Wayne Barnes

Wayne Barnes is an experienced criminal barrister and trial advocate both for the prosecution and defence.

Wayne has appeared regularly for the defence in cases involving commercial fraud and money laundering, including confiscation hearings under Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

Wayne was a member of the Fulcrum team representing Macmillan Publishers Limited in reaching settlements with the Serious Fraud Office and the World Bank Group. As part of this process, Wayne conducted complex internal company investigations in Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia as part of an anti-corruption compliance initiative.

Firm Overview:

Fulcrum Chambers Ltd is a highly specialised legal advisory and consultancy business comprising barristers, solicitors, investigators and other high calibre professionals.

We have established ourselves as an award winning firm providing strategic legal advice for corporates, public bodies, and private individuals in the field of bribery & corruption, fraud, investigations, due diligence and regulatory and compliance issues and compliance.

We have been involved in, and continue to be involved in, the most significant and high-profile international corporate criminal investigations and prosecutions of the past decade.

Bob Swayne, Eng. Tech., AMIHEEM

Bob Swayne is a qualified building services consulting engineer with over 50 years of experience in the design, construction and maintenance of building engineering services installations for healthcare, commercial, retail, educational, residential and leisure facilities located both within the UK and the Middle East.

Bob is the Managing Director of The Hampden Consultancy, a practice he founded in 1993 utilising the skills and expertise he had gained from the previous 25 years working for both engineering consultancies and major contractors, including advising PFI consortia involved on major healthcare, education and defence facilities.

His core discipline is mechanical engineering services, i.e. heating, mechanical ventilation (including specialised ventilation for healthcare premises), air-conditioning & chilled water services, domestic hot & cold water services, building management systems & automatic controls, as well as the specification & application of thermal insulation to pipework systems and the application of fire stopping to mechanical & electrical engineering services. In addition, he has a working knowledge of electrical services and how the various engineering services interact and need to be co-ordinated with each other and with the building structure.

Bob is also able to deal with matters pertaining to the maintenance of mechanical & electrical engineering services, including facilities management contracts and service agreements.

He is a Council member of the Building Services Research & Information Association (BSRIA) and as such sits on a number of technical committees, as well as the publications panel.

For the last 15 years, he has principally been involved in expert witness work, dealing with construction claims ranging in value from £10,000 to £10 million, acting either as an expert adviser, a party-appointed expert or as a single joint expert on claims under the Civil Procedure Rules and where required, has given oral evidence in court. He has also acted on claims under the Criminal Procedure Rules.

He has also undertaken work relating to claims involving professional negligence of M&E consulting engineering consultancies.


Heating, hot & cold water services, mechanical ventilation (including specialised ventilation for healthcare premises), air-conditioning & chilled water services, preparation of specifications & contract documentation, project management, preparation of detailed cost estimates, witnessing of testing & commissioning procedures, overseeing the preparation and handover of operation & maintenance documentation in accordance with the CDM Regulations, preparation of Interim & Final Accounts in respect to M&E engineering services, preparation of ‘snagging’ or defects lists prior to Practical Completion/Handover of projects.


  • Registered with the Engineering Council (Eng.Tech.)
  • Corporate Member of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering & Estate Management (AMIHEEM)
  • Council Member of the Building Services Research & Information Association (BSRIA)
  • Member of the Association of Consultancy & Engineering (ACE)
  • Affiliated Member of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)
  • Member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses (UKREW)
  • Member of the National Expert Witness Agency (NEWA)
  • Affiliated Member of the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR)
  • Affiliated Member of the Commissioning Services Association (CSA)

Dr John Douse

BA (Hons), MA, DPhil, FRSC, FFSSoc, MIExpE, FChromSoc

We are a unique niche provider of Forensic Services in the UK, undertaking a limited number of highly specialist cases each year (circa 25), devoting the time needed to fully investigate each case, and including as thorough as possible analysis, consideration, and integration of both the forensic and also the circumstantial evidence.

We take an intense pride, during such a time of uncertainty in the adequate provision of forensic services in the UK, in ensuring that all aspects of each case are fully investigated; even if this requires us to carry out additional pro bono investigations when private or public funds are unable to fully meet the demands of such a painstaking approach (not infrequently 100 hours of requested work having to be “written off” due to the LAA or private individuals simply not being able to provide finance).

Our ability to lead in the interpretation of forensic evidence (continuously innovating and introducing new and highly effective avenues of approach, analysis, and investigation) is especially appreciated by Defence Lawyers and Barristers, Insurance Companies, Prominent International Businesses, and also Private Individuals; who are otherwise faced with the alternative access to only the briefest consideration of their cases by the cheapest, poorly qualified, alternatives.

Our innovations in the interpretation of forensic evidence arise as a result of a varied and prolonged, often pioneering forensic experience (34 years as a Forensic Scientist and 41 years total scientific experience).

