Tiago Dias

Tiago Dias is our exclusively recommended Accounting Services expert in Portugal on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Tiago directly using the contact details listed above.

Baker Tilly is one of the world’s largest auditing and consulting organisations. It develops its activity in 148 countries, through 740 offices with 39,000 professionals, reaching a worldwide turnover of around USD 4.3 billion.

This international network has a global reach. It also has a substantial presence in Portugal, through its offices in Lisbon and Porto and partner entities.

Backed by a multidisciplinary global structure for providing professional services, Baker Tilly creates value for its clients through Auditing, Management Consulting, Tax and Incentives Consulting, Transfer Pricing, Corporate Finance, Outsourcing and Information Systems.

The quality of human resources and local and international experience have helped to consolidate the brand and to grow locally, nationally and globally and to guarantee the sharing of knowledge and the quality that the best organisations demand.

Considering Portuguese regulations, Baker Tilly operates through the following network of firms:

  • Baker Tilly, PG & Associados, SROC, S.A. – Registered with the Official Auditors Association (OROC) under number 235 and registered with the CMVM under number 20161528. Provides legal auditing, taxation and related services, authorised exclusively or not, to statutory auditors .
  • Baker Tilly Portugal II Advisory, Lda – Consultancy and support services in the application and management of incentives.
  • Baker Tilly Portugal III – Corporate & Governance, Lda – Provides Risk & Business Advisory, Compliance Services & Internal Audit services.
  • BTCFAM, Lda – Provision of financial valuation services, advice on Mergers & Acquisitions, transactional services (Financial Due Diligence), debt advice, company restructuring, support (in the financial component) to litigation processes.
  • BTPTG Outsourcing, Lda – Provides outsourcing services in the areas of Finance & Accounting and Human Resources.
  • Baker Tilly Iv – Global Solutions, Lda – Consultancy in the area of implementation of information systems, development, training, reporting (Power BI) and digitisation of processes.

Advisory Excellence Appoints Tiago Dias and Baker Tilly in Portugal

Sofia Monge

Sofia Monge is our exclusively recommended Inheritance Law expert in Portugal on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Sofia directly using the contact details listed above.

The usefulness of the practice of Advocacy and the added value of legal services lies in the prompt response, in the anticipation of problems, in the prevention of risks, in the usefulness of advice, in the minimisation of damages, in the proactiveness of the advice, in the quality of the sponsorship and in the effectiveness of the defence.

The work or activity of a Lawyer or a Lawyer is also a difficult and complex task, not only legal, but of vision, strategy and management, always rich, innovative, attractive, unique and unrepeatable, because it generates more significant capital gains or minimisation of non-negligible risks.

Principles & Values:

The legal profession is a profession of social interest. It is an indispensable and highly personal activity and the lawyer’s intervention goes beyond defending of personal interests, but equally he cannot possibly disregard them.

There is a demand for a special relationship between a lawyer and his client, that relationship is one of confidentiality, trust, comfort and proximity. This is the ultimate reason for the existence of this noble profession.

The lawyer is an independent professional. He uses the enacted legislation and the law as his tools of trade in order to achieve his clients’ legitimate and fair claims. Regardless of the difficulty of the case and obstacles and the costs involved in study and research and preparation and complete monitoring of the proceedings.

We do not compromise and we never give up.

Advisory Excellence Appoints Sofia Monge and Carlos Pinto de Abreu e Associados in Portugal (streetinsider.com)

Rafael Sena

Rafael Sena is our exclusively recommended Property Services expert in Portugal on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Rafael directly using the contact details listed above.

The best property at the best market value, without the hassle

You are our primary concern — not the seller. We will always negotiate the best possible deal for you, ensuring you have the latest market intelligence and innovative valuation methods to make an informed decision. Our team works diligently to ensure correct steps have been carried out, safeguarding you from poor property investments.

100% for buyers

Our services are for buyers alone. We apply a tried and tested formula for buying property in Portugal and have helped countless families secure their dream properties in highly sought after locations. For the past decade, we’ve been building our inside knowledge of the local property market, as well as fostering extensive connections across the country, enabling access to an exclusive list of properties and investment routes.

Exclusive service for international buyers

Securing your dream property takes time and effort, especially if you reside overseas. As an independent buyers agent for expats, our job is to ensure you get the best property with confidence and insight. We do this by exhausting the market and translating your needs and objectives into tangible outcomes.

