Christian Ditlev Hindkjær

Christian Ditlev Hindkjær is our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in Denmark on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Christian directly using the contact details listed above.

Christian is an experienced litigator who since 2002 primarily has worked with litigation and arbitration cases with emphasis on business and compensation law.

Christian is a specialist regarding the handling and conduct of business litigation and arbitration cases, including in particular larger and more complicated cases, and has conducted a large number of cases relating to professional and management liability, prospectus liability, contractual breach, non-contractual liability, public authorities’ liability and insurance. Christian also has experience in regards of legal investigations.

Christian Ditlev Hindkjær represents both Danish and international clients.

Firm Overview:

The law firm is situated in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, and offers legal specialist advice regarding the handling and conduct of business litigation and arbitration cases, including in particular larger and more complicated cases.

The office is established by attorney Christian Ditlev Hindkjær, an experienced lawyer, who since 2002 primarily has been involved in litigation and arbitration cases with emphasis on business and compensation law.

The law firm consists exclusively of committed and competent employees who always provide legal advice at the highest professional level.

The firm advises and assists both management, professional advisors and private individuals as well as several large and medium-sized companies, both in Denmark and abroad.

Our ambition is to run a modern and specialised law firm focusing on clients’ needs with deep professional knowledge, broad experience and an understanding of our clients’ business and specific situation. We strive to provide personal and pragmatic advice at all times on a solid and professional basis.

Our goal is to be a significant and value-creating partner for our clients in regard of the litigation and arbitration cases.

Jesper Hjetting

Jesper Hjetting is our exclusively recommended Insurance Law expert in Denmark on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Jesper directly using the contact details listed above.

Jesper has been appointed Insurance Lawyer of the Year in Denmark in 2019. Jesper heads Lundgrens’ Insurance and Torts Team. For more than 25 years, Jesper has specialised in insurance and torts law and advised on contractual and regulatory issues, insurance claims, reassurance, and compliance. He also has vast experience with the establishment of insurance companies and the drafting of insurance terms and conditions, articles of association, business procedures, etc. Jesper’s knowledge of pension return taxation is extensive, and he also advises on general business law. He is entitled to appear before the Supreme Court and has conducted a large number of cases before the courts and arbitration tribunals. He is a certified arbitrator and has been appointed as arbitrator in cases before the Danish Institute of Arbitration and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) as well as ad hoc arbitration tribunals.

In 2019, Jesper Hjetting was named ‘Insurance Lawyer of the Year in Denmark’ by International Advisory Experts.

Firm Overview:

We take your business personally

The person with the most knowledge about you and your business is also the one best suited to ensure that you receive the best possible advice. Therefore, you will see the same advisor throughout your working relationship with Lundgrens.

Jacob Roesen

Jacob Roesen is our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Denmark on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Jacob directly using the contact details listed above.

Jacob specialises in M&A transactions ranging from smaller companies to large-cap corporations. He has extensive experience in cross-border transactions. He also advises on corporate and commercial matters, private equity, venture capital and succession.

In addition to his legal background, Jacob Roesen studied finance and management at Cornell University and Harvard Business School.

Firm Overview:

Lund Elmer Sandager is a full-service law firm dedicated to advising clients on commercial issues and legislation. Our ambition is to provide all our clients with the best counselling possible, conducted in a highly professional and ethical manner based on personal, long-lasting relationships.

In addition to corporate counselling, we have in-depth knowledge and many years of solid experience within private law issues, such as ownership transfer, succession law, and family law, permitting us to engage in and advise clients on matters concerning civil litigation.

Through many years of working with international clients, we have gained comprehensive experience and thorough knowledge of international matters. Our international collaborations have furthermore given us excellent conditions to establish close personal relations with leading law firms throughout Europe and America benefitting our clients in an ever more globalised and commercial environment.

We value strong and long-lasting client relationships just as we aim to always offer actionable and to-the-point practical legal advice. We strive to identify and solve your challenges.

Daniel Karpantschof Reece

Qualifications: LLM, LLB

Daniel has vast experience in implementing, leading and managing cross border investment projects in a plethora of jurisdictions.

Daniel has over twelve years of experience in dealing with a wide range of international corporate and tax law issues.


The Nordeq group of companies provides independent, cross-border financial solutions to a global client base. With offices in Copenhagen and Auckland, we offer professional services to the private and institutional investor, tackling challenges arising from cross-border investments, structuring and financing-related issues.

The dynamic global environment in which we operate demands ever-increasing levels of understanding, planning and agility. Trust is the cornerstone of our business and we work closely with our clients and partners for the best solution. At Nordeq, relationships – just as investments – are nurtured in order to grow to their full potential.

Our team of specialist lawyers and accountants represent a range of nationalities and work across languages, specialising in corporate law, M & A,  tax, financing, accounting and banking. Our services range from the provision of international tax advice to the implementation of international corporate and trust structures, company domiciliation and administration, accountancy, and specialist project management. We have the ability to offer in-house solutions across jurisdictions spanning the globe.

René Thornfeldt

René Thornfeldt is our exclusively recommended IT Law expert in Denmark on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact René directly using the contact details listed above.

René has a broad legal background in rights-based projects specialising in technology (IT, telecommunications and technology-driven contractual relations). René typically advises in connection with major outsourcing and system procurement projects. He also advises a number of companies, including multinational groups and organisations regarding their ongoing operations, not least in the context of restructuring. He is very commercially oriented and especially known for his experience as a strategic adviser and adviser in connection with risk analysis as well as the preparation and negotiation of complex contracts. Finally, René has been involved in the purchase and sale of technology-based companies for several years.

René has special experience in working in regulated companies, including the financial and pharmaceutical industry.

René Thornfeldt is emphasised by the International Legal Rating Agency The Legal 500 as a leading figure in IT law in Denmark and has repeatedly won the ILO’s Client Choice Award in the field of Information Technology in Denmark.

Firm Overview:

Since Accura was founded in 1999, the firm has undergone considerable expansion, and it did not take long for us to establish ourselves as a major player among Danish law firms.

Today, we have 250 on staff, approx. 190 of whom are in the legal profession.

The reason for this expansion lies in our unique business-minded approach to our assignments.

Peter Kallermann

Peter Kallermann is our exclusively recommended Accounting Services expert in Denmark on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Peter directly using the contact details listed above.

The partners in the company, and many of the employees, have a background in the four large international auditing companies. There we learned the importance of quality, professional competence and discipline.

Added to this comes our customer-oriented service concept, which provides us with close contact to our customers and a sincere interest in the customer’s business and financial situation.

The combination of our professional background and the enthusiasm of our highly-skilled employees has enabled us to create an auditing and consultancy business of which we are proud.

We are known for having a high professional standard. We are continually seeking to enhance the quality of our services through additional education and improvement of our work procedures in order to meet our quality targets.

Externally, we keep our skills up to date by giving and attending talks, teaching and publishing articles.

It goes without saying, that we are included in the Quality Assurance Review carried out by the Danish Supervisory Authority on Auditing, just as we are members of the Institute of State Authorised Public Accountants in Denmark.

We believe that long-term relationships are the foundation of good cooperation.

Therefore, we wish for long-term relations both with our clients and our employees. We believe that an effective cooperation requires shared knowledge, which can be acquired only through relations spanning several years.

No client should ever be in doubt about our commitment and desire to deliver good service.