Ziad G. Alhussairi

Ziad Alhussairi has substantial experience in litigating on behalf of international oil exploration and production companies, oilfield services companies, foreign investors and aviation companies.

Ziad’s practice focuses on representing foreign companies before Libyan courts in civil, commercial, intellectual property, tax and labour disputes, as well as advising on various labour and social security law issues and the incorporation and registration of Libyan companies, branches of foreign companies and representative offices.

Firm Overview:

The Libyan law firm Mukhtar, Kelbash and Elgharabli MKE was established in the early 1990’s by the three named partners, Mahmud Mukhtar, Bahloul Kelbash and Abdudayem Elgharabli, following liberalization of private legal practice in Libya.

Mahmud Mukhtar was the initial founder of the firm in 1988, following a long career as General Counsel of American Overseas Petroleum Ltd, Umm Al Jawaby Petroluem Ltd and Oasis Oil Company (a joint venture between Marathon Oil, Conoco, Amerada Hess and the National Oil Corporation of Libya). Mr Mukhtar was later joined by Bahloul Kelbashin 1991, who developed experience and expertise in litigation, labour matters and oil and gas from positions as legal advisor to the Ministry of Labour, Senior Attorney at the Supreme Court of Libya, legal advisor to the Ministry of Justice and as legal adviser to the National Oil Corporation of Libya. The firm’s partnership was completed with the addition of Abdudayem Elgharabli in 1992, following a career as Senior Advisor and later General Counsel of the National Oil Corporation of Libya.

The firm initially focused on the oil and gas sector, being the biggest sector of the Libyan economy, advising international exploration and production companies and oilfield services companies on various aspects of the Libyan Petroleum Laws, corporate and labour laws and regulations as well as representing them before various Libyan courts and tribunals. The firm also developed a comprehensive construction practice, advising international contractors on major projects of the time.

With the continued growth and liberalization of the Libyan economy, highlighted by new emerging sectors in various commercial and corporate fields, as well as banking and finance, telecoms and tourism, the firm further developed its expertise in these areas by expanding its focus to cover foreign investment, banking and finance and corporate laws, amongst others.

As well as continuing to advise some of the biggest names in the Libyan and international oil and gas sector, the firm has developed a solid client base which include major international contractors, telecoms firms, commercial and investment banks and private equity funds, defense companies and others. The firm has also developed strong working relationships with international law firms based in the Middle East, the US, the UK and Europe.

The firm has grown in size to meet the demands of its clients and growing interest in the Libyan market, with three partners, two senior associates and two associates as well as a team of support staff, based in new modern office facilities located in Dahara business district in the heart of the City of Tripoli.

Samih Salem El-Atrash

Advocate Samih Salem El-Atrash was born in Benghazi city in 1953 and grew up in a family environment shaped by the profession of leading Libyan lawyer, Advocate Salem El-Atrash.

Advocate Samih Salem El-Atrash graduated in 1977 from the Libyan University (Gharyounis) before undertaking his professional training with El-Atrash Law Firm in Benghazi.

Advocate Samih Salem El-Atrash continued to practise law in the family firm until the promulgation of Law no.4/1982, when he enrolled in the People’s Advocacy under the umbrella of the Ministry of Justice, undertaking cases in the penal, civil, personal status and other fields.

After the promulgation of Law no.10/1990 amending Law no.4/1982 and reinstating the private and independent law profession, Advocate Samih Salem El-Atrash resumed the operation of El-Atrash Law Office in Benghazi as an Appeal Court lawyer, before gaining the status of Supreme Court lawyer in 1990.

Throughout his career, Advocate Samih Salem El-Atrash has achieved notable success in the penal sphere and is considered one of the leading Libyan lawyers. He is a well-known personality in his home city of Benghazi and has participated in several national and international conferences in Tunisia, Morocco and Luxemburg.

Firm Overview:

El-Atrash Law Office was founded in 1951, the year in which Libya took its place in the community of nations emerging as a unified state from the devastation of the Second World War, Italian colonisation and centuries of Turkish administration.

El-Atrash Law Office is proud to have served Libya from the birth of the modern nation to its position today as a key Arab, North African and Mediterranean state and it continues to put its principles, commitment and abilities at the service of the Libyan people by contributing to the legal and judicial development of the country.

Following in the tradition of loyal service embodied by the career of its founder, Advocate Salem Abd Al-Qadr Ahmed El-Atrash, our office is proud to have sustained its contribution to the Libyan nation for six decades and looks forward to welcoming the new generation of legal professionals from El-Atrash family who grew up with the guiding principle of struggle for justice and rights through law.

Our Offices in the capital city of Tripoli and Benghazi are supported by our overseas base in the Republic of Malta, a nation whose stand in recent decades as a loyal friend to the Libyan people as well as the larger Arab nation through its support for the rights of the Palestinian people encouraged our close professional and family ties with this friendly nation.

Our years of experience both in Libya and abroad ensure that our offices provide a high standard of work and service. We have experience in dealing with clients from diverse backgrounds from countries around the world in various areas of law.

Mazen M. Tumi

Mazen M. Tumi focuses his practice on Oil and Gas, Project Finance, Corporate, M&A, General Business law matters.

He has extensive experience representing national and international companies and organizations in their various transactions, including joint ventures, concession, EPSA, DEPSA and EPC agreements, MOUs, shareholders’ agreements, Project Finance and Securitization, Onward Investment, Commercial disputes,. He advises and represents clients with respect to litigation and legal proceedings.

Mr. Mazen Tumi is a graduate from school of Law at Tripoli University, Tripoli, Libya and has been admitted with full rights of audience before the supreme court. Mr. Tumi also holds an LL.M (Master of Laws) degree, graduating with Distinction from the University of East London (UOEL), U.K., specializing in Corporate and Commercial Law and International Trade. Moreover, he has a B.A. in Business Administration and is a specialist in Corporate and Commercial Law. He has excelled as a litigator in these fields before the courts.

Mr. Mazen Tumi is a member of the Libyan Bar Association, Arab Lawyers Union (ALU), and Arab Institute of Arbitration.

He is a Managing Partner in Tumi Law Firm and he gives counsel to leading international companies on Agency, Distribution, Construction, Telecommunication and Oil & Gas companies.

Mr. Mazen Tumi specialises in Oil & Gas, Corporate Law, Construction and Finance and he has been involved in a large number of projects in Libya including Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Privatization, Setting up and Financial Facilities. He also renders legal advice on many aspects of the Libyan law.

Firm Overview:

Upon the liberalization of the laws relating to private legal practices in Libya, Dr. Mohamed A. Tumi founded and established Tumi Law Firm. Since then, the Firm has grown to become the largest law firm in Libya and has built a national and international reputation in providing professional legal services.

This reputation is a result of the Firm’s continued commitment to excellence and availability throughout the countries fluctuating environment. Our policy is to provide the highest standard of client care whilst ensuring full awareness of the realities of the commercial and corporate world as it stands in Libya. Our philosophy is that the Firm will work hard to make sure that your business finds success and prosperity in Libya. We will, therefore, strive to deliver a comprehensive service to all our clients by providing your business with full legal support as well as any administrative and logistical assistance that you may require. Over the years, the Firm’s policy and attitude have proved to be successful and we are proud to claim some of the biggest corporate names in the world among our clients.

Our clients’ confidence in our abilities and their continued longstanding custom is a result of our ability to advise, represent and implement them through their lifecycle in Libya. Tumi Law Firm is engaged in several, diverse practice areas that ensure that the Firm is fully involved in all aspects of local commercial and corporate activity. We attach the same importance and commitment to all our practice areas regardless of the size of the sector.

As part of our pledge to excellence, Tumi Law Firm retains the services of the most highly qualified and experienced attorneys in Libya. Presently, our team is made up of over thirty members, including external counsels, experts, renowned professors, public notaries and our in house legal team. The majority of our staff members, in particular the members who are part of the legal consultation department have obtained postgraduate degrees from universities in the Ireland, UK and USA, and who are fluent in Arabic and English. They are supported by a dedicated secretarial and administrative team, an accountant, an IT specialist and an in-house public relations officer, as well as a well-stocked Library that ensures that they can fully focus on the task at hand.

As a result of the successful development of all our practice areas, Tumi Law Firm has felt the need to expand our present setup. Our team works in a relaxed environment at our modern and fully equipped five-story corporate office in downtown Tripoli. The office is equipped with a large library, three meeting rooms and a seminar room created for the comfort of our clients.