Jarosław Jatczak

Specialist in M&A transactions; graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, legal advisor at the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Poznań since 1996; partner in the law firm since 2004; previously he was, among others, the head of Poznań office of Domański Zakrzewski Palinka Law Firm; legal advisor in W. Frąckowiak i Partnerzy Wielkopolska Grupa Konsultingowa sp. z o.o. in Poznań (currently F5 Konsulting Sp. z o.o.) as well as a legal and tax advisor in Ernst & Young sp. z o.o. Registered on the list of restructuring advisors since 2017.

His professional experience includes, among others, legal counselling during many privatization processes of companies from the heating industry in the Northern and Western Poland, representation of the investor (State Treasury) in the litigation concerning the construction of a terminal on a western border; long-standing legal counselling to the Polish largest bus and trolleybus manufacturer, including advisory on management buy-out transaction (considered by Forbes magazine Polish MBO transaction of the year 2005) funded with the means of mezzanine financing combined with the acquisition of comprehensive operational financing; Jarosław has cooperated with investment funds, brokerage houses and investment consulting companies specializing in financial advisory; he participated in the preparation of comprehensive commercial companies financing projects; he has also been in charge of numerous legal due diligence projects of companies; also a legal representative in many judicial proceedings before common courts of all instances, the Supreme Court and administrative courts.

Firm Overview:

We provide professional and full-range legal advisory for demanding clients. Our know-how is supported by our experience, legal expertise, knowledge of business environment in Poland and a proper understanding of the essence our clients’ needs.

Our main task is to achieve goals which meet, to the maximum possible extent, expectations and business assumptions of the client. When shaping transactions or drawing up documents we secure our clients’ interest and limit risks of potential disputes or business problems.

We care about the high level of communication, which allows us to identify and understand the needs of our clients properly and to engage in our clients’ business effectively. We offer services which are not limited to the legal advisory only. We have wide business experience in many sectors of the economy.

Robert Nogacki

Skarbiec Law Firm is the largest Polish law firm that provides unique services hitherto unmatched by any other law firms on the Polish market. As the first law firm in Poland, it provides for its clients comprehensive assistance that goes beyond the traditional understanding of legal, tax and financial advisory.

Skarbiec Law Firm has built its market position by offering novel services on the Polish market, combining both legal and financial advisory along with strategic counselling and services within the scope of business intelligence and counter-intelligence. We advise on issues which due to their complexity and international nature have so far been undertaken only by foreign consulting firms.

We provide comprehensive services regarding holding structures, including but not limited to the following:

– asset management;
– transaction advisory services;
– legal advisory;
– tax consultancy;
– accounting;
– private banking abroad;
– protection of assets from creditors;
– succession planning.

The core business of Skarbiec Law Firm is widely understood legal and financial advisory, covering areas such as:

– international tax planning;
– protection of assets from future creditors;
– legal advice;
– precedent-setting court disputes.
– comprehensive representation before tax authorities and administrative courts
– crisis management – bankruptcy, death, divorce, unlawful criminal allegations, a unique opportunity to sell the company to the investor, the acquisition of a competitor’s company.

Due to the profile of our services, we advise clients in situations where it would be difficult to require any experience from them – bankruptcy, divorce, unjustified criminal charges, unlawful seizure of property by the tax authorities, along with the situations like an unique opportunity to sell the company to an investor or to acquire a competitor. These are, by definition, unique situations in which we are able to provide our experience derived from dozens of similar cases implemented in the past.

The biggest advantage of Skarbiec Law Firm is the complexity, complementarity and a lack of territorial and competence limitations while handling individual cases. The uniqueness of the Law Firm lies in fact that there are already created and implemented innovative legal, tax and financial structures, which are necessary to achieve business objectives as well as an efficient operational management.

Skarbiec Law Firm assists in the management of almost 1000 companies, foundations and trusts as well as other corporate vehicles in more than 50 countries and territories. The total value of assets of these enterprises amounts to over PLN 2.5 billion and is still growing.

