Pamela Castro

Pamela Castro has been part of the practice of Public Law of the firm, in which she advises local and international clients in administrative contracting processes, as well as administrative proceedings and litigations. Pamela is a highly perfectionist so she makes sure that every detail of her work is of the best quality, in addition, she is constantly deepening her studies in order to provide the client with the best and most up to date service. She speaks Spanish, English and French.

Academic Background:

Law Degree from the University of Costa Rica and graduated from the program with honors (2014).

Master degree in Public Law from the University of Costa Rica and the Universitiy of Toulouse I Capitole, in Toulouse, France, and graduated from the program with honors (2016).

Currently carrying out a Diploma in Public Contracts of the University of Castilla-La Mancha together with the Research Group of Global Public Law of the University da Coruña and the Ibero-American Network of Public Procurement. She speaks Spanish, English and French.

Unshakable Passion:

That’s what has moved us for over 15 years.

Passion for what we do. Pride in what we can achieve.

We recognized that being the very best professionals was not enough. We needed to serve our clients with an exceptional service based on understanding their business, their dreams and challenges.

These past 16 years have been an exciting journey of professional transformation from expert professionals to a catalyst of our clients’ vision.

Today, we are ready to join you in your quest for success. We are ready to bring an optimistic vision to any challenge, encourage you to turn your vision into reality and offer you the unrivalled gift of peace of mind.

At Batalla, we firmly believe in the creative spirit of our clients.

That’s why we are committed to push the success of our clients forward with the extraordinary talent of our people.

It’s a purpose that has defined who we are since January 2001.

“A prestigious firm with an efficient division of professionals in each area. They always strive for excellence and undoubtedly have a broad knowledge of each practice area” ~ Chambers Latin America 2016

Henry Lang

Lang & Asociados specializes in providing services to multinational companies and foreign individuals doing business in Costa Rica with a direct monitoring and follow-up of our clients’ business under the highest standards of service and skill.

We have created an agile and modern law firm. All members of our team have strongly committed to a set of values that includes loyalty, efficiency, promptness, cost-efficiency and building a long-term relationship with the client. Our service is multilingual, including attorneys fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

The scope of our activities ranges from areas as varied as structuring the corporate machinery and hiring personnel, banking support, securing real estate facilities, structuring and advising in government contracting activities, managing labor relationships with employees, protecting industrial and intellectual property, and obtaining residency for foreign staff. For many of these services we have identified and successfully tested a selected group of real estate, banking, and accounting professionals, who help us transcend the mere legal support and provide the client with the possibility of a much more comprehensive assistance on its needs in the country.

The firm maintains a strong and close relationship with Costa Rican government entities and has directly advised them in negotiations and policy-making towards transnational companies and their projects.

The fact that many of our members have legal studies in prestigious United States Law Schools, such as Harvard Law School and Georgetown, and our constant participation in international legal forums are additional elements that contribute to the international vision of our firm.

We provide legal counsel in a large scope of fields. Our practice is concentrated on Foreign Investment; Corporate Law; Distribution Law; Contracts; Administrative Contracting Law; Real Estate; Copyright; Intellectual Property; Securities; Mining, Hydrocarbon and Natural Resources Law; International Business Transactions; Acquisitions; Litigation; Labor Law; Antitrust; Competition Law and Immigration Law.

Most of our practice is with foreign clients; among them, many individuals that have come to Costa Rica to move their businesses and/or just to relocate their lives, as well as multiple transnational companies.

Jose Carter

Jose Carter is the managing partner of Bufete Carter *, is a graduate of the prestigious University of Costa Rica, considered by most people to be the best law school in the country. Mr. Carter speaks English and of course Spanish, and has server as legal advisor the Association of residents of Costa Rica, an association of mostly expatriates living in Costa Rica. He is enormously well respected in both the Costa Rican and the expatriate community.

The Carter law firm has been a fixture in San José, Costa Rica for over thirty years. The firm was started by Jose’s father, now semi-retired.

Jose Carter is not only an attorney (abogado), he is also a notary (Notario) and this is a very important distinction. Notaries in many countries, exert little of no real power or authority. That is not the case in Costa Rica where a Notary has enormous power, and thus enormous responsibility, under the law.

Notaries here can do everything from transfer property, enter records and documents directly to the national registrars, establish corporations, perform marriages and many other services. Their signatures on legal documents are seldom questioned. Attorneys who are not notaries have little or no real power in Costa Rica.

All attorney in Costa Rica must be members in good standing Colegio de Abogados. If the attorney is also a Notary, he must be registered at the Dirección Nacional de Notariado, which is actually administered by the court system. Jose Cater is a member in good standing of both organizations.

There are several other associates and attorneys in the firm (see below) to handle the numerous daily transactions and work load.

The Carter law firm specializes in Real Estate Law, Business Law and incorporations, Residency Law, and Family Law. We would invite you to contact us to further discuss your needs.