This experience includes a, perhaps, unusual combination of forensic casework experience augmented by having pioneered, researched and developed the basis of many of the major forensic trace analytical and quality control techniques in use today worldwide. Our experience also includes, critically, the pioneering first introduction of the techniques and protocols of clean room technology and quality control (1990 at the Forensic Explosives Laboratory) now the mainstay of Forensic Quality Control worldwide.

Even more unusually, in the field of explosives, practical training was gained (and also the ability to instruct others in) the techniques of Special Forces Demolitions, involving the trialling, testing and deploying of improvised and military, explosive and incendiary, mixtures and devices, often culled from official and unofficial instruction manuals.

As a result of this varied experience we operate highly effectively in the fields of explosives (all areas), toxicology (including Insulin, Ricin, thallium, and CW agents), drugs (chemistry, synthesis, purity), DNA, firearms residues, sexual offences, (significance of traces), and a wide range of other applications in forensic chemistry (laboratories, counterfeits etc).

Our approaches, not infrequently, result in even the most experienced, opposition experts having to concur with the defence opinion, due to the presentation of the most up to date research results, (some of which may just have been published only days before the completion of the defence report, as in a firearms residue case in 2018) (presence of tin in shotgun residue)) and also the avoidance of the use of subjective opinion.

The sheer amount of time that we can devote to each case is often the game changer in many cases, and not infrequently allows us to prevail, due simply to our ability to detect and observe facets of evidence that have simply been overlooked (eg intensive inspection of training videos, augmented by our expertise in recognising the critical technical details, eg in a case involving preparation of ricin).

Multi-Disciplinary Forensic Experience is also one of the mainstays of our expertise, and arises as a result of having pioneered and introduced the basis of the analytical techniques and quality control methods still used worldwide in a variety of forensic areas.

The process of familiarisation and study of such areas has enabled us to provide new techniques, insights and approaches to the study of a variety of forensic expertise fields, the common thread being trace analysis combined with practical experience of the subjects being investigated.

The ability to carry out detailed and highly effective forensic investigations into a variety of the most complex cases, which may often initially appear to be outside of our core expertise, but which often turn out to have a basis in chemistry (the basic and most fundamental specialism required for forensic work); coupled with referring critical aspects to other experts in a range of specialisms, as necessary, for them to focus on individual aspects of the case that might otherwise have remained unrevealed, is yet another game changer.

This experience has resulted in our involvement in the investigations into (among other cases) the Cyprus Poison Gas Extortion Case (Sarin and VX), Lybian Embassy Seige shootings, Lockerbie (Pan Am 103), Liquid Explosive Bomb Plot, London Glasgow Bombings, Wood Green Ricin Factory, Shakespeare Ellis “Drive-By” Shootings, Leeds Insulin Serial Killings, Roxel Rocket Motors UK v HSE, Private International Thallium Poisoning Case, etc etc).


ACCELERANT RESIDUES Improvised, Commercial, Trace analysis, Petrol bombs, Fire-starting, Identification

ALCOHOL Back calculations, Effects, Air rage, Impairment, Visual recognition of impairment, Serious injury liability, Illicit fermentation, Illicit production, Illicit distillation

CANNABIS Trace analysis, Chemistry, Growing operations, Growing equipment, Hash oil extraction, Identification, Paraphernalia, Valuation, Growth yield, Usage rates, Medical uses, Road traffic accident impairment, Personal usage rates

CHEMICAL WEAPONS Military, Improvised, Chemicals, Toxin (Ricin), Devices- explosive, Devices- dissemination, Detection, Training manuals

CS SPRAYS Trace analysis, Effects, Usage, Recommended tactics DNA Trace analysis, Profile comparison, Quality assurance, Contamination issues, Low copy number profile interpretation

DRUGS Analysis, Purity, Identification, Pharmaceuticals, Illegal drugs, Designer drugs, Banknote contamination, Detection- laboratory, Detection- roadside, Chemical synthesis, Illegal laboratories, Counterfeit drugs, Paraphernalia, Cultivation, Growing operations, Chemical synthetic operations, Usage rates, Valuation, Growth yield, Counterfeit Viagra, Date rape

EXPLOSIVES Military explosives, Commercial explosives, improvised explosives, Bombs, Ammunition, Roadside devices, Improvised explosive device design, Improvised explosive production health and safety, Electrical circuits, Chemical synthesis, Illegal laboratories, Training manuals, Target attack principles, Training, Petrol bombs, Chemical WMD devices, Toxin WMD (Ricin) devices, Trace analysis, Contamination, Quality assurance, Car bombs, LPG devices, Roadside IEDs, Timers, Booby traps, Detection, New explosives, Incompatibility of ingredients, Effects, Dirt-bomb devices, Radioactive isotopes, Defence against, Destruction of aircraft, Potential stability, Effectiveness against complex targets, Trials, Demonstrations, Hugh speed photography, Disposal, Device detection, Improvised detonators, Target selection, Target planning, Target approach, Stand-off devices

FIREWORKS Accidents, Improvised, Ballistics, Trajectories, Failure

GUNSHOT RESIDUE Organic, Inorganic, Trace analysis, Contamination, Quality assurance, Natural occurrence

INCENDIARIES Military, Commercial, Improvised, Devices, Detection, Firestarting, Target attack principles, Petrol bombs, Delay timers- military, Delay timers- improvised, Effects, Thermite, Rare examples, Training manuals

PYROTECHNICS Military, Commercial, Improvised, Malfunctions, Disposal. RICIN Extraction procedures, Dissemination, Administration, Training videos, Training manuals, Toxicity, Trace analysis, Confirmation

SECURITY DYES Trace analysis, Identification, Natural occurrences/legal usage, Contamination issues, Quality control

TOXICOLOGY Ricin, Insulin, Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, Amphetamines, Designer drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Toxins, Pesticides, Chemicals, Alcohol, Illegal drugs, Trace analysis, Effects, Air rage, Fitness to drive, Impairment, Alcohol back calculations, Cause of death, Pharmacogenetics, Post mortem distribution

Simon Vumbaca

A highly experienced litigator, Simon Vumbaca has a client centric approach to all cases, always operating in the client’s best interests. Direct, robust and tenacious, his passion for the sea and sailing influences and informs his approach to handling complex cases.

He saysAt sea, it is what it is, there is no escaping and you have to be resourceful….It is about understanding, respect and improvisation. The margin between success and failure lies in extensive preparation, resourcefulness and experience”.

These principles are the foundation of his practice. With a reputation for fiercely protecting his clients, he operates with the utmost discretion. A private man, he somewhat eschews conventionality, enjoying an active and outdoors lifestyle with his family.

Firm Overview:

ASV Law is an exclusive Litigation and Arbitration boutique firm founded in 2011 and based in Mayfair, London.

We specialise in complex cross-border and multi-jurisdictional work, effectively representing Clients and firmly defending their interests.

We Negotiate – We Litigate – We Protect is our credos, allowing us to achieve the best results thanks to our reach on the ground all over the World to immediately assist our Clients. With over 25 years of International, high level Commercial and Civil Litigation successes we are well-known for our international prestigious work, which makes us one of the leading firms in resolving disputes in Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.

We have developed significant expertise in specific sectors of the law: Commercial and Civil Litigation, International Arbitration, Sports Law, M&A, Technology and IP.

ASV Law specialises in facilitating settlements, bringing parties together and establishing credible mutually acceptable solutions. However, if it does not resolve and, in the event that disputes reach the High Court, other Higher courts, or arbitration, ASV Law provides Clients with robust, tenacious and effective representation.

We also advise on legal issues faced by those in the public eye with a specific focus on privacy rights such as digital and social media defamation, information protection, and image rights.

Sally Penni

Sally Penni practices Criminal Law; specialising in Regulatory and Business Crime (Fraud, Data Protection Law and Artificial Intelligence Law governing robotics and autonomous cars), she is the Co-author and contributor of Cyber Security Law and Guidance published by Bloomsbury. She also has a wealth of experience with cases involving young offenders and mental health issues. In preparing and conducting cases she has a reputation for being thorough, with a particular eye for detail. She enjoys a reputation for researching her cases until she knows them ‘inside out’.


Top Ranked by Chambers & Partners 2014:

Recognised for the breadth of her practice across serious crime, mental health crime and serious sexual offences.


“She makes people pay attention in court; she’s a very good lawyer.”

Chambers & Partners 2013:

Sally Penni has a practice that combines criminal and employment work.  On the criminal front she handles a good deal of violent crime and sexual offences.  She has the distinction of being appointed to the list of counsel for the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Chambers & Partners 2012:

Sally Penni practices across the civil and criminal spectrum, handling employment as well as general criminal matters and is recommended as a Leader in her Field in the Northern Criminal Bar.

Chambers & Partners 2011:

Also recommended is Sally Penni, who regularly handles cases involving sexual assault.  She is hard-working and will research a case until she knows it inside out.

Sally Penni has practised both Criminal and Employment Law since 2000, joining Kenworthy’s Chambers in 2004.  She speaks French, basic Spanish and is trained in sign language.

Sally has experience in:

  • Data protection
  • Compliance
  • Cyber security
  • Fintech
  • Business crime
  • Fraud
  • International white collar crime
  • Modern Slavery Act
  • Extradition

Sally sits on several boards as a Non exec Director and has knowledge of Governance.


Six months on from GDPR, what liabilities remain after its implementation?

Sally is co-contributing Author to Cyber Security Law and Guidance by Helen Wong MBE published by Bloomsbury.

Sally Also has article published by WomeninLeaderahip publication.


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