Ibrahim Fofanah, Esq.

Ibrahim Fofanah is our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Sierra Leone on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Ibrahim directly using the contact details listed above.

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Ibrahim is the founder of the boutique IP consulting firm Prext Intellectual Property in Sierra Leone.

He has several years of industry experience in dealing with a wide variety of contentious and non-contentious IP issues, including trademark portfolio management, IP transactional issues such as distribution, licensing, franchising, outsourcing, R & D projects, M&A transactions, patent, trademark, and industrial design registration in Sierra Leone and Liberia, etc.

Fofanah has worked in several reputable law firms before founding this consulting firm. Fofanah has an LL.M in Intellectual Property Law, a B.L. from the Sierra Leone Law School and an LL. B from the University of Makeni.

Firm Overview:

At Prext Intellectual Property, we understand the hassle local and foreign businesses encounter in identifying, protecting, and exploiting their patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, trade secrets etc. in Sierra Leone.

We strive to ensure that our clients gain a competitive advantage by providing them with unique and strategic solutions to their intangible assets in various industry sectors. Our team of IP experts are in position to handle both traditional and emerging areas of IP.

We offer:

  • IP Protection such as Patent, Trademark, Industrial Designs, Copyright, etc.
  • Brand Monitoring, Conduct investigations, anti-counterfeiting raids.
  • IP Portfolio management, valuation, audit and strategy.
  • IP transactional issues in licensing agreements, franchising & distribution, non-disclosure, technology transfer and regulatory affairs etc.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help businesses and innovators in Sierra Leone and around the world identify, protect, and monetise their intangible assets. We envision a society in which creators and innovators profit from their investment and creativity.

Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai

Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai is our exclusively recommended Constitutional Law expert in Sierra Leone on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Emmanuel directly using the contact details above.

Emmanuel is the Managing Partner of Abdulai & Associates. He has over seventeen years experience working as a lawyer and civil society practitioner. Abdulai is a holder of a BA in English Language, Sociology from the University of Sierra Leone; LLB from the University of Sierra Leone; LLM in International human rights and constitutional law from Central European University. He holds a postgraduate qualification in comparative media law and policy advocacy from Oriel College, Oxford University. Abdulai was Drapher Hill Fellow in Democracy, Development and Rule of Law at the Centre for Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law at the Stanford University. He was also Firoz Lalji Fellow at the Program for African Leadership at the London School of Economics.

Emmanuel practice widely in civil, criminal and constitutional law at the High, Appeals and Supreme Court of Sierra Leone. He has also litigated at the ECOWAS Courts of Justice in Abuja, Nigeria.

Emmanuel is a qualified mediator, negotiator and Arbitrator, haven qualified from the Netherland Institute of International Relations, The Hague, Netherlands. He is a skilled negotiator, mediator, and has negotiated commercial disputes, land rights and acquisition, and tax disagreements.

Emmanuel has litigated and won in leading cases in Sierra Leone ranging from media law- David Tam Mbayoh vs Independent Media Commission; Independent Observer vs Independent Media Commission. In mines, minerals and taxation cases in Koidu New Sembehun City Council vs OCTEA Mining Company. Other commercial cases such as US Diversify vs NP Petroleum. Anti-Corruption case like State vs Mohamed Osman Sesay.

Emmanuel is widely published extensively in constitutional and administrative law, human rights, mediation and negotiation. Few of his articles are “The Evolution of Locus Standi in Sierra Leone” Journal of Human Rights Laws; “Born to Assembly: The Inhibiting Claws of the Public Order Act on the Inalienable Rights to Assemble in Sierra Leone.” Journal of Law, General Legal Council. “Constitutional Building in Sierra Leone” Journal of Human Rights Law. “A Moment of Hope for our Continent and its peoples’: the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance.” The Commonwealth Yearbook.

Centus O Macauley

MACAULEY, BANGURA & Co. is a relatively new player in the legal field in Sierra Leone. The Firm was set up to meet the obvious gap in the provision of legal, consultancy and other services that was emerging towards the end of the conflict in 2000.

The Partners have positioned themselves to meet these anticipated developmental strides in the expanding legal and private sectors in order to respond to the rapidly changing needs of clients both within and outside the jurisdiction of a new and investment-hungry Sierra Leone. Consequently, the Firm is now ranked as one of the top five Law Firms in the country and Sierra Leone’s largest.

MACAULEY, BANGURA & Co. has grown from an initial three lawyers to now include numerous associates and legal officers, all qualified to practice as Barristers-at-Law and Solicitors. This ensures that the Firm maintains its undertaking of rapid, quality service to clients as Partners and other lawyers of the firm are on call 24 hours a day to attend to the needs of clients.

MACAULEY, BANGURA & Co. prides itself on its competitive edge and maintains excellent relations with all the key players in the public, private and legal sectors in Sierra Leone, ensuring a complete service in investment, consultancies and legal matters. The Firm is committed to first-class service delivery and is research-oriented, with young, dynamic, fast-paced and client focused lawyers.

The Lawyers in the Firm can call upon over twenty years experience of private and institutional practice including practicing in the offices of the Attorney General & Solicitor General of Sierra Leone and other law firms prior to the establishment of Macauley, Bangura & Co.. The firm has undertaken work since its inception for clients ranging from government and quasi government departments and agencies, corporations, foreign investors and sovereign states.

MACAULEY, BANGURA & Co. aim to ensure the satisfaction of its clients and to this end undertake to ensure that ‘THE CLIENT IS NEVER DISADVANTAGED’. As Sierra Leone continues to enjoy sustained economic growth and stability, the Firm of Macauley, Bangura & Co. has seized the opportunity to position itself as the Law Firm of Choice for legal, consultancy and investment business in Sierra Leone.