Javier Parquet Villagra

Javier Parquet Villagra is our exclusively recommended Administrative Law expert in Paraguay on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Javier directly using the contact details listed above.

Javier (Harvard LLM class 1989) is the sole partner and director of “Parquet & Asociados”, a 60-year-old Law Firm. Javier’s expertise has led the Firm to be consider as number 1 in Administrative Law in all major rankings.

Javier advices governmental agencies, multilateral credit institutions, state-owned corporations, national and international private companies in highly complex challenges in public procurement, infrastructure and project finance. His experience led him to advice the Government in 7 bond issuances, incorporated the PPP regime in the country and participated in over 50 bills.

His government-oriented focus led him to be a trustable attorney in Corporate affairs, especially in operation when the public administration is involved. To this extend, he conducted the largest M&A operation of the Paraguayan telecom market and represented clients in the biggest infrastructure projects in recent years.

Since 1995 Javier runs the Administrative Law class in graduate and post graduate level, and has drafted several publications, making him a highly regarded scholar.

Currently Javier Parquet Villagra serves as President of the Mercosur’s Permanent Review Tribunal, the highest jurisdictional instance in Mercosur. He has also represented as international negotiator before the MERCOSUR, the United Nations, and private international entities on behalf of Paraguay.

Firm Overview:

Parquet & Asociados is a renowned law firm in the Paraguayan legal market. With over 60 years of practice, recognition and prestige, it is considered as one of the most important law firms in the country.

As the leading firm in Administrative  Law matters, its practice covers the state financial administration, public procurement processes, administrative contracts, the centralised and decentralised administrative structure, private funding in public works and infrastructure, supervision and regulation of the public employees’ regime, the economic perspective on administrative law, the control over national public banks and the exercise of its regulatory powers, invalidation and administrative revocability, drafting and execution of the public annual budget, the duties, obligations and limitations of the public power, review of administrative measures and disciplinary provisions,  prosecution capacities and the representation in actions on judicial administrative courts.

Our lawyers stand out for their expertise in the sector, and are highly regarded for their knowledge and practice regarding the organisation, structure and operation of public administration, having drafted the charter acts and structure of various public entities, assisted in their functioning, analysing technical and legal queries and providing overall counsel to state entities, multilateral institutions and state related companies. The firm provides its services to public institutions, as well as investors, suppliers, companies and individuals working with the State. The services include the most varied issues on every aspect of the state´s functioning and operations. Also, Parquet’s lawyers engage in a full array of academic activities, and most of them teach Law in various  universities and other educational institutions..

In corporate matters, the Firm is proud to offer through its specialised professionals counsel and support related to companies and associations incorporation and management We provide counsel on a permanent basis related to incorporation of companies and associations, both business and civil, the installation of subsidiaries offices, the implementation of corporate daily proceedings, including shareholders meetings, shareholders agreements, board of directors meeting and the control, sale and transfer of shares, mergers, acquisitions, corporate break-ups and transformations, liquidations, as any other corporate issue. In the same sense, its practice covers the opening and advising of non-profit entities and foundations, having created and assisted an important group of local and international associations.

On Banking & Finance, Parquet & Asociados provides legal advisory services to public banks -first and second floor banking- and private banks in the country. The Law Firm is currently, the head external legal adviser to the main state financial entities; the Paraguayan Central Bank and the National Development Bank as well as other entities and associations in the financial market. The Firm has also provided thorough counselling  to international investment banks and other worldwide institutions. The firm engages in modern banking digital expressions, developing new means of electronic payment devices, products and services.

With regard to capital markets and the stock exchange market, the firm is a consultant to listed companies in the stocks market, intervening in the issuance of financial instruments, either locally or internationally (sovereign bonds). The Firm has been the local advisor to the Paraguayan State in the sovereign bond issuances under Reg. S / Rule 144 of the State of New York from 2013 to 2016. It also advised the Banco Regional on the  international bond issuance under the same regulations.

Since its beginnings, the Firm has provided legal assistance to projects, investment initiatives and establishment of foreign capital in Paraguay. Provides advice in all stages from planning to  execution, determine business prospecting, investment conditions, incorporation of local companies and branches, financing and structuring banking and stock exchange, tax and real estate advice, mergers and acquisitions, and other forms of collaboration according to the characteristics of the investment and clients requirements.

The experience of the firm in dispute resolution in the administrative and judicial field is extensive and varied. Actively participates in both pot of court settlements and jurisdictional processes. The Firm has a well-known track record in the field of national and international arbitration and mediation, both in the civil, commercial and sports fields. Parquet´s lawyers are included in lists of arbitrators in local and international institutions. With significant experience in litigation and disputes both in the country and abroad Dr. Javier Parquet Villagra has been an arbitrator member of the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) for 8 years and currently holds the position of Full Member for the Republic of Paraguay in the Permanent Mercosur Review Tribunal. Other lawyers of the firm are current members of the CONMEBOL Arbitration Court of Sports and the Court of the National Anti-Doping Organisation in Paraguay. On commercial arbitration, several associates are members of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Paraguay, ruling in domestic disputes. In investment arbitration, the members of the firm have advised the national authorities in arbitration proceedings brought to the ICSID, the International Chamber of Commerce and other forums.

The firm is composed of a highly qualified team of one partner, 20 associates, and collaborators for legal, technical and administrative assistants. Several have obtained undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at prestigious local and foreign universities, and have extensive professional experience in local public entities, multilateral entities, local and transnational private companies. In addition, several firm’s partners actively participate in the academic field as university professors and other educational institutions, and regularly collaborate with local non-profit organisations. They are members of distinguished professional, academic, social and sports organisations, national and foreign.

Parquet & Asociados is a member of Ontier Global, a network of legal firms with partners in Latin America, Europe and Asia. ONTIER qualifies itself as “the first global firm with a local soul”, providing services in multiple jurisdictions, always maintaining proximity to the needs of clients.

The Law Firm constitutes a highly relevant professional, social, academic and cultural reference in Paraguayan society, establishing itself as an important strategic ally and professional support for any entity or individual, national or foreign, with intention to undertake all kinds of lucrative or non-profit activities of profit in the country, or defend their rights and interests in  litigious circumstances.

Eugenio Jiménez Rolón

Born in Asuncion, Paraguay. EDUCATION: Elementary and High School Education at “Colegio San José” school in Asuncion. MERITORIOUS FACTS: Attended conferences held at the National School of Magistrates of Paris (France), at the Bar Association of Munich (Germany), the Workshop of Lawyers at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), at the School of Political Studies of Stuttgart (Germany), at the Ministry of Justice in Bonn (Germany). Performed the duties of Relator as a member of Board No. 10 of the “Simposio sobre el Estudio del Nuevo Código Civil” (Symposium on the Studies of the New Civil Code”, sponsored by the Supreme Court of Justice. Performed the duties of Director of the Legal and Regulation Department, School of Medical Science, National University of Asuncion. Performed the duties of Counselor of the School of Architecture, National University of Asuncion. He is a Master of Juridical Science (summa cum laude), and Doctor of Juridical Science (summa cum laude). Is ex Dean of the School of Law, Political and Social Science of the Autonomous University of Asunción. He specializes in International, Commercial and Financial Contracts; Mediation and Negotiation; and Public Procurement by the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Kingdom of Spain). He is a member of the Editorial Committee of the Legal Magazine at the Universidad Autónoma de Asunción. In the year 2015, he has been selected in the short list to be Minister of the Supreme Court by the Judiciary Committe. ACTIVITIES AS A UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR: Performing the following duties at the Autonomous University of Asuncion: a) Head of the Chair of Trade Law, Part Two; b) Head of the Chair of Civil Procedure Law, Part One; c) Head of the Chair of Civil Procedure Law, Part Two; d) Supervising Professor in the Area of Legal Techniques. He published the book “Lecciones de Derecho Comercial, Contratos y Títulos de Crédito” (Lessons of Commercial Law, Agreements and Credit Instruments” (Intercontinental Editora S.A., two editions); e) Professor of postgraduate (masters and doctorate). He has taught, as invited profesor, at the Castilla – La Mancha University, city of Toledo (Spain Kingdom). EXTRAMURAL TEACHING: Professor of the Judicial School of Paraguay (under the Judiciary Council); is Professor of postgraduate in the “Instituto de Formación Tributaria y Empresarial” (Fotriem). He is coordinator of courses and he is postgraduate profesor in the Investigation Center of Social Sciences and Human Rights René Cassin. BOOKS PUBLISHED: “Lecciones de Derecho Comercial, Contratos y Títulos de Crédito” (Intercontinental Editora S.A., 1st Edition, 2010: 891 pages .; 2nd edition, 2014. 942 pages); “La lesión y la Ineficacia de la Renuncia Anticipada a la Acción” (Intercontinental Editora, 2013. 124 pages); “La Asociación Inscripta con Capacidad Restringida, su insuficiente regulación legal” (Intercontinental Editora, 2014; 317 pages) Also, in co-authorship he published the book “Derecho Comercial y Tributario” (Edit Nora Ruoti S.R.L., 2012. 249 pages). FIELDS OF PRACTICE: Litigation in civil, commercial, labor and contentious administrative matters. Rendering of comprehensive consulting services to individuals or corporations. LANGUAGE: Spanish.

