Maître Christophe BENOIT

Maître Christophe BENOIT, lawyer with the Bar of French Guyanna (formerly lawyer with the Bar of Nanterre, Paris and Val d’Oise), other co-founder of the firm, is a former legal adviser.

Our Organization:

Until the new legislation comes into effect in 2012, CMB-avocats can represent its clients before the Paris court of appeal and before the annex of the Fort-de-France court of appeal in Cayenne.

A court of appeal will be set up in Cayenne before 2015.

The lawyers of CMB-avocats can offer legal assistance to their clients throughout France and all of its overseas territories.

One foot in EUROPE, the other in SOUTH-AMERICA.

CMB-avocats assists, advises and represents its clients (natural or legal persons, non-profit organizations, foundations and religious congregations) throughout France and its overseas territories (Départements et Collectivités d’outre-mer).

It provides support to growing businesses in France as well as in the West Indies and the Caribbean (Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, and Haiti).

CMB-avocats has always been familiar with French Guyana, where it has had clients since 1998. This familiarity, as well as French Guyana’s central position in the West-Indies, its closeness to Brazil, the USA and Haiti led to Cayenne being chosen for the setting-up of CMB-avocats’s over-seas office.

This double presence Metropolitan France/ Overseas territories was also strongly motivated by CMB-avocats’s desire to put French Guyana on the map of legal practices, thereby contributing in its own area of expertise to the current economic growth of the region.

Our firm is familiar with French Guyana for having had clients there for many years.

Our office in Cayenne provides the backbone for the firm’s activity in the West Indies and Guyana: it has allowed us to extend our client base to areas such as Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe and Martinique, and to provide legal assistance to companies wishing to carry on business in Haiti.

Complementarily, CMB-avocats has had offices in Paris and its region for many years. From there it provides assistance to both Parisian and French companies but also to companies from Guyana, the West Indies or South America with business interests in Metropolitan France.

CMB-avocats is a business law firm with offices in Paris, France and Cayenne, French Guyana. We assist, advise, defend and represent our clients in legal or judicial matters in France and in its overseas territories as well as in Haiti.


Our lawyers offer a wide range of services from legal advice and guidance to the drafting of legal documents and contracts. They can also represent and defend their clients orally before the French court. As of 2012, French lawyers will represent their clients before the court of appeal. Already the lawyers represent their clients before the annex of the Fort-de-France court of appeal in Cayenne.

Our Expertise:

At CMB-avocats we aim for excellence. These high standards mean that we welcome the collaboration with colleagues specializing in other areas –such as notaries, accountants or other professionals– in cases that require such collaboration.

We are especially concerned with maintaining a reliable network of strong skills in all areas on which we can call upon at any time.

Our lawyers constantly update their knowledge through a regular investment in documentation and professional training courses (members of the French Bar are required to attend continuing education programs).