Alfredo Guarino

Alfredo Guarino is our exclusively recommended Family Law expert in Italy on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Alfredo directly using the contact details listed above.

The law firm has been operating in Naples since 1977. The owner, Alfredo Guarino, is an esteemed civil and criminal lawyer, particularly in all the subjects of the Italian and International Family Law and, within the law firm, employs valuable collaborators specialised in every field of legal discipline. He has always reconciled the profession of lawyer with that of university professor and writer.

Graduated with honours, he received a golden gown in professional exams and a gold medal for merit. Honorary magistrate, eleven years assistant professor at Federico II University and ten years professor in university specialisation schools. At the Ministry he drafted part of the code, he was in the Italian delegation for the United Nations Declaration on the rights of victims. Currently President of the International Chamber and Vice-President of the Italian Group of the International Union of Lawyers, involved in the Family Law and Criminal Law Commissions. He chaired the roundtable on domestic violence at the UIA Budapest Conference, presenting papers at numerous international events. He collaborates with the magazine Le Juriste International and

The publications: execution of maintenance sentences in Italy, marriage and cohabitation agreements, violation of privacy, assignment of family home and intra-family relationships, recognition of the deceased father, property regime between spouses, affective mutilation for compensation, parental stalking, apparent adultery, prenuptial agreements, sexual assault by deception. Alfredo follows many cases abroad: child support promoted by foreign citizens, recognition of foreign divorce and paternity sentences, cases of child abduction and fault in separation (conflict of jurisdictions amongst Italy, United Kingdom, Cyprus and Tunisia), assisting British, Brazilian, Polish, Czech, Russian and Dominican citizens.

Franco Alessio

Franco Alessio is our exclusively recommended Accounting Services expert in Italy on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Franco directly using the contact details listed above.

Dr. Franco Alessio, Italian Chartered Accountant and Auditor (listed in the Italian body CNDCEC), in 2003 founded “Studio Alessio” with the aim of giving accounting, corporate and tax advice to customers in Italy.

Since 2008, he expands his consulting activities also following customers abroad. Initially just in Europe and then from 2010 outside the borders of Europe too.

Through a network of professionals (chartered accountants, lawyers, and employees’ consultants), provides professional advice at national and international level.

In 2011, he expands his network of collaborators in order to improve the areas related to extraordinary corporate transactions (e.g., Mergers, acquisitions, demergers, spin-offs), asset protections and counselling about real estates.

The headquarter is in Casale Monferrato, that is, by car, one hour far away from: Milan, Turin and Genoa.

From many years, our clients have at their disposal the experience and professionalism of a network composed by chartered accountants (i.e., tax advisors), lawyers, human resource advisors and notaries that are listed in the related Italian bodies.

Firm Overview:

Studio Alessio offers complete professional advice to individuals, sole traders, companies and corporate groups, in the areas related to accounting, annual and consolidated financial statements, national and international tax and company law, corporate transactions such as acquisitions, disposals, mergers, demergers, transfers, transformations, preparation of development and reorganisation plans for companies and corporate groups, drafting of business plans, legal auditing and tax litigation.

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Annalisa Rossi

Annalisa Rossi is our exclusively recommended Corporate Governance Law expert in Italy on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Annalisa directly using the contact details listed above.

Annalisa area of practice is corporate and mergers and acquisitions. She assists domestic and international clients, including major financial institutions and private equity houses, in their extraordinary operations such as minority or majority investments, spin-offs, divestments, mergers, joint ventures, corporate reorganisations and cross-border transactions.

Annalisa Rossi has developed specific expertise in highly regulated sectors such as health-care and energy. She has also assisted companies operating in the manufacture and distribution of food and agricultural products.

Firm Overview:

REDS Studio Legale Associato, is a corporate and commercial boutique law firm, established by lawyers who have gained consolidated experience in primary international law firms, focusing on corporate transactions and in general on commercial and company law.

In addition to assistance provided to Italian and international clients in corporate transactions, REDSLegal also assists clients in developing corporate governance models, drawing up and negotiating commercial agreements and ensuring full regulatory compliance.

The law firm is structured so as to allow it to establish a solid partnership with clients, providing advice characterised by attention to specific needs and the flexibility necessary to ensure a prompt, quality and cost efficient service.

The law firms lawyers have gained specific expertise in various industrial sectors, including highly regulated sectors such as Life Sciences, Energy and Oil & Gas.

In order to provide full assistance in all corporate matters, the law firm works consistently with accountants and auditors, who are dedicated to providing strategic advice and support and advice on book-keeping services and financial statements.

Piero Bellante

Piero Bellante is our exclusively recommended Trade & Customs Law expert in Italy on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Piero directly using the contact details listed above.

