Dr Nikolaos Lyberis

Dr Nikolaos Lyberis is our exclusively recommended Patent Law expert in Greece on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Nikolaos directly using the contact details listed above.

Nikolaos is an attorney admitted at the Athens Bar Association (1984). He is the Managing Partner of Vayanos Kostopoulos Law Firm, specialising in Intellectual Property Law in Greece, Cyprus and worldwide. He is a litigator before the Supreme Courts for civil and administrative matters, representing prestigious clients in trademark, patent and other intellectual property rights conflicts from all branches of industry and commerce.

Nikolaos is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Law School of the European University Cyprus (EUC), lecturing Greek and Cypriot Intellectual Property Law and Trust Law. He holds a PhD in European economic and banking law from the Law School of Hamburg University and has served as legal advisor (Referent) at the Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and Private International Law in Hamburg for 11 years, delivering legal advices to inquiring German courts.

Nikolaos was selected in 2020 as an ordinary member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Industrial Property Academy, an institution operating in the frame of the Greek Patent Office, responsible for education and training of intellectual property counsels, thus fostering innovation and patent protection in Greece. In 2014-2015 he was appointed as an ordinary member of the Board of Directors of the Greek Patent Office (OBI).

In the years 2005-2010 Nikolaos worked as an active member of the Legislative Committee of the Ministry of Development and Investments for drafting the Greek Trademarks Law 4072/2012, resp. Law 4155/2013, for the implementation of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive EC 48/2004 in the Greek legal order. Nikolaos is a member of numerous Greek and international associations focusing on IP law and related legal fields.

He is the author of various contributions, inter alia on aspects of European Trademark, Unfair Competition, Patent and Design Laws.

Dr Nikolaos Lyberis has conducted intellectual property seminars for the post-graduate program of the Medical School of Athens University, educational programs for Examiners of the Greek Trademarks Office and other entities.

Alexandra Petsa

Alexandra Petsa is our exclusively recommended Dispute Resolution expert in Greece on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Alexandra directly using the contact details listed above.

Alexandra is a Supreme Court lawyer and has a broadly based Greek and EU legal practice, having acted for numerous domestic and international clients in high-profile transactions and litigation cases.

Alexandra is an expert practitioner with long-time experience in the fields of NPEs, restructuring and insolvency, judicial enforcement, real estate, tax and employment & social security law, having handled advisory, transactional and litigation work in relation to said fields, for domestic and international clients from a variety of business sectors, including banking and financial services, NPE management, real estate management & development, IT, pharmaceutical and media & entertainment sectors.

In addition to her expertise in the above areas of practice, Alexandra has considerable expertise and experience in the fields of capital markets & securities regulation, banking and finance and banking regulation, having handled domestic and cross border financial, DCM and ECM transactions, as well as major litigation cases mainly for financial institutions, securities firms, and listed corporates.

Alexandra begun her legal practice in 2002. From 2006 to 2009 she was in-house legal adviser to the Agricultural Bank of Greece’s investment firm (ATE Securities) and from 2009 to 2013 in-house legal adviser in TT Hellenic Postbank S.A. From 2013, she is Managing Partner of Sardelas Petsa Law Firm, in charge of the firm’s NPEs, restructuring and insolvency, real estate, tax and employment & social security law practice, overseeing the relevant divisions of the firm.

Alexandra holds a law degree and a postgraduate degree in Commercial law from the law school of the University of Athens. She is the author of “The Law of Stock Exchange Transactions” (in Greek), 2005, and has numerous contributions in academic and practitioners’ Greek and international legal journals, such as the Greek Commercial Law Review the Greek Business and Company Law and the International Comparative Legal Guides.

Vasiliki Papaloi

Vasiliki Papaloi is our exclusively recommended Business Law and Golden Visa & Residency Services expert in Greece on the Advisory Excellence website. if you need assistance in this area, please contact Vasiliki directly using the contact details listed above.

Papalois & Associates was founded in 1980 by Periklis Papalois in Athens and has established since then a circle of well-respected Greek and International clientele.

The office has a great history and has handled complex cases in every field of law.

Papalois & Associates are advising individuals, Greek and International Companies, resolving problems and promoting investments in Greece and around the World.

Papalois & Associates cooperate with international Law Firms for the best serve of their clients interest.

Papalois & Associates create strong ties of commitment, trust and effectiveness with our clients, who have been with them for more than 30 years.

Firm Overview:

The Leading Partner Periklis Papalois and his team of lawyers and other experts have been working together hard to provide high- standard legal services to our clients.

Papalois & Associates consists of highly qualified lawyers with specialisation in several fields of law, who always deliver the best resolution in complex legal cases.

Papalois & Associateshave advised and represented before the Judicial and Administrative Authorities large and well-known corporations such as Hotel Companies, well –known Companies in the Automotive Industry, Cotton Manufacturing and Marketing Companies, Real Estate and Ship Manufacturing Companies, Film and Television Producers and other leading companies in their domain.

Papalois & Associates collaborates with international Law Firms, large offices of engineers, manufacturers, surveyors, certified auditors – accountants – tax consultants, notaries and, in general, experts of various specialties in order to best handle each client’s affairs.

Advisory Excellence Appoints Vasiliki Papaloi and Papalois & Associates Law Office in Greece (streetinsider.com)

Theodoros N. Spanos

Theodoros Spanos is our exclusively recommended Legal Services expert in Greece on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Theodoros directly using the contact details listed above.

