Céline Carsalade

Céline Carsalade is our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in Saint Barthélemy on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Céline directly using the contact details listed above.

Celine spent her entire law education on the benches of the prestigious university of Paris-Panthéon Assas where she successfully defended her doctoral thesis. As a Doctor in Law, she has the necessary knowledge in legal and juridical sciences needed to accompany her clients in every situations.

Céline graduated from Paris Bar School (Ecole de formation du barreau) after respectively passing the entry exam to law school (CRFPA) and the Certificate of Lawyer’s Professional Skills.

Celine was also a teaching assistant, providing tutoring, at the University of Paris II.

Céline was an associate in one of the most prestigious law firm specialised in construction and urban-planning law in Paris where she gained experiences. Nowadays, her detailed knowledge and sharp analysis skills allow her to practice law in the private sector (individuals, companies) but also in the public sector while collaborating with municipal authorities.

After her formation at Paris II University and her first year of practice as a lawyer at the Paris Bar, CELINE CARSALADE has decided to practice at Saint-Barthélemy, with regards to the important legal specificity of the Island linked to its status as an overseas connectivity.

Emmanuel Jacques

Emmanuel Jacques is our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Saint Barthélemy on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Emmanuel directly using the contact details listed above.

Emmanuel, the firm’s managing partner, is one of the rare attorneys worldwide who is able to have a strategic vision on a matter requiring many different skills. These skills deliver immeasurable value to cross-border transactions, mixing a legal point of view to a financial, managerial or tax opinion to the firm’s clients.

He started his career at the age of 23 as the youngest attorney at law in France but never stopped learning. In addition to the numerous degrees and certifications he has acquired and that are mentioned on the left side of this page, Emmanuel has also studied negotiation techniques at Harvard and Economic Intelligence at Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale.

He has also studied leadership of service firms at Harvard. To this day, Emmanuel remains committed to lifelong learning and is currently pursuing an EMBA through the prestigious joint program run by NYU’s Stern Business School, London School of Economics and HEC named “Trium,” whose goal is to help prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

His academic credentials are only supplemented from what he has learned through his very wide experience working for exceptional people and firms for 30 years.

Previously, Emmanuel worked as of counsel for an American law firm in Paris, taught at the Paris University of Law, and served as Vice-President of the parent organisation of the 112 French Chambers of Commerce abroad for six years, President of the French Chamber of Commerce in Iceland for 12 years, as well as Special Advisor to the French government for trade with Nordic countries.

Emmanuel is an international attorney with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is very passionate in providing clients with the legal protection and practical advice on how to best grow their business and their investments.