Najib Hage-Chahine

Najib Hage-Chahine is our exclusively recommended Dispute Resolution expert in Lebanon on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Najib directly using the contact details listed above.

He holds the prestigious title of Agrégé of the French Faculties of Law which is the highest academic recognition that is bestowed upon French Law Practitioners and is a Professor of Private Law at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut and a Visiting Professor at Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas in Paris.

He is routinely solicited to handle complex cross border disputes and international business transactions. He often acts for foreign companies who aim to do business in the Middle East and handles incorporation, acquisitions, commercial contracts, closing down of subsidiaries and establishing joint ventures. He also provides in-depth legal consultations on comparative law and regional compliance.

As an experienced litigator and a listed arbitrator, he specialises in domestic and international disputes arising out of a contract. His expertise encompasses cross-border enforcement of court decisions and arbitral awards as well as investor-state dispute settlements. He is well-versed in issues of sovereign immunity and emanation of state and has demonstrated the ability to deliver indisputable results in matters involving foreign governments and international institutions.

Najib has earned a PHD in Private Law from Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, a LL.M. from Harvard Law School, a Master 2 in Private Law from Saint-Joseph University, a Master 2 in Criminal Law from Lyon 3-Jean Moulin University, a Master 1 in Business Law from Lyon 3-Jean Moulin University and a LLB in Lebanese Law from Saint-Joseph University.

He is fluent in Arabic, French and English and has numerous publications in the fields of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Civil Law, Contract law, Commercial Law, Private International Law, Mediation, and Tort Law. He has published one of the most comprehensive legal studies on international commercial agencies in the Arab Countries and has written an award-winning PHD thesis in Private Law.

Ghassan Moghabghab

Ghassan Moghabghab is our exclusively recommended Litigation expert in Lebanon on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Ghassan directly using the contact details listed above.

Ghassan was previously the Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Finance in Lebanon from 1983 to 1988, he was as well the personal legal advisor to President Camille Chamoun. He also headed the Legal Department of the National Lebanese Party (130 Lawyers) from 1988 to 2000. His main areas of practice are Arbitration & Litigation, Corporate and M&A, Energy as well as Private International Law.

Firm Overview:

Moghabghab & Associates is a global firm that was established in 1945. Initially Chamoun & Moghabghab, the firm started when President Camille Chamoun and MP Naim Moghabghab formed a partnership in 1945. Ghassan N Moghabghab then re-established the firm under its current name in 1978.

Headquartered today in Beirut Central District, Lebanon, we serve our clients globally wherever they are, either directly or through our international partners. Our aim is to help companies and individuals solve their most complex legal issues. We offer outstanding legal services and deliver results to our clients.

Our team is formed by the following attorneys:

Ghassan Moghabghab, Simon Karam, Elias Abdelnour, Omar Hamade, Ighar Bejjani, Georges Moussally, Tarek Moghabghab, and Georges Assaf.

Reine S. Atallah

Reine Atallah is our exclusively recommended Family Law expert in Lebanon on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Reine directly using the contact details listed above.

Reine joined Ghanem Law Firm in 2008 and specialises in Business field, corporate law including Banking, Telecommunication, Insurance, with a particular focus on Business administration, intellectual property, Oil and Gas contracts, as well as aspects of Criminal law, Family law, construction, property management and real estate.

Firm Overview:

Ghanem Law Firm is one of the most reputable Law Firms in Lebanon. It was founded in the city of Beirut-Lebanon in year 1997.The firm provides legal counsel and represents a diversity of local and global Group Companies, NGO’s and individual clients.

At Ghanem Law firm, for sure, you will have the perfect individual needed assistance, where you will get the right service for all your corporate and transactional legal needs on a local, national and international scale…

Having a strong partner by your side assures that your needs will be effectively serviced at a high level of corporate transaction. Also, means that you are fully protected, that your personal counsel has done the requisite due diligence, and that you are getting the best possible defence which aims to win your big deal.

Knowing that legal situations differ in each and every case; WE, at Ghanem Law firm, knits our defence approach to aim with your company’s and individual unique needs. Our status as a boutique law firm allows us to partner with and service our clients in this manner. We wisely choose the most important transactions and business matters selectively to provide our clients with a very high level of personal service only found at larger law firms.

We enjoy servicing the corporate needs of businesses of different sizes and in all industries-from, start-up companies while they are just forming a business plan to get larger, advising on the best ways to structure a business with the use of diverse legal vehicles (such as Holding, offshore companies and offshore Trusts to protect assets). We regularly act as an outside counsel for corporate clients; work with their in-house counsel to address all of their legal needs.

Salah S. Mattar

Salah Mattar is our exclusively recommended Civil Law expert in Lebanon on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Salah directly using the contact details listed above.

Mattar Law Firm is a leading law firm in Lebanon with an international presence known in the legal field by renowned jurists and businessmen.

With more than 50 years of Experience, Our Team of Lebanese and international lawyers offers world class legal services in expansive fields of law practice. We strive to offer to our clientele, which ranges from large multinationals to individuals, the most efficient business solutions and resolve their litigation in success.

By handling the most important legal cases in Lebanon, the MENA region and Worldwide, we remain committed to our values & morality of the lawyer’s profession which are, certainly, the secret of our perseverance and reputation. Numerous experienced lawyers and attorneys, each specialised in his domain, are currently ready to serve our clientele in all fields of law.

Mattar law firm is a Lebanese-based firm established by Salah A. Mattar back in the sixties. Today MLF is a full service law firm practising in Lebanon and abroad, along with several branches, law associates and attorneys worldwide.

With its History of more than 50 years & its Award of the Golden Medal by the Beirut Bar Association of lawyers, Mattar Law Firm has evolved into a leading, global international law firm with clients from all over the world offering quality legal services and solutions tailored to our clients need.

A Tradition of Legal Excellence throughout generations is not our slogan, It is who we are.

Fady Jamaleddine

Fady Jamaleddine is our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Lebanon on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Fady directly using the contact details listed above.

Fady is the chairman, founding partner and head of the Corporate Department at MENA City Lawyers. Fady practices in both areas of Corporate and Commercial law and Property law with emphasis on Corporate Finance, Taxation, Corporate Mergers and Acquisition as well as BOT (build, operate & transfer) and PPP projects.

His ambition and hard work towards his career drove him to not only achieve a successful career but also allowed him to expand and work on a larger scale.

Fady Jamaleddine’s extensive experience in national and international corporate finance and M&A transactions include IPO’s fundraising, cross border M&A’s, fund formations, acquisition finance, joint ventures, reorganisations and commercial agreements.

He has advised on numerous project financings, leveraged finance and banking and financial services in which he represents several of the largest banks in Lebanon.

His wide range of knowledge also includes advising on numerous medical and pharmaceutical companies which include licensing, acquisition and partnerships of other hospitals and medical institutions throughout the MENA region. In addition to the many areas that Fady may advise on, he also has extensive knowledge in Intellectual property, media, bio-pharma and telecommunications.