Athens is an ideal business convention destination because, as a modern metropolis, it combines a wide range of resources and facilities to ensure success at every level. Another reason Athens is an ideal destination for business is that it is easily accessible. Frequent flights from the biggest international airlines connect with the modern, award-winning Athens International Airport.

Firm Overview:

Our principle goal is to find solutions for all your problems and issues. You do not have to worry, you have to trust us.

Consisting of people with a great court and outside court experience gives us the possibility to suggest the solution asked.

Having a great partnership with many professionals in many different domains just gives us the rapidity and success every case really needs.

We, finally, work with a very simple rule. Work harder, do the best, find the perfect solution for your client.

Innovative Legal Solutions:

  • Employment Law
  • Family Law​ / Criminal Law
  • Child Care Law
  • Conveyancing Housing Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Law
  • Financial Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Business / Corporate Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Litigation
  • Consulting and more

Athens Bar Association No. 36734

Gregory Logothetis

Gregory Logothetis is our exclusively recommended Arbitration expert in Greece on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Gregory directly using the contact details listed above.

Gregory focuses on international and domestic arbitration, complicated litigations, energy, public tenders, concessions, privatisations and commercial contracts. He is the Head of the Arbitration, Litigation and Mediation Department and Co-Head of the Projects & Privatisation and Real Estate Department of our Firm. Gregory has acted as head of the Procurement and Contracts Department of the Public Power Corporation for several years, where he is still active as senior counsel.

Chambers and Partners has stated that Gregory is “praised by market observers for his in-depth experience and his solid understanding of case law” and that “he is often called upon to assist in complex disputes and arbitrations.” The Legal 500 has ranked the Arbitration, Litigation & Mediation Department of our Firm as Tier 1 and has stated that “Clients particularly recommend Gregory Logothetis, who is ‘undoubtedly the best litigator, with vast knowledge and experience not only in the litigation but also in the arbitration sector.”

Firm Overview:

We are an awarded top tier law firm based in Athens, Greece. With a legacy originating back to 1930, we take pride in our local and international clientele, which includes leading Greek and international corporations, major investment and commercial banks and financial institutions.

We have evolved our founder’s famed business-centric and action-driven approach into a solid business philosophy that has been delivering tangible results for decades. One that serves as a northern star leading to our firm’s consistent and dynamic growing course, breaking international boundaries again and again.

As of 2001, we operate as a Lawyers’ Partnership (under Greek Lawyer’s Code). Throughout our history, we have acted as the legal architects of landmark business deals, ground-breaking transactions and litigations across industries. Namely, leading and Greek and foreign corporations, major investment and commercial banks and financial institutions, as well as Greek M&A, Capital markets (ECM and DCM), Privatisations, Corporate, Retail, Energy, Aviation, Competition, Data protection, Tax, Banking & Finance and Employment sectors.

With a broad range of legal expertise and services, we have established ourselves as one of the most prestigious top tier law firms in Greece and as a leading legal force in the international field, with the majority of our clientele being foreign multinational companies and with an extensive partnership with major foreign law firms.

Growth is at the heart of our philosophy. For our clients and our people. We are proud to have evolved into a team of 53 legal experts uniquely combining education, experience and self-drive. As we continue our professional journey, we remain true to our values to fulfil our professional vision.

Advisory Excellence Appoints Gregory Logothetis and Koutalidis Law Firm in Greece (streetinsider.com)

Serafim Sotiriadis

Serafim Sotiriadis is our exclusively recommended Corporate Restructuring Law expert in Greece on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Serafim directly using the contact details listed above.

COVID-19 pandemic in Greece by Serafim Sotiriadis (streetinsider.com)

Serafim, founder of Serafim Sotiriadis and Associates, is a graduate of Athens Law School and has been a member of the LAA since 2001. As a specialist in major debt restructuring and insolvency, he frequently lectures on corporate reorganisation and the restructuring of bank loans, having been personally involved in some of the most significant cases that have gone to court in Greece. Serafim has extensive experience in bankruptcy processes and extrajudicial loan renegotiation, as well as judicial experience in defending cases related to financial white collar crimes. He provides international and Greek legal and tax advice to foreign law offices and corporations concerning cross-border buyouts, real estate ownership, investments in listed Greek companies, and the establishment of foreign companies, subsidiaries and branches in Greece. Serafim Sotiriadis also offers assistance with international real estate transactions and with obtaining “golden visas”.

Firm Overview:

Serafim Sotiriadis & Associates is a market leader in Bankruptcy and Business Restructuring law.

Operating as an organic whole, with each section and department collaborating harmoniously together, our extremely well-qualified and experienced lawyers, finance experts and business consultants have the all-round knowledge required to offer sound integrated solutions and advice both in the spheres of Commercial, Civil, Corporate and Criminal law and in relation to business issues.

Our clients include major banks, leading construction and commercial concerns, energy companies, clothing and furniture manufacturers, shipbuilders, investment groups, craft businesses, and a number of investors and funds with a Greek presence.

As the first law firm in Greece to successfully submit and ratify a rehabilitation agreement, S. Sotiriadis & Associates laid the cornerstone for all debt restructuring in Greece over the last decade. In the light of this unique expertise, lawyers and legal firms regularly entrust their clients to us in cases pertaining to our areas of specialisation.