Zweli Jele

Zweli Jele is our exclusively recommended Litigation expert in Swaziland on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Zweli directly using the contact details above.

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Zwelethu Desmond Jele is the Head of the Litigation Department specialising in all court and arbitration claims, providing advice and opinions on legal suits, labour related matters including strikes, disciplinary process and other employer-employee matters, environmental matters and general commercial litigation. Has acted and advised most parastatals in Eswatini in both regulatory and litigation spheres. He has also been involved in litigation for the majority of parastatals in the country and is also considered an expert.

Relevant Legal Experience:

  • Practitioner Industrial Court and Industrial Court of Appeal of Eswatini since 1992
  • Practitioner in High and Supreme Court of Eswatini since 1993
  • Contributed to the drafting of amendments to the Industrial Relations Act in 1996, 2000 and 2005
  • Contributed to the drafting of amendments to the Employment Act in 1997
  • Conducted extensive labour law training for Federation of Employers / Chamber of Commerce in Eswatini as well as individual employer organisations
  • Conducted commercial and labour law arbitrations in Eswatini and South Africa

Firm Overview:

RB is a Swati indigenously owned Legal Firm. Since its formation, the firm has been involved in helping both the private and public sectors with wealth creation and improved delivery of public services by Governmental and Non Governmental organisations. Further, the firm has contributed significantly to sustainable economic development through institutional and infrastructure development.