Save time, money and hassle

The Goldcrest team manages the whole process for you, remaining your single point of contact throughout. Depending on your needs, our experienced consultants will walk you through a range of investment options, providing strategic advice along the way. Our ultimate goal is to help you save time, money, and hassle. We do this by searching, negotiating, and protecting you from risky investments.

Advisory Excellence Welcomes Patricia Casaburi and Global Citizen Solutions (streetinsider.com)

Patricia Casaburi

Patricia Casaburi is our exclusively recommended Golden Visa & Residency Services and Property Investment Services expert in Portugal on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Patricia directly using the contact details listed above.

Global Citizen Solutions is a boutique investment migration consultancy firm focused on finding the right residency or citizenship by investment program for individuals wishing to secure their future and become global citizens.

With offices in Portugal, Brazil, Hong Kong, and the UK, our multilingual team guides individuals and families from start to finish, providing expert advice considering freedom, mobility, taxation, and security.

From helping individuals find their dream homes or investment with the help of our real estate division in Portugal — Goldcrest — to providing successful immigration and relocation services, our international team is with you every step of the way.

Our Commitment To You:

Full-service consultancy firm with a borderless vision

At Global Citizen Solutions, we work solely on your behalf. We are dedicated to providing a specialised service to each of our clients with the knowledge that comes with years of expertise, as well as access to a proprietary database of market information. We give the insight and data analysis to allow our clients to make investments with confidence.

Our team are industry-leading experts in delivering full scale solutions related to investment migration and relocation. From helping you file your immigration application, to providing professional legal and tax advice, our team is wholly committed to your success.

Advisory Excellence Welcomes Patricia Casaburi and Global Citizen Solutions (streetinsider.com)

Manuel Camarate Campos

Manuel Camarate Campos is our exclusively recommended Banking & Finance expert in Portugal on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Manuel directly using the contact details above.

  • Partner of RSA since November 2017 – Co-ordinator of the Banking and Insurance Law Group
  • Lawyer at RSA since 2013
  • In-house lawyer of the Banco Comercial Português between 1991 and 2012
  • Registered in the Portuguese Bar Association since 1986

Firm Overview:

Law without borders in Portuguese Language

Since 1997, RSA – Raposo Subtil e Associados has based its activities on a complete and integrated service for its clients at both national and international levels, combining an extensive knowledge of business with the necessary technical expertise.

In 2013, RSA – Raposo Subtil e Associados founded the Rede de Serviços de Advocacia de Língua Portuguesa – Network of Portuguese Speaking Legal Services, which is an innovative network of associated firms of lawyers and legal offices, working in partnership in 5 Portuguese speaking countries. RSA LP works with solid and experienced teams in the Portuguese speaking market, providing a legal consultancy with international standards of excellence both within and outside those markets. This competitive agility is a result of their leadership in complex operations and litigation, and their understanding of business models in diverse areas and different jurisdictions, affirming their ambition with a global model of legal services.

Our teams are multi-disciplinary and specialised, and are composed of lawyers dedicated to finding the most satisfactory legal solution for our clients, be they national or from abroad. Focused on the new challenges of the post-digital era and recognising technologies as a strategic priority, RSA-LP believes that future competitive differentiation will be created by people, and their training and quality, developing creative professional solutions based on values such as trust, expertise, and sharing.

Rita Branco

Rita Branco is our exclusively recommended Real Estate Law expert in Portugal on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Rita directly using the contact details listed above.

Portugal is a southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain. Its location on the Atlantic Ocean has influenced many aspects of its culture: salt cod and grilled sardines are national dishes, the Algarve’s beaches are a major destination and much of the nation’s architecture dates to the 1500s–1800s, when Portugal had a powerful maritime empire.

Rita Branco, post-graduate degree in Tax, Urban Planning and Construction Law, President of the Loulé Delegation of the Portuguese Bar Association from 2011-2016 and member of Bar council National General Management Committee from 2016-2019, practices in the fields of property conveyancing and tax law, family and matrimonial, wills, gifts and probates, corporate and commercial law

Firm Overview:

The ALLAWYERS project was born in 2010, in Almancil, created by the lawyers Tiago Felizardo and Rita Branco. After working a number of years in different traditional law firms, they felt the market needed a different type of law firm, geared towards the client and his needs, with a professional and dynamic team capable of responding quickly and efficiently.

Currently, ALLAWYERS has collaboration with United Kingdom, Belgium, French and Irish law offices and consists of a team of lawyers with over 18 years of experience in a broad range of legal fields, all registered with the Portuguese Bar Association and fluent in English.