Naviky A. Tugwell

Naviky Tugwell is our exclusively recommended Administrative Law expert in Honduras on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Naviky directly using the contact details listed above.

Naviky is a specialist in:

  • Registry Matters of the Purchase-sale and commercialisation of oil and all its derivatives
  • Special Regimes: registries and tax exemptions, as well as waivers
  • Maritime affairs, Seafarers’ qualifications and Ship Registry
  • Real estate and registry law
  • Administrative Law
  • Trademark and Patent Registrations
  • Banking and corporate law
  • PPA
  • Biddings

Naviky Tugwell is also a law speaker in different organisations and Universities.

Working groups where she has participated:

  • Socialisation of the Hydrocarbons Law celebrated in the National Congress of Honduras
  • Socialisation of the reform to the Fisheries Law celebrated in the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine
  • Socialisation of the formulation of the National Youth Policy 2018-2030 held at the National Youth Institute
  • Collaboration in the construction of the National Energy Policy 2050 held via virtual through MS-Teams

Firm Overview:

Tugwell’s Law Firm members serve as “trusted advisors” to their clients. Their comprehensive knowledge gives their clients security and confidence that they will receive an accurate and honest legal advice. They invest time and effort understanding the priorities and needs of the client’s transaction and, as a result, obtain their clients’ loyalty.

They have built a reputation of providing the highest quality of legal advice as well as the highest level of personalised service. Their experience and knowledge characterise them. Clients expect the best from them.

In addition, they reputation for transparency and business integrity through the law sets them apart from competitors and continues to attract top talent to the firm.

They are practical and efficient attorneys, notaries and advisors, with great ability to critical analysis, an above-average analytical capacity, and have the necessary tools to convey knowledge to the client. They are characterised by their intuition, attention to detail, accuracy, and their ability to anticipate the needs and risks of the client.

Arturo Zacapa

Arturo Zacapa is our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Honduras on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Arturo directly using the contact details listed above.

Arturo is the Managing Partner for Dentons Muñoz Zacapa.

He regularly coordinates local and multijurisdictional work for various multinational clients, ranging from portfolio management, claims of rightful ownership, business and transactional aspects of Intellectual Property, litigation, product registrations and marketing authorisations.

Arturo Zacapa also has notable experience in Corporate law, focusing on advising clients from diverse sectors regarding how to do business in Honduras in compliance with the local law.

Firm Overview:

Dentons Muñoz provides clients the critical legal coverage necessary to compete and succeed in Central America and around the globe.

As the only firm in Central America backed by a global team, and widely recognised as the region’s leading law firm, we approach legal problems with a unique perspective, proactively finding business solutions and helping clients seize opportunity.

Businesses throughout the region benefit from our ability to attract critical foreign direct investment and technology for business expansion, start-ups and private-public partnerships.

We help clients succeed across a wide range of business activities, including major developments and infrastructure projects, financings, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, government relations and more.

Our team consists of passionate, innovative and experienced legal strategists who can give you the edge in a competitive global marketplace.

Whether you are conducting business across the region or looking to expand globally, you will benefit from our top-tier talent, superior understanding of local markets, remarkable business networks and unmatched industry knowledge.

Humberto Medina

Humberto Medina is a Managing Partner of CENTRAL LAW in Honduras and is in charge of the Banking, Corporate, and Foreign Investment Departments of the firm. He is based at the firm’s San Pedro Sula office. His practice is dedicated mainly to complex transactions in the realm of commerce, finance, and corporations.

After graduating as an attorney from the Universidad Autónoma de Honduras, Medina continued his studies abroad at Yale University Business School (Management Program for Lawyers) and later at Stanford University Business School (Executive Negotiation and Influence Strategy Program) with a Law Degree. He has recently completed a Master’s degree in Civil Procedural Law at the UTH / Honduras, in collaboration with Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, Spain.

Attorney Medina was Vice-President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Honduras (AMCHAM) from 2011 to 2013, and of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Honduras (CAMACOES). He was Vice-President of the Treasury of the Bar Association (2003) from 2004 to 2006. He is currently the Director of the Board of Directors of AMCHAM and has been the Director of the Board of Directors of the Banco de Occidente since 1999.

He is ranked as a leading attorney in his practice area by Chambers Latin America and Chambers Global, and is the author of publications about incentives to investment, such as “Open for Business” (Latin Lawyer Newsletter , August 2011); “Honduras is eager to preserve its environment” (Guide to Energy & Natural Resources, June 2012); “Honduras eyes outsourcing with new law” (Latin Lawyer, October 2012); and “Infrastructure Investment in the main port of Honduras” (Latin Lawyer, April 2013).

