Muhammad Elsadany

Muhammad Elsadany is a partner at Sadany&khalifa Law Firm and he succeeded in combining between the experience and expertise. Muhammad graduated from the faculty of law English section and he got his master in international commerce from ASU. Moreover, Muhammad got a legal &UN Translation Diploma from AUC. Besides many other certificates, Muhammad is now preparing his Ph.D. in Commercial Law and it is expected to be completed soon. Furthermore, Muhammad is a specialized attorney in drafting international contracts. he worked as counsel for many Multinational Companies and he provided them with much legal advice that helps them in settling issues that standing as a stumbling block before the foreign investors. Muhammad participated in many international lawsuits which have been filed before the major Arbitration Tribunals. Furthermore, Muhammad provided much legal advice for governmental entities regarding international disputes filed against the Egyptian government. Muhammad helped many governmental entities in settling many disputes before aggravating and he succeeds in settling many disputes amicably. Muhammad worked as a legal expert and counsel for many International Law Firms abroad in order to provide them with the legal opinion regarding the international disputes which the Egyptian law shall be applied thereon or the part thereof and in reviewing the international contracts which may be performed within the Egyptian jurisdiction. Muhammad has a vast experience in negotiation and reaching the legal solutions amicably since he believes that the amicable way is the best way for the interest of the client, therefore the firm usually succeeds in settling and collect debts, and the firm comes first in this field. Muhammad has a vast experience in drafting, reviewing and translating different types of legal documents.

Firm Overview:

Sadany & Khalifa Law Firm is one of Egypt’s pioneering law firms.

Since its inception the firm has worked tirelessly on providing innovative legal solutions that help clients reach their ideal outcomes.

The Firm has vast expertise in offering legal consultation to both public and private sector companies, as well as to many government authorities and ministries.

The company has represented hundreds of clients before arbitration tribunals in local and international disputes and before Egyptian courts of different degrees.

It is well known that successful investment in any country requires legal solutions that support it in moving forward steadily, unhindered by barriers that may affect its growth or decrease the chances of achieving the desired benefits. Since such solutions must be transparent and realistic and their commercial ramifications acknowledged, we have always been keen to benefit our clients, not only through excellence in offering our legal services, but also due to the fact that we are grounded in reality and understand well the very real challenges involved in running a business.

Based on our conviction that the client’s best interest is our goal, and that clients are our partners for success, we are committed to developing our capacities and enhancing the skills needed to meet clients’ needs and guarantee their satisfaction.

Since action speaks louder than words, we commit to showing results – results that exceed all expectations.

Youssry Saleh

Youssry Saleh is a Supreme Court attorney, arbitrator and mediator with 30 years of experience in Egyptian as well as international law. His expertise lies in IP, commercial law, mediation and arbitration, private equity, commercial contracts and deals, tax, corporate recovery and insolvency.

Mr. Saleh has a broad-ranging arbitration and litigation practice in Egypt, representing clients in complex high-value, multi-jurisdictional disputes. He is a frequent attendee of BOD meetings in numerous local and multinational organizations where he is asked to consult top management and shareholders, and at times make decisions on behalf of a chairman or CEO. Because of his talent to weigh the issue properly and tailor the case to best ‘fit’ the client, Mr. Youssry Saleh has established long-lasting, trustful and strong relationships with his clients.

Nowadays, founded and led by him, Youssry Saleh Law Firm, represents interests of large corporations, factories and plants, agricultural companies, pharmaceutical distributors in Egypt as well as on international arena.

Firm Overview:

Youssry Saleh Law Firm, established in 1985 is a full-service law firm in Egypt, which has gained a strong reputation for supporting businesses in a wide range of industries as well as helping individual clients.

Today, the law Firm provides integrated service to the clients throughout the Middle East, helping them cover their current business needs and requirements. The Firm also represents its clients in locations that their businesses take them to as well as SMEs (small/medium enterprises) in emerging industries and markets.

Youssry Saleh Law Firm, founded and led by Mr. Youssry Saleh, an experienced Supreme Court attorney-at-law, offers a well-structured, cross-disciplinary team of experienced attorneys who create synergy and provide our clients with needed depth of knowledge, breadth of experience and responsive service, so critical for the resolution of clients’ issues and meeting key business objectives.

Recent economic developments in Egypt have introduced a need for development of law firms in Egypt. Therefore, our law firm has been attending and following the economic change by re-developing itself in order to serve foreign clients with the best and fast solutions. We have been engaged in a marketing research in order to better understand requirements of the clients and their needs in order to provide them with legal framework reports to facilitate understanding of each and every legal step to be taken in order to establish businesses in Egypt.

As business and law go hand in hand, the Law Firm has a strong business development team that has a strong experience in business sector cooperating with the legal department in order to provide the best legal advice for the clients.

Our uncompromising commitment to quality, dedication to understanding business, economic, political and economic environments as well as culture of our clients lead to recognized results and achievements.

The Firm’s strength rises from its long-standing client relationships which can be described as collaborative, professional and value-oriented. Our approach which contributes to the success is more than natural-‘make your clients’ problems, your problem’ and provide ‘best fit’ solutions through ‘best practice’ ones.

With the vision of becoming one of the best law firms in the world and while being among the best law firms in Egypt, our attorneys as well as business team are following changes and updates in laws, regulations, economics happening in Egypt as well as following the development and direction of the law firms around the world.

We offer professional legal and business advice across a wide range of practice areas, focusing on but not limited to commercial and business law; we combine technical expertise and emphasis on the nuances of commercial and regulatory environments in which our clients’ operate to better tailor solutions for our clients.

Maher Iskander


Reviewing and executing all aspects of merger & acquisition transactions including: drafting and reviewing purchase agreements, drafting and reviewing non-compete agreements, conducting legal due diligence and coordinating with other relevant specialists.

Negotiating, drafting and executing commercial contracts.

Advising and representing clients before court –including the supreme courts- in commercial disputes and economic disputes such as bribery, corruption and embezzlement crimes, information technology crimes, commercial fraud and illegitimate competition.


– Bankruptcy & its effects.
– Bankruptcy crimes in Egyptian Trade Law.
– Commercial Sale Provisions.
– Money Utilization Crimes in Egyptian Law.
– Public Hearings in Egyptian Law.
– Principle of Judicial Neutrality in Egyptian Law.
– Crimes of Bribery and Breaching Employment Duties.
– Criminal Defense & its Correlation to Public Order.
– Imitation of Trademarks in Egyptian Law (Crime & Punishment).
– Arbitration Clause in Contracts &its Effects.


– Egyptian bar Association.
– International bar Association.
– Arab Lawyers Union.
– Egyptian Law Organization.
– British Egyptian Business Association.
– Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.
– German-Arab chamber of Industry & Commerce.

Dr Ahmed Hassanien

Was born in Cairo, Graduated from Ain Shams University-Accounting Section. Is the founder of AHG Chartered Accountants, he is a Certified Accountant here in Egypt, a Fellow for the ASCA (Arab Society of Certified Accountants), he has a MBA in Accounting from Lorenz University, is an International Associate in the AICPA (The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants).


Since the foundation of AHG Group, we insist on forming a safe ground for our clients. With our specialized auditors in Dubai and auditors in Egypt, we are capable of creating a partner of success through using the latest techniques, highest qualifications for our team and binding ourselves with the ethical culture that governs our profession and that’s why we believe in success.

We assure we get the best service, handled by a team of specialists in real-time through our experts and by using the latest technology. We also strive to become one of the leading accounting companies in Egypt and the Middle East.

Our mission is to provide tailored, innovated solutions and constructive advices by applying a more “common sense” approach to Accounting. We strive continuously to increase our value to you and upgrading ourselves to serve you better.

Omar El Hamamsy

Omar El Hamamsy serves leading organizations across many sectors, in the Middle East and Europe, on topics spanning strategy, marketing and sales, operations, and finance. Omar leads New Ventures for EMEA and coleads the New Ventures Competition, our ongoing internal “crowdsourcing” event for new services and solutions. Omar was previously based in our Belgian office.

His recent client work includes developing an investment strategy for a Middle Eastern country, focused on its short- and long-term development goals. He also helped shape a multi-year strategy for a Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund, focused on achieving outstanding financial and social impact across several industries.

Omar has helped major companies define and execute ambitious growth strategies. He led the development of an international-growth strategy for a large regional company over an 8 year period, and helped oversee its implementation in more than ten countries. He also helped shape a leading global consumer company’s strategy for the Middle East and Africa.

Omar has deep experience in advising companies in the telecom and private equity sectors. For example, he led the design and development of a business-unit strategy for a large private equity firm. He has also conducted due diligence of numerous companies in high-growth markets.

Omar is passionate about improving education and work opportunities for young people. He serves on the regional board of directors of Injaz al-Arab (a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide), a not-for-profit organization focused on youth education. He has led several projects to accelerate youth development and enhance job creation opportunities.

In his free time, Omar pilots a multi-engine aircraft.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Omar spent 6 years at Bell Labs (formerly AT&T and now a subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent) in the United States.

McKinsey & Company:

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm that serves leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits. We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. Over nearly a century, we’ve built a firm uniquely equipped to this task.