Firm Overview:

We are a group of attorneys-at-law fully committed in rendering an optimal defense of our principals’ rights and interests, whether in court or out of court – with a background of more than thirty uninterrupted years working in Paraguayan courts, focusing ourselves in a high-level and continuous training, while preserving our untouched honesty reflected in all procedures. Each case is managed by a qualified work team, maximizing control measures and minimizing risks.

The origin of our Law Firm is closely related to a former member of the Supreme Court of Justice of Paraguay, Dr. Eugenio Jiménez y Núñez, who was also a member of the National Commission of Encoding Rules, directly contributing to the juridical emancipation of Paraguay, working together with meritorious magistrates – all of them deserving an honorable place in national history.

Our staff is composed of highly-trained lawyers who are distributed in civil, commercial, labor and administrative matters, directly reporting to Counselor Eugenio Jiménez R., a highly qualified jurist, a university professor in the areas of commercial law and civil procedure, currently performing duties as the Dean of the School of Law, Political and Social Science of the Autonomous University of Asunción”. He specializes in International, Commercial and Financial Contracts; Mediation and Negotiation; and Public Procurement by the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Kingdom of Spain). He is a member of the Editorial Committee of the Legal Magazine at the Universidad Autónoma de Asunción. Under the sponsorship of the “Intercontinental Editora” publishers, he has recently published the following books: a) “Lecciones de Derecho Comercial, Contratos y Títulos de Crédito” (Lessons of Commercial Law, Agreements and Credit Instruments”, which actually serves as an essential text book for university students and professionals attorneys;b) “La lesión y la Ineficacia de la Renuncia Anticipada a la Acción” y; c) “La Asociación Inscripta con Capacidad Restringida, su insuficiente regulación legal”. Also, in co-authorship he published the book “Derecho Comercial y Tributario” (Edit. Nora Ruoti S.R.L.)

The Law Firm has its head offices in its own building located at 15 de Agosto No. 1080 casi Jejuí, downtown Asuncion, not very far from the Courthouse, in a university-influenced city section. It has all the facilities required to render the best service to its clients in all legal disciplines. It also has a well-equipped library, with national and foreign materials associated to the various juridical subjects.

Victoria Burt Rojas

Born in Asunción, Paraguay. Licensed since 2010. Education: Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Diplomáticas Universidad Católica Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion (Lawyer). Contracts and Damages (Salamanca University, Spain 2010). Harvard Law School ( LL.M. Candidate). Corporate Law, Contracts, Civil and Commercial Law.Languages: Spanish and English.

