtel in charge of the Territory Management Department (DGT, currently DDTE) is also an asset. During this term, he had the privilege of chairing the Conference of Directors of Transport of Western Switzerland (CTSO) and the Council of Public Authorities of EOS Holding.

He is also the author of two publications related to his previous activities as a prosecutor.


  • Attorney at the Neuchâtel Bar
  • Member of the Council of the Bar Association of Neuchâtel (OAN) as treasurer
  • Member of the Swiss Federation of Lawyers (FSA)
  • Member of the International Criminal Bar (International, Criminal Bar, BPI – ICB)
  • Accredited Lawyer at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, The Netherlands (ICC – ICC)
  • Attorney at the International Criminal Court (ICCBA-ABCPI)
  • Member of the International Union of Lawyers (UIA)
  • 2nd Vice-President of the Criminal Commission of the International Union of Lawyers
  • Regular speaker at the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime


  • Law degree from the University of Lausanne in 1983
  • Bernese patent certificate in 1986
  • Alternate commanders of the municipal police Biel and the cantonal police neuchâteloise (1986 – 1996)
  • Neuchatel Training Judge (1997 – 2001)
  • Deputy Attorney General of the Confederation (2001 – 2009)
  • Neuchâtel State Councilor in charge of the Department of Territorial Management (DGT) (2009 – 2013)
  • Member of the boards of directors and foundation (2013 -)
  • Member of the charities and sports associations committee
  • President of the Neuchâtel section of the NOMES (New Swiss European Movement)
  • Obtained a CAS (Certificate of Advanced Study) in economics and public finance by the University in Neuchâtel (2019)