Vathana Boutroy-Xieng

Vathana Boutroy-Xieng is our exclusively recommended Civil Law expert in Guadeloupe on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Vathana directly using the contact details listed above.

The firm advises, represents and assists its clients, natural or legal persons, from the development of the pre-litigation strategy, and assists them during all phases of the legal proceedings.

Close to his client, the Cabinet maintains with him a relationship of absolute trust, necessary to the resolution of the problems before him.

You will find here a presentation of the legal areas in which our firm officiates:

  • Divorce and Family Law
  • From child custody disputes to divorce proceedings, we will represent you on all fronts of family law.
  • Family law includes the most emotionally charged aspects of the law as a whole.

Are you currently facing problems in your relationship and want to divorce? you want your rights respected? Are you trying to get child support, or custody of your child? Do you want to set up alternate custody?

Most of our business is focused on family law. We will be able to support you whatever the nature of your problem.

Real Estate Law:

Want to get a share of an estate or land? you want to have your property limited? Are you in trouble with your neighbour who is encroaching on your home? you want to claim a parcel? Do you want to sell a property?

Call our Cabinet who will advise you and implement the appropriate procedure.

Labour Law:

You are an employer and want to establish a contract of employment, a renewal of fixed-term contract, to sanction or to dismiss an employee in accordance with the rules, and not to expose you to a procedure before the Prud’-hommes?

Are you an employee and want to enforce your rights? to challenge a sanction or a dismissal? to know to which allowances you are entitled?

Our firm intervenes regularly before the social courts and will be able to advise you and support you in your steps.

Civil Law:

You have a dispute with a contract, and want to understand the terms? you have unpaid bills and want to make them pay? you want to establish a lease (commercial, professional, home)? you want to get paid for your rent, and get the eviction from the tenant?

Contact our Cabinet which will intervene immediately with the help of a bailiff.

Questions about our services? Contact us on 05 90 86 00 67.

Sonja Herrmann

Sonja Herrmann is our exclusively recommended Family Law expert in Guadeloupe on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Sonja directly using the contact details listed above.

Attorney at law in Guadeloupe with an extensive international career. After working for several years for an international law firm in Nice, Sonja chose to move to Guadeloupe in 2007, where she joined a legal firm in Jarry before starting her own practice in Pointe A Pitre in 2013.

To maintain a healthy and productive attorney-client relationship, Sonja handles each case with utmost professionalism. She will choose the most appropriate legal perspective and strategy and she will always provide you with the necessary legal explanation in a simple manner so as to allow you to understand and follow each step of your case.

Creating an efficient dialogue with each client establishes reciprocal trust, an essential ingredient for the success of each case.

Sonja handles different civil, penal and administrative cases pertaining not only to the Caribbean, and Guadeloupe but also to mainland France and with international ramifications. Ms. Herrmann speaks French, German, English and Italian fluently and will be able to assist you with your business in any of these languages.

Sonja pleads before the Regional Court of Pointe-à-Pitre and all its dependent jurisdictions as well as the Court of Appeals of Basse-Terre and its dependent jurisdictions.

She also serves as instructing counsel for different law firms in mainland France for whom she follows and pleads a variety of cases.