Additionally, he is a speaker at seminars about local and foreign investment in Latin America, and a member of the Bar Association of Honduras, the IBA, and INTA. He speaks Spanish and English.

Firm Overview:

The legal firm CENTRAL LAW in Honduras has consolidated into one of Honduras’s best law firms in corporate and business legal counselling, thanks to its excellent team of lawyers and attorneys, according to Chambers and Partners, Legal 500 and IFLR 1000 international rankings.

The firm has grown both locally and internationally, conforming CENTRAL LAW along with other prominent law firms from Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Dominican Republic. The firm has expanded its geographic influence and jurisdictional reach, through its 11 offices within the region.

This structure provides CENTRAL LAW Honduras with a significant competitive advantage over other firms in the area, transcending such advantage into added value for its clients.

CENTRAL LAW Honduras has offices in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa and is formed by a team of 20 bilingual members including partners, senior and junior associates and administrative staff.

With the ability to offer the highest quality legal services and backed by an experience of more than 20 years the firm covers, among others, the following areas: Arbitration and Litigation, Antitrust and International Trade, Banking and Finance, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Commercial law, Consumer Law, Contracts, Corporate law, Environmental law, Foreign Investment, Free Zones, Immigration law, Intellectual Property, Insurances, Labour and Social Security Law, Mining and Renewable Energy, Real Estate and Tourism, Tax Law and Telecommunications.

CENTRAL LAW Honduras clients comprise of domestic and multinational companies as well as business conglomerates, some of which have been clients since the firm´s beginnings.

Some lawyers at CENTRAL LAW Honduras have been recognized by Chambers and Partners among the most prominent professionals in Latin America for their excellent job in Corporate/Commercial, Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property.

Lawyers of CENTRAL LAW Honduras speak Spanish, French, Italian and English.

Gustavo Adolfo Zacapa

Gustavo Adolfo Zacapa is the Founding Partner and Manager of the firm; he has vast experience in Corporate Affairs and is permanent General Counsel in Honduras to various multinational companies in multiple industries, to whom he provides legal advice in all areas of Corporate Law and guides though complex operations. He is a recognized expert in Commercial Law, Tax Law and Labor Law. With more than 40 years of experience in the field, Mr. Zacapa is highly renowned for his work and successful career.

Gustavo is also known for his capacities in Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affairs; he constantly advises the Intellectual Property Team and aids in providing creative solutions to complex cases. Particularly, Chambers and Partners state ‘He has strong experience in IP matters’ and ‘One of the best things about Gustavo is that he’s very well known and respected’ .

Firm Overview:

Although the firm dates back to the 1950’s, on 1988 the firm was reorganized by Mr. Gustavo Adolfo Zacapa under the name Gustavo Zacapa y Asociados. Our firm has provided the highest quality corporate legal advice and services to prestigious multinational companies for more than forty years. Currently, we constantly provide services to an array of the largest world companies who do business in Honduras. The firm provides all kinds of legal services and advisory, mainly in the practice areas of Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Sanitary Registrations and Regulatory Affairs, Tax Law, Employment Law, Administrative Law, and Notarial Services.

Our Mission…

Maintain a reputation as an ethically responsible legal firm, offer high quality services and generate punctual benefits to our clients, by providing legal advice on how to conduct their business and prevent conflicts and regulatory violations.

Our Vision…

To gain the recognition of our clients as a firm that provides high quality legal services to a growing number of corporations renowned in their fields.

Reina Esther Pineda B.

Reina Esther Pineda B., is the Director of Consulting Services at MGI Pineda Torres & Asociados.

Firm Overview:

A team of professionals with training and experience in the various services, specifically in relation to:

  • Internal and external audit;
  • Audit of accounts;
  • Tax and business advice, getting back in funding for entrepreneurship;
  • Consulting;
  • Analysis;
  • Defining the Strategy and Business Plan.

This specialization seeks assist client progress, contributing to up the value of its activity, economic, financial and commercial level.

A correct advice, an effective analysis management cost and risk, security decision, good planning, are factors considered key on the market today, the key principles, so that your company can success.

We have more than 14 years of experience about Consulting -FINANCIAL, Business and Strategic field. We provide effective solutions for the Management, Organization and Improvement of Business, adapting our offering to specific needs of each client.

For issues Legal matters, we also have our exclusive partner: Law Firm Consultores Jurídicos Internacionales C.J.I. (, specializing in Legal Security for International Organizations and for Companies, which enables us to provide this type of service.