Complete Legal Solutions For Your Clients:

Peroni Sosa Tellechea Burt & Narvaja (“PSTBN”) is one of the largest and most prestigious firms in Paraguay. Founded in 1968, the firm’s reputation stems from its commitment to serving the needs of clients in diversified areas of specialization. Over the last five decades PSTBN has been an active participant in legal innovation in Paraguay, advising the government on development strategies, working closely with the Congress in drafting and enacting new legislation, and has taken an active role in supporting university education.

PSTBN offers a broad range of legal services for clients involved in international and local transactions in Paraguay. Firm specialization includes mergers and acquisitions, foreign investment, maritime and aviation, telecommunications, banking and international finance, mineral and oil exploration projects, labor relations, general civil litigation, taxation, counseling before local government agencies and legislative bodies, maquila projects, franchising and licensing agreements and intellectual property matters.

Representation in the courts and administrative agencies of the government is an important activity of PSTBN, as plaintiffs or defendants in landmark cases. The intellectual property department, supported by the latest technology, covers every aspect of trademark, copyright and patent practice and commercial use within Paraguay by foreign and local companies.

PSTBN specializes in foreign investments and taxation, and has published important reference books titled Paraguay, Laws and Economy, Commercial and Investment Law (Paraguay), Temas de Derecho Tributario (Tax Law Matters), Regimen de Maquila (Maquila Regime) and Ley 125/91 Comentado y Concordado (Tax Law 125/91).


PSTBN is a member of Lex Mundi, an exclusive networking network of independent law firms of the first level, which facilitates the exchange of professional information related to local and global practice and the development of law.

José Antonio Moreno Ruffinelli

Born Asunción, Paraguay, March 10, 1939; admitted to bar 1963, Paraguay. Education: National University of Asunción (Lawyer, 1962; Doctor in Law, with honors for maximum qualification, 1967). Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay. Former President of the MERCOSUR Arbitration Court, appointed by the unanimous concurrence of its member countries Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. President, Paraguayan Academy of Law and Social Sciences. Former Member of the United Nations Commission for International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). Former President: National Codification Committee; House of Representatives of Paraguay. Former Vice President, Latin American Parliament. Former Legal Advisor to the Paraguayan Central Bank and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Former Ambassador to Brazil. Arbitrator, Paraguayan Chamber of Commerce. Member, National Group of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Hague. Law Professor, National University of Asunción and Catholic University of Asunción (graduate and post-graduate) with several books and legal articles published. Member: Inter-American Bar Association; International Bar Association; Paraguayan Bar Association; Paraguayan Banking Law Institute; A.P.A.P.I.; CEPEI (Paraguayan Center for International Studies). Languages:English, Portuguese and Spanish. Practice areas: Arbitration; Civil Law; International Commercial Law; Banking Law; International Business Transaction; International Commercial Contracts; Corporate Law; Government Contracts; Contracts; Public Bids; Trademarks; Patents; Communications Law; Leasing; Mergers and Acquisitions; Finance; Administrative Law; Distribution Agreements; Media Law; International Trade; Privatization; Eminent Domain; Family Law.

Firm Overview:

Moreno Ruffinelli & Asociados is an outstanding team of lawyers that prides itself with the unparalleled qualifications of its members, coupled with a unique emphasis on quality and profound knowledge of the law and complex legal matters. The firm’s strong international practice is enhanced by lawyers with tested international expertise and degrees from universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Georgetown, and Oxford, who have handled many of the largest and most complex transactions in the market in recent history.

It is also a leading player in banking & finance, corporate and commercial matters, and dispute resolution, with a solid and ever-growing base of prestigious international and local clients. Moreno Ruffinelli & Asociados, taking the cue from its founder, also distinguishes itself with the unique academic credentials of its partners and associates, who are reputable authorities in various legal fields in Paraguay, and a distinctive passion for the law.