Sylvanus BASSOUNDA is our exclusively recommended Tax Services expert in Chad on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Sylvanus directly using the contact details listed above.

Tax is an important ingredient of literally every commercial, corporate or personal transaction. Every facet of life today involves tax in some respect. It’s a big source of revenue for authorities and its subject-matter is voluminous and complex.

There are lots of stereotypes surrounding tax. It sounds very boring, but then again so are lots of things that are difficult to understand. To be clear, this area of law is often reserved for the most analytical of aspiring lawyers.

What does tax involve?

Tax involves contentious and non-contentious work and is a crossover service, which is associated with almost all other areas of law practice. Much of a tax solicitor’s work today covers what used to be the domain of accounting firms. More and more clients are looking for professionals who combine legal and accounting expertise to ensure the uniformity and quality of advice that they receive.

Tax lawyers are required in both private and public domains. A private sector tax practitioner’s workload will cover various core areas; normally this involves focusing on the best way to structure assets, assisting with documentation, negotiating transactions and jockeying the deal to completion. They will advise clients on the implications of tax during transactions, especially when structuring financial and administrative frameworks in different markets.

Tax lawyers in the public sector will work for governmental tax and revenue departments, tax statutory bodies and panels. Their work will include investigating tax evasions, auditing the tax accounts of companies, prosecuting tax offenders, assisting in the interpretation of tax rules and regulations and defending public authorities against private sector claims.

Tax is a particularly lucrative area for solicitors, as good advice can often result in clients saving literally millions of pounds.

What makes a good tax lawyer?

Clients now often expect their law firms to act as their accountants too. As such, many departments at law firms are now looking to bolster their accounting credentials by way of boosting their client rosters.

Tax can be very complex and confusing; hence a strong background in academic excellence is a must. Tax solicitors require exceptional skills in analysis, communication and negotiation. They scrutinise and study business structures and constitutions to provide clients with the best possible advice. Furthermore, the job involves plenty of study and research and tax solicitors need to have a close eye for detail.

Extra qualifications in accounting will be an added advantage. Clients will be very interested in getting all their business advice in one shop. Tax is an integral part of every business transaction and therefore, it makes sense to have a good, solid all-around knowledge.

Maître Cheikh FALL

Cheikh Fall is our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Chad on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Cheikh directly using the contact details listed above.

Attorney at Law, Legal Counsel, Intellectual Property, Arbitrator Conciliator, Master Cheikh Fall began his studies in 1979 with a DUG Juridical Sciences, then a Bachelor of Juridical Sciences in 1980 and a Master of Juridical Sciences in 1981.

Cheikh Fall is professionally affiliated with the following governing bodies:

  • Council of the Bar Association of Senegal;
  • National Organisation of Human Rights (ONDH);
  • International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH);
  • Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dakar;
  • European Lawyers Association, aka A.E.A.

Chad, officially known as the Republic of Chad, is a landlocked country in north-central Africa. It is bordered by Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, the Central African Republic to the south, Cameroon to the south-west, Nigeria to the southwest, and Niger to the west.

Josue Ngadjadoum

Josué Ngadjadoum is highly respected by peers and has a reputation for being “very active.” His expertise in the energy law sector is especially highlighted and he is praised for providing “very valuable input in terms of local law and practice.” One source reported: “We’ve had some really good in-depth discussions with him on finer points of law.”

Firm Overview:

The firm is active across the full spectrum of general business law issues including in the energy, banking and transport sectors, as well as in due diligence and M&A, for which it represents significant local and international clients. It is consistently noted as a market leader and is singled out for its impressive sector activity by peers. One source reported that the team is “good and responsive,” adding: “We have a good relationship with them.”