Carlos Feijó

– PhD in Public Law, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
– Lawyer, member of the Angola Bar (Ordem dos Advogados de Angola)
– Full Professor of Law at Universidade Agostinho Neto
– Founder of the Angola Centre for Corporate Governance (Centro de Corporate Governance Angolano)

With a long footprint in public service (being appointed as vice-minister at the age of 26), Mr. Feijó was Deputy-Secretary of the Council of Ministers, Secretary of the Council of Ministers, Advisor to the President and, recently, Minister of State and Chief of Staff of the President (ceased in 2012).

Carlos Feijó has extensive experience in international business transactions, and various areas of public law; oil and gas; finance transactions and structuring of investments; banking; concessions; corporate governance; energy law; construction and infrastructure.

Mr. Feijó is fluent in Portuguese and English.

Firm Overview:

CFA – Law Firm’s practice is distinctive for its high ethical standards, ensuring confidentiality, competence; and effective and efficiency follow up of our clients’ requests. Our vocation is to provide outstanding specialized legal services. We pursue intelligent and customized solutions to our clients’ request and business. More than lawyers we aspire to become part of our client’s chain of value in order to help growing their business. Our enduring commitment is to provide top quality legal services based on a convergence of a group of professionals with extensive experience, who decided to dedicate their talent and knowledge to key practice areas of the Angolan law.