William Wylie Clarke

William Wylie Clarke is a graduate in law of the Australian National University. He also has an honours degree in Government from the University of Sydney. He was admitted to the High Court of the Australian Capital Territory in 1995 and subsequently to the Fiji bar in 1996. He has lived in various countries including Western Samoa, Vanuatu, Australia and Fiji. He was a Prosecutor with the Director of Public Prosecutions Office from 1996 until 1998.

Wylie joined Howards in December 2001 and is the firm’s representative to the Fiji-Australia Business Council. He is the former President and currently Immediate Past President. Wylie is also a former President of and serving Honorary Member of the Fiji Red Cross. He has previously lectured in taxation law at the University of the South Pacific.

Wylie’s portfolio includes mining, natural resources and related activities and projects, aircraft leasing and finance (before and after Fiji’s accession to the Cape Town Convention and its Protocol), foreign investment, banking and finance, asset protection, trusts, corporate governance and structuring, corporate and business acquisitions & sale as well as the structuring of these acquisitions both within Fiji and the South Pacific. Wylie was lead Pacific legal advisor for the acquisition of BP (South West Pacific) Limited that involved businesses and assets in American Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Kiribati and Fiji. He also acted for a syndicate of ECA Lenders in the financing of Air Pacific’s acquisition of 3 Airbus A330-200 aircraft: this transaction utilized the mechanisms and structures provided for under the Cape Town Convention and its Protocol. He also has a great deal of experience in complex finance and security documentation, contracts and due diligence. He advises a range of clients in resort development, particularly in the area of property acquisition and sale, rationalisation, sub-division and strata title: he has played a significant role using these structures to facilitate property and tourist developments. Wylie is also very experienced in providing legal services and advice in respect of company receiverships and liquidation.

Firm Overview:

Howards is a dynamic and specialist practice. Our name is synonymous with high quality legal services. Our expertise has been developed over our 22 years’ plus existence to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients in a highly competitive and increasingly regulated world. Our multi-disciplinary approach to complex legal issues – whether domestic or international – has become a profession-wide benchmark.

Our lawyers have tackled some of the most novel and demanding legal problems of the recent past. We find practical and commercial solutions to complex issues of law and jurisdiction often involving the interplay between government agencies and commercial organizations, national and international. Constantly striving to be innovative, we remain at the cutting edge of legal developments. To this end, we focus on providing tailor made solutions and outcomes that achieve our clients’ objectives and needs.

Howards is also unique in its constant focus and commitment to investing resources in its people and practice to ensure that we maintain international standards and remain the first port of call for our clients looking at doing business in Fiji or the region.

We also understand that our clients’ need for legal services extend beyond Fiji. As a result, Howards has developed and continues to develop a very strong and extensive network of associated firms throughout the South Pacific that share our values and objectives. Our aim is to provide seamless high quality service that extends throughout the South Pacific region including Australia and New Zealand.

Prem Lata Narayan

Prem Lata Narayan is a Civil and Commercial Practitioner for over 20 years and counting. She excels in high strategic planning and offers the finest solution to all your legal worries.


I graduated from the Victoria University of Wellington in 1996. I was admitted on the 7 February at the High Court of New Zealand and subsequently on 4th July at the High Court of Fiji

Almost everything we do is affected by the Law – purchasing a car, driving a vehicle, purchasing a house, getting divorced, preparing a will. Therefore good lawyers is retained.

I set up my office on the 28 February 2002 which is in the heart of Suva City.

My vision was to be a Techno Savvy Law Firm that was branded for its confidence and finesse

Every relationship is based on trust. Without trust, the relationship cannot develop. The relationship between the solicitor and the client is one of Trust.

What is disclosed to the solicitor is protected by solicitor-client privilege and remains confidential for time indefinite-that is until the solicitor is no longer living. It is Important that you know that the information that you disclose is confidential and remains so for the rest of my life.

The role of the Advocate is to protect the interest of the client within the confines of the law. It is important that you are aware of the issues that would arise and be able to form a strategy to deal with them now rather than later – being prepared in advance is half the battle won and litigation is a costly battle.

Gold is a currency and we all know how expensive gold is. A good architect designs your house once for no one likes an architect who keeps changing the plan it is a costly exercise. Competent legal advice is important and invaluable as it keeps all life simple and stress free. I ensure that you are aware of the costs likely to incur and be prepared to budget for your legal expenses.

Artika Prasad

Artika Prasad is a LLB and B.com graduate of the University of Canterbury, New Zealand and is experienced in all aspects of commercial law practice in Fiji. In January 2017 Artika accepted an invitation to become a partner of the firm and her particular areas of practice and expertise include Intellectual Property Law in the South Pacific region, Commercial Law, Property Law and Taxation. Artika is also the firm’s senior practitioner for all commercial property matters which she handles with skill, efficiency and an attention to detail and mentors other lawyers within the firm.

Chambers Asia-Pacific 2016 explains that Artika: ‘leads the firm’s IP practice, servicing the regional needs of international companies and law firms, as well as large Fijian organisations. She is recommended as “very efficient, very timely and very professional,” and for “always providing excellent client service.”

Artika is highly regarded internationally, and is particularly known for her thorough legal work, professional attitude and within the firm for her patience in mentoring others. Under her dedicated stewardship the firm’s IP division known as the Pacific Islands Intellectual Property Services (PIIPS) has become a premier IP Service provider out of the Pacific region.

Artika’s professional career has had many highlights, in May 2011 Artika was selected by the United States Department of State under its International Leadership Program to attend training for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the United States. Artika gained knowledge of IP related issues faced today and new ways of protection of IP rights of owners which has assisted her in advising clients to obtained commercial advantages and protections through their IP.

Who We Are:

We are an established law firm that provides a full range of commercial and litigation legal services to clients who are doing (or would like to do) successful business in Fiji or the region.

Fiji presents unique and exciting opportunities for investors, commercial entities, donor bodies and individuals.

The secret to our firm’s success is identifying, employing and encouraging the right people to bind together to make a diverse and dynamic team with the relevant skill sets to provide the international standard services that our clients expect. For more information on our individual team members you can meet Our Lawyers by clicking on their profiles above.

As a firm we are committed to providing an excellent and professionally rewarding work environment that expressly aims to develop all our employees and provide them with every opportunity to develop in their chosen career. We have a modern approach to human resources that draws on proven development and leadership principles. To learn more about our firm’s HR policy, ethos and principles you can view our Office Policy Manual.

Efficiency And Transparency In Our Charging Rates

We have a modern approach to legal services which puts our clients’ needs and cost and efficiency at the forefront of what we do.

We have always invested in a full time legal librarian that ensures our database of Fiji laws and regional laws are updated.

We have an open door policy to any new or existing client to discuss any issue without charge. If you choose to instruct us we can agree the outcomes that you want to achieve and the cost before we commence work.