Piero is admitted to represent clients before the Italian Supreme Court (Corte di Cassazione) and other higher courts. He has been studying Customs Law since 1980 and has acquired considerable experience in conducting civil, administrative and criminal litigation in the areas of customs, export controls & sanctions and product compliance. In this field he collaborates as a contract lecturer with the Departments of Legal Sciences and Business Economics of the University of Verona. He speaks at seminars and conferences on customs topics or organised by professional and entrepreneurial associations; he collaborates with sector journals and is the author of publications on this subject. He is a member of the Disciplinary Board for the Veneto and the Trentino Alto Adige Regions at the Regional Council of Customs Brokers (Consiglio territoriale degli spedizionieri doganali) of the Veneto Region. He is advisor to the Chamber of Tax Lawyers of Veneto, member of the National Union of Tax Lawyers’ Chambers (UNCAT – Unione nazionale delle camere avvocati tributaristi) and acted as coordinator of the Tax Commission of the Verona Bar Association in the period 2014-2018.  He is a member of the Veneto Branch of ANTI, Associazione nazionale tributaristi italiani and UIA – Union internationale des avocats. For Giappichelli he has published Il sistema doganale: evoluzione, istituti, adempimenti, pp. XVII-1232, Turin, 2020.

Firm Overview:

Not only finding solutions but also preventing

Bellante & La Lumia was founded in the year 2000 from the expertise of its two founders. We listen in order to understand, only in this way can we suggest the solutions we consider most appropriate to achieve our goal, i.e. taking care of our client.

In order to prevent conflicts as far as possible, we provide preventive legal advice in the areas of our competence. Litigation is in our view an option of last resort. We believe in mediation as a quick and effective tool to achieve our goals.

We think that in law, compartmentalisation is rare. Sometimes a team of several experts is needed to solve complex problems: we do our part and, when necessary, we involve trusted professionals and external consultants who are experts in areas outside our core competence.

Bellante & La Lumia is partner and founder of LegalAssociati, a network created in 2001 and operating in the main Italian cities. The law firms that are members of the network share our approach and values.

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Michele Roma

Michele Roma is our exclusively recommended Litigation expert in Italy on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Michele directly using the contact details listed above.

Michele is the founder and managing partner of Roma Legal Partners, based in Rome and with a branch in Milan.

In 1982 he graduaded cum laude from the Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, he is barrister of the Supreme Court of Cassation and he is registered at the bar of the bankruptcy trustees (Albo dei curatori Falimentari).

He is active in the field of business and insurance contracts in court and out of court and he assists companies and groups both at a national and international level.

Not only has he developed a solid expertise in business contracts and insurance law, but, together with the litigations and the entire law firm, he works in close contact with the clients, constantly offering them the high-quality services that are typical of a “boutique firm”.

“I have always believed that the law firm should have a clear and well defined objective.

Today, more than ever, some clients need the help of a professional in understanding the “big picture” behind every given problem. They need the ability to summarise and simplify that comes from years of experience in order to be able to choose wisely.

For this exact reason, I have decided to be always available in person and to aim at having a direct and transparent relationship with the client.”

Moreover, Michele Roma entertains scientific collaborations, as Adjunct Professor, with some Italian Universities.

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Fabrizio Carbonetti

Fabrizio Carbonetti is our exclusively recommended Contract Law expert in Italy on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Fabrizio directly using the contact details listed above.

Fabrizio directs the Firm’s activities in the practice areas of supervision of banks and non-bank financial intermediaries; banking contracts; AML; and restructuring. He also directs the litigation department (mainly focusing on banking as well as financial and investment services), including arbitration and bankruptcy.

Fabrizio is Professor of Advanced Commercial Law at “La Sapienza” University in Rome. Formerly he was a Professor of Commercial Law at the University in Cassino and teaching and research assistant of Commercial Law at LUISS University in Rome.

Fabrizio regularly lectures at post-graduate courses.

Fabrizio authored numerous publications and speaks regularly at conferences on banking and financial markets law.

Fabrizio has been appointed as Director on the Board of an Italian bank.

Fabrizio Carbonetti is a Board member of ASLA – Associazione Studi Legali Associati (Association of Associated Law Firms).

Firm Overview:

Carbonetti and Partners is a boutique firm highly specialised in the following practice areas: Corporate and M&A, Banking and Finance, and Capital Markets.

The Firm advises listed companies, banks, financial intermediaries, asset management companies, investment and insurance firms, as well as banking foundations, institutions and trade associations operating in the financial sector, also in their relations with the Supervisory Authorities; in the same practice areas, the Firm also represents such clients in court proceedings, including before the Supreme Courts, and in arbitration.

The Firm has two offices, located in Rome and Milan, and about thirty attorneys.

In order to properly advise its clients, the Firm believes it is of crucial importance to understand the economic and financial implications and the market scenarios affecting the transactions handled. The Firm can assist foreign clients both in Italy and, due to its long-term relationships with leading international law firms, in cross-border transactions.

Editoriale del prof. avv. Fabrizio Carbonetti – Studio Carbonetti