The range of services offered by our law firm within the scope of companies’ establishment and administration is designed in a way that ensures that entities incorporated by us operate with the ‘plug and play’ method. That means that our clients receive a fully functional corporate structure which can be managed remotely from Poland, without the need to take international trips, bear extra costs or have specific knowledge of international trade law.

Where a structure described above is created, Skarbiec undertakes to administer the whole vehicle, including to take all the actions related to company incorporation, maintenance but also – among others – to fulfill the constant, current company and commercial law obligations (holding shareholders’ meetings, submitting annual returns, etc.) as well as observe book-keeping and accounting responsibilities (if applicable).

It is the duty of our law firm to engage local subcontractors as far as it is necessary to use their services, to rentPolandthe company’s registered office, handling incoming and outgoing correspondence and managing documentation.

As a result, the client may direct and control the whole international structure without the need to leave Poland.

Furthermore, Skarbiec cooperates with several dozens of financial institutions, including, among others, these from Liechtenstein, Monaco, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Andorra and Hong Kong.

Legal advisor Robert Nogacki, owner of Skarbiec Law Firm, has received the title of the Overseas Agent of the Government of Anguilla – British Overseas Territory. This enables him – as the only person in Eastern Europe – to register and enter companies directly into the commercial register of Anguilla.

A recent success story involved the coordination of a team of lawyers in creation of an international holding structure. The individual entities were located in 20 different jurisdictions. Areas of advice involved: the interpretation of pharmaceutical law on supported markets, analysis of consumer rights and interests of the seller in the context of the regulations on online marketing, and securing the concluded transaction. Skarbiec Group has also prepared a complete documentation for legal transactions and documentation of corporate companies. The value of the transaction was 17,000,000 EUR.

Recently, we expanded the portfolio of our customers and increase market share through the launch of the branch in Malta. Our current clients are primarily wealthy individuals who are looking for solutions that will protect the private property against claims related to their business activity, or who think about the long-term plan for the future of their families through such solutions as a private foundation or a change of tax domicile.

Dr. Robert Lewandowski, M.A.

Dr. Robert Lewandowski was admitted to practice in 2000.

Dr. Lewandowski studied mathematics and German philology at the University of Warsaw (Poland) and law at the University of Mainz (Germany)

In 2004, Dr. Lewandowski was registered on the list of foreign lawyers at the District Bar Association in Warsaw (Poland)

Dr. Lewandowski enrolled in 2009 on the list of Lawyers maintained by the District Bar Association in Warsaw (Poland)

Working Languages: Polish, German and English

Firm Overview:

Your partners for advice in all fields of law specializing in International legal transactions

40 lawyers, 11 offices in Germany and Europe along with substantiated knowledge and wide competence in all fields of legal expertise are significant features of Derra, Meyer & Partners Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB. The first office was founded by Hans Jörg Derra followed by many others. To date we have seven offices in Germany, two offices in Italy and two offices in Poland and we are therefore able to comprehensively advise our clients independent of the place of destination.

Legal Advice and Representation Domestic and Abroad

Our clients are entrepreneurs from all sizes of companies, and individuals who over many years place trust in our legal advice provided in the domestic market and abroad. We place a great emphasize familiar with all current court precedents and legal provisions in order to elaborate the best solutions for our clients. We participate in International legal transactions with our allied law partners, in particular in Turkey, Lithuania and Russia. Moreover, Derra, Meyer & Partners are shareholders and member of DIRO-EWIV, one of the largest legal firm networks and legal firm organization in Europe. Due to this we are able to guarantee handling of disputes without any delay.

Speeches on Different Legal Subjects

It is very important to us, to raise the awareness of entrepreneurs and individuals to legal issues. Therefore we provide at regular intervals public speeches on legal subjects. Moreover some lawyers from Derra, Meyer & Partners work as lecturers and publishers.

Adam Ciuhak

Grupa Strategia offers services for clients representing medium-sized to large companies both Polish and international, stock exchange, state companies, institutes, universities, funds and associations. Our clients include business in in various economic sectors. Due to our competences and experience we offer support for entities which are starting a new business on the Polish market and those which are looking to expand into international markets.

Accounting Consultancy:

• IFRS HOTLINE service • permanent contact with an expert
• preparation of financial statements including consolidated statements
• creation of internal accounting policies and rules
• preparation of accounting opinions, financial book reviews, accounting procedure reviews
• training and consultancy in the area of IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP
• UPDATE service – transferring updates of IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP


Grupa Strategia since the beginning of its activity has been concentrating on rendering high quality professional services in the area of finance, law and taxes.

Top-class experts employed in our company offer our services to Polish and international companies. Grupa Strategia is a member of an international association of auditing and law firms Morison International, which assures to us and our customers an access to the know-how and human resources from all over the world.

Ewa Rutkowska-Subocz

Ewa Rutkowska-Subocz is a local partner in the Warsaw office of Dentons. She is a member of the Energy and Natural Resources Practice Team and legacy head of the environmental protection and natural resources practice in the Warsaw office.

She specialises in environmental protection law, natural resources and the regulatory aspects of corporate activity. Her practice covers all aspects of business operations from the angle of environmental protection law, climate change regulations and the regulations governing geological and mining activities. Ewa advises Polish and foreign companies and public bodies on issues regarding Polish and EU environmental protection law as well as geological and mining aspects of mineral exploration and exploitation, including conventional and unconventional gas, such as shale gas and tight gas


Dentons is a global firm driven to provide you with the competitive edge in an increasingly complex and interconnected marketplace. We were formed by the March 2013 combination of international law firm Salans LLP, Canadian law firm Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP (FMC) and international law firm SNR Denton.

Dentons is built on the solid foundations of three highly regarded law firms. Each built its outstanding reputation and valued clientele by responding to the local, regional and national needs of a broad spectrum of clients of all sizes – individuals; entrepreneurs; small businesses and start-ups; local, regional and national governments and government agencies; and mid-sized and larger private and public corporations, including international and global entities.

Now clients benefit from approximately 2,600 lawyers and professionals in more than 75 locations spanning 50-plus countries across Africa, Asia Pacific, Canada, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, CIS and the Caucasus, the UK and the US who are committed to challenging the status quo to offer creative business and legal solutions.

With exceptional global practices in Energy, Banking and Finance, Real Estate and Insurance, Dentons provides access to top tier legal talents with experience in 24 sectors and 36 practices,

Marcin Orlicki

He is the head of the firm’s department of Business Insurance Law.
Attorney at Law, a lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, a remarkable expert in insurance law, a member of the task force for the Civil Law Codification Commission at the Ministry of Justice on the reform of the regulation of insurance contract in the Civil Code.

He was one of the co-authors of the thesis of the reform and the draft law amending the Civil Code in the aspect of insurance contracts. Currently he has been focusing on legislative work on the new Civil Code, including insurance law. He has been cooperating with the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Commission and Polish Financial Supervision Authority on the compliance of the general conditions of insurance with the law and the interests of the insurer.

Marcin Orlicki knows German and English

Insurance Law Practice:

We have a leading and highly competent team of specialists within the insurance law. Our experience and the number of publications in the field make us the principal advisor in the market. Members of our team include an expert of the task force for the Civil Law Codification Commission at the Ministry of Justice on the reform of the regulation of insurance contract in the Civil Code and a co-author of the thesis of the reform and the draft law amending the Civil Code in the aspect of insurance contracts, and a winner of the Insurance Ombudsman Contest for the best doctoral dissertation and a holder of Insurance Debut award granted by the Insurance and Risk Management Chamber of Commerce.

Our lawyers deal with legal regulations concerning business insurance within their academic work at the Faculty of Law and Administration at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan – a leading centre of insurance thought in Poland. Our lawyers of Business Insurance Law Department actively participate in conferences dedicated to insurance issues or share their expertise during projects for i.a. the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, the Insurance Ombudsman Office, the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Justice.

We have years of experience in rendering legal services to insurers, insurance brokers and other insurance related entities

Sójka & Maciak:

Our fast, competitive and flexible legal service differentiates us from international network law firms allowing for a better understanding of the Client’s legal needs.

We are a good team of nearly 40 lawyers ready to work hard and effectively for the business success of our Clients.

You may also benefit from our services. Please feel welcome to Sójka & Maciak Attornyes at Law.