Mohamed Nakhli

Mohamed Nakhli is our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Morocco on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Mohamed directly using the contact details listed above.

Boasting political stability, a flourishing economy, a well-developed business environment and openness to foreign investment, Morocco is definitely a business destination to bear in mind for any enterprise considering international projects.

Mohamed is a practicing Barrister in Marrakech, who was approved near the Supreme Court, and  specialises in consulting and litigation in business law.

Mohamed is a Doctor of Business Law (Law Faculty at Montpellier I) and holder of Advanced Diploma of Higher Education in Law Applied Private and Diploma of Higher Studies in Law Specialty of Industrial Affairs and Agreements.

Mohamed Nakhli is also:

  • Professor of Higher Education at Cadi Ayyad University (UCAM)
  • Director of the Research Group in Business Law and Taxation
  • Director of Collection Law Moroccan Business and Enterprise (CDMAE)
  • Director of Commercial Law Review Moroccan and Business
  • International Expert in the field of ADR
  • Author of several books and articles specialised in Commercial Law and Business

Firm Overview:

Nakhli Law Firm assists its clients, private companies, public entities and individuals, for all their legal and tax needs. Each partner is recognised as one of the best specialists in his discipline; together they cover all areas of business law.

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Mustapha Mourahib

Mustapha Mourahib is our exclusively recommended Project Finance expert in Morocco on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Mustapha directly using the contact details listed above.

Mustapha has extensive experience in large-scale mergers and acquisitions, private equity, PPP and project finance transactions. He has also a significant experience representing public, private and state-owned corporate clients in the development and financing of large projects. He focuses in the energy, infrastructure, oil and gas, mining, financial services, TMT and consumer goods industries.

Mustapha Mourahib is one of the key individuals in the legal environment in Morocco and in the North Africa and sub-Saharan Francophone region. He is continuously distinguished as a leading lawyer in Africa by Chambers Global, The Legal 500 and IFLR 1000.

Firm Overview:

We are one of the world’s pre-eminent law firms, with significant depth and range of resources across five continents.

As a single, fully integrated, global partnership, we pride ourselves on our approachable, collegial and team-based way of working.

We always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, which include corporates from all the commercial and industrial sectors, the financial investor community, governments, regulators, trade bodies and not-for-profit organisations. We provide them with the highest-quality advice and legal insight, which combines the Firm’s global standards with in-depth local expertise.

Last, but not least, we aim to be easy to work with, down to earth and approachable.


Safaa Lorabi is our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Morocco on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Safaa directly using the contact details listed above.

Safaa is the founder and the managing partner of IBFL Consulting. She is both a Moroccan and a French national.

Prior to founding IBFL Consulting, Safaa spent several years working at top-tier international business law firms in Paris, France, and Casablanca, Morocco, as a full-fledged member of high level teams on a sheer range of legal and taxation issues, in such diverse sectors as infrastructures, renewable energies, aeronautics, biotechnologies, the banking industry, the insurance industry, the petrochemical industry, the pharmaceutical sector and the media industry.

Safaa has been used to dealing with legal systems and regulatory frameworks as different as those implemented in France, Morocco, at the European Union level or the level of the Organization for the Harmonization of Corporate Law in Africa (OHADA) for more than ten years. ​

Alongside acting as the managing partner of IBFL Consulting, Safaa also acts as a legal advisor (consultant) in Morocco to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group.

Safaa is admitted to the bar of Paris, France. She is also a graduate from Columbia Business School, HEC Paris and Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (amongst others).

Safaa was awarded various academic honours and distinctions, namely the Allen & Overy LLP – HEC Paris Awards for the Best Master Thesis in Corporate and Tax Law (Third Prize).

Safaa Lorabi is fluent in French, English and Moroccan Arabic. She also has a good command of Spanish and Classical Arabic.

Firm Overview:

International Business & Financial Law Consulting

IBFL Consulting is an independent multidisciplinary boutique law firm based in Morocco, which offers services in all the main areas of business law, by providing its clients with the most effective and best suited legal solutions tailored to their business requests.

We bring together a combination of wealthy and relevant experiences acquired in the most prestigious international law firms in Europe and Africa.

The quality of our expertise has been shaped through a large amount of cross-border transactions, alongside our in-depth local, regional and international market knowledge and know-how.

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Marc Veuillot

Marc Veuillot is our exclusively recommended International Tax Law expert in Morocco on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Marc directly using the contact details listed above.

Marc is one of the three Partners of the African department of CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats and he is also the Managing Partner of CMS Francis Lefebvre Maroc Conseil juridique et fiscal.

Marc has more than 20 years of professional experience with tax and legal consulting. During this period he has been advising almost exclusively multinational clients on French, Algerian and Moroccan international affairs.

He started his experience in Morocco with the international PwC network in 2007 and joined in 2011 CMS Francis Lefebvre to manage the Casablanca office.

Firm Overview:

The second largest economic power in Africa, with a strong internal market, Morocco has a population of 33,5 million inhabitants. The country offers a cultural openness, political stability and economic dynamism which attract many investors.

The legal and tax requirements of the country are no less complex and require a level of expertise that our firm has due to its significant experience, by virtue of which we meet the requirements of our clients who run successful businesses in a variety of sectors.

  • An adapted legal and fiscal environment which has been continually evolving for nearly 10 years (50 non-double taxation treaties in force, personal data protection laws, anti-money laundering laws, the creation of a Competition Council, market authorities with CDVM, etc.);
  • A beacon of the Maghreb area at the crossroads of Africa (the sub-Saharan zone: ECOWAS,CEMAC), the Gulf countries and Europe;
  • Special investment zones (near shoring parks – Casablanca Finance City) for service exporters (BPO, ITO) which provide, not just quality commercial real estate, but also cost advantages;
  • Tax free export Zones (EPZs) which are industrial in nature and target the carrier sector (automotive, aerospace) and have particularly attractive tax and regulatory regimes;
  • Internationally recognised State enterprises (OCP, CDG, ONEE, MASEN, ONCF, etc.) which are in demand, in terms of projects and services offered to foreign and domestic groups;
  • A significant level of infrastructure and services with international airports (Including the Mohamed V airport, the leader within the African continent in the terms of flight numbers.), three mobile phone companies, major European and U.S. banks and national banks with international standards, and excellent road infrastructures and a strong network of public transports, including the high speed train project.

In such an environment, with such rapid evolution, it is essential for investors to receive appropriate support adapted to the Moroccan context. It must be responsive enough to deal with more complex issues in terms of structuring projects, financing, costs controls in relation to taxation, secure their contracts and understand the foreign exchange regulations.

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Kenza Bounjou

Kenza Bounjou is our exclusively recommended Banking & Finance expert in Morocco on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Kenza directly using the contact details listed above.

In October 2019, Dentons combined with leading Moroccan firm Sayarh & Menjra, one of the only Moroccan firms to offer both legal advice and litigation services in Morocco.

Sayarh & Menjra’s 40-plus years of experience in Morocco, combined with Dentons’ global sector expertise and reputation for delivering technical innovation, means you now benefit from an enhanced offering no other Moroccan firm can rival. Our clients include international and local corporations, international banks, governments and state corporations, multilateral agencies, non-governmental organizations, development finance institutions, private equity funds and individuals.

Dentons Sayarh & Menjra is composed of over 15 legal professionals offering significant additional talent across our practices and sectors. Deeply engaged in the Francophone Africa region, our team has broad experience and a strong reputation in many business sectors including energy, mining, manufacturing, real estate, M&A, private equity, banking, financing and PPP.

Our team is uniquely positioned to provide you with support for your investments in Morocco, the OHADA region and Francophone Africa. We take the time to understand your business and what matters to you. Combining regional and local knowledge with practice and sector insights, we offer commercial and practical legal advice to help you achieve your business goals.

Whether you are a foreign company pursuing business opportunities in Africa or a Moroccan company seeking practical, creative solutions for doing business in Africa, Europe or anywhere in the world, contact us, we are here to help you.

Bassamat Fassi-Fihri

Bassamat Fassi-Fihri is our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in Morocco on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Bassamat directly using the contact details listed above.

Bassamat, who holds a graduate degree from Hassan II University in Casablanca, was sworn in in 1985 and enrolled at the Casablanca Bar in 1985. During her internship, she became interested in the publication of Moroccan doctrine and jurisprudence in the French and Arabic language and contributed to the resumption of the publication of the Moroccan Journal of Law founded in 1948 by Masters Marc Meylan and Fernand Darmond magazine which had ceased to be published by the latter in 1965.

In April 1989, she founded the first women’s grouping firm with Asma Laraqui and she agreed with her partners to devote their professional lives to business law, and this association will continue to this day with Mr. Asma Laraqui.

Aware very early that the development of a law firm depends on the implementation of modern management tools, it develops in-house in 1994 with a team of computer scientists an information system specific to the areas of activity of the firm and puts in place rules of participatory management by favoring the internal promotion of employees.

Considering that the law must be accessible to all and that every citizen should be able to be informed of developments in the law and case law, it created in 2004 a fully bilingual portal in which all the laws and the most relevant case law published or not on the portal are made available free of charge to users.

An expert with Doing Business, she contributes annually to the organisation’s work in contract enforcement and collective procedure law.

She participates with the Ministry of Justice and the National Committee of the Environment of Business in the modernisation of justice and intervenes to bring her expertise to the modernisation of the courts and in particular the establishment of the platform for filing online applications.

It is consulted when certain pieces of legislation are enacted in relation to its areas of jurisdiction.

With a proven track record in the field of business law, she represents the interests of large national and foreign groups and will be a regular award-winning artist in the field of business litigation.