Angela Bespflug

Angela Bespflug is our exclusively recommended Class Action Lawsuits expert in Canada on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Angela directly using the contact details listed above.

Angela was lead counsel on a class action brought against the RCMP on behalf of female workers who had been subjected to sexual harassment, discrimination, and assault in the RCMP workplace. Despite the legal and logistical challenges associated with this complex action, Angela successfully negotiated a settlement with an estimated value of $100 million, which was approved by the Federal Court. The action was innovative and paved the way for class proceedings to be used as vehicles for addressing systemic sexual misconduct.

Angela was also class counsel in several class actions centred on Indigenous rights, including the Sixties Scoop class action, the Indigenous Boarding Homes class action and the Indigenous Hospitals class action. And she was counsel on motion for Gowling WLG at their fee approval hearing in the Indigenous Day Schools litigation, where they were awarded a $55M fee.

Angela is currently class counsel on numerous class actions that seek to push the boundaries of the law, including actions focused on commercial wrongs, pension calculation errors, privacy breaches, veterans’ rights, sexual misconduct, and Indigenous rights.

Angela Bespflug is an author on the subject of class actions and a regular presenter at conferences on class actions and emerging areas of the law.

Why Hire Murphy Battista LLP

BC Personal Injury Lawyers Focused on Your Recovery

Our tagline, Get your life back.™ is both our mission and the foundation of everything we do.

Our lawyers work hard to recover the greatest amount possible for you on personal injury, professional negligence (medical malpractice), wrongful death, and insurance claims. Our law firm works just as hard to support your medical and emotional recovery.

We provide legal representation to clients from all over the province, all over the country and all over the world. Many of our clients do not live in the Vancouver area but have retained us because of our legal skills.

Philip Lopatka

Philip Lopatka is our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Canada on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Philip directly using the contact details listed above.

Philip has been a practising Lawyer since 2005, providing expertise, advice and legal services clients can trust in a cost-effective manner for over 16 years of practice.

Philip’s practice has concentrated on:

  • Commercial Matters –  Contract preparation and negotiation, commercial transactions, business purchases and sales;
  • Corporate Matters – Corporate purchases and sales, unanimous shareholders agreements and corporate restructuring, and corporate re-organisations [key employees and succession planning];
  • Real Estate Matters-  Residential, commercial and construction contracts and transactions;
  • Wills and Estate Planning Matters – Wills, enduring power of attorneys etc.;
  • Probate and Estate Administration Matters;
  • Employment Law Matters;
  • Civil Litigation in his areas of practice.

Philip has a diverse clientele with an expansive range of legal transactions, documentation, issues and disputes, and in part due to the breadth of his practice, he is fortunate to have had the time and opportunity to forge long lasting relationships with many of his clients.

Philip has also seen the Laws and practice of Law evolve, and he continues to strive to provide expertise, advice and service his clients can trust that is cost-effective, and this challenge has also helped to make the practice of Law engaging and enjoyable throughout his 16 years of practice.

When Philip is not at work he likes to spend time with his friends and family enjoying the fun and variety of activities that Edmonton has to offer.


University of Alberta – LL.B. [Batchelor of Laws] – 2004

From time to time we get asked why Philip has a LL.B. [Batchelor of Laws] and not a J.D. [Juris Doctorate]. In Canada the LL.B. and J.D. are equivalent, and when Philip graduated in 2004, the University of Alberta Faculty of Law granted  the LL.B. designation. Several years after Philip graduated, the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, amongst many other Canadian Universities, changed the designation they provided from the LL.B. to the J.D., and Philip has chosen to keep his LL.B.

We also from time to time we get asked why Philip does not have an undergraduate degree before he obtained his LL.B. [Batchelor of Laws], and that is because Philip was accepted into the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta early before he had finished obtaining his Bachelor in Science degree, and chose to pursue his legal career as soon as he could.

Firm Overview:

We are an Edmonton law firm with over 16 years of providing experience, advice and service our clients can trust to a wide variety of clients in different stages of their respective lives, businesses and industries.

We provide legal services for commercial matters, business law matters, corporate matters, real estate [commercial and residential] matters, wills and estate planning matters, probate and estate administration matters, employment matters, and civil litigation services.

We offer flexible legal services from full retainers to limited retainers, and flexible fees arrangements including flat fee services, hourly rate services, and contingency fee services.

We offer remote and video conference meetings with a variety of service providers, can be contacted by phone, text, email, fax, or via instant message [WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Line etc.] all available through our website.

Tom Arndt

Tom Arndt is our exclusively recommended Class Actions Litigation expert in Canada on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Tom directly using the contact details listed above.

Tom is a leading class action lawyer, having argued class action matters at a specialized class action law firm and now at his own firm, for both plaintiffs and defendants. The lawyers at TWA Law and the legal team have experience in complex large-scale commercial litigation, class actions and pