Rolf Verdaasdonk

Rolf Verdaasdonk is our exclusively recommended Accounting Services expert in Curaçao on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Rolf directly using the contact details listed above.

Since May 2008, Rolf Verdaasdonk is employed as Financial Consultant and Auditor by VAAS Certified Auditors Inc. in Willemstad. Main client is an international company operating in the internet gaming industry. Furthermore the company has audit clients in the internet gaming industry which are listed in international stock markets.

In 2014 we have performed an assignment to train the accounting staff of an internet gaming company in Costa Rica.

In 2021 Rolf became a member of IR GLOBAL.

Firm Overview:

VAAS CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS was incorporated in 2003 in Curaçao. Its team of 10 experienced and engaged professionals and three partners specialise in providing high quality international tax planning and audit services to the banking, insurance, financial services, pharmaceutical, telecoms and, in particular, the internet gaming industries.

The firm joined Nexia International in March 2016 to add a global view to its local engaged focus. The firm’s main market is the Island of Curaçao, located in the Caribbean Sea next to Aruba and close to the border of Venezuela. In addition, it services clients from the Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Saint Martin, also known as the ‘Dutch Caribbean’. VAAS CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS also has an associated office located in Suriname.

The firm services a broad range of clients in the public and private sector, ranging from foundations financed by government grants, banks, insurance companies, trust and financial offshore institutions and subsidiaries of international listed companies.

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Mirto F. Murray

Mirto Murray is our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Curaçao on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Mirto directly using the contact details listed above.

Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean island, is known for its beaches tucked into coves and its expansive coral reefs rich with marine life. The capital, Willemstad, has pastel-colored colonial architecture, floating Queen Emma Bridge and the sand-floored, 17th-century Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue. It’s also a gateway to western beaches like Blue Bay, a popular diving site.

Mirto has been an attorney at law for over 23 years and is specialised in Corporate Law, Banking and Finance Law and Criminal Law. As such Mirto advises government owned companies, financial institutions and insurance companies. He was in 2001, at age 31, the youngest ever Dean of the Curacao Bar Association. Furthermore, he is the author of the renowned Parliamentary history of the Curacao Civil Code.

Mirto is also recognised by Chambers and Partners as a leading attorney in his field and for having ‘a strong reputation in the Dutch Caribbean’. Others describe him as ‘proactive, straight forward and thinking outside of the box’ and ‘a go getter’. Mirto is also a member of multiple supervisory boards and a respected member of two charitable institutions amongst which the famous Prins Bernhard Culture Fund of the Dutch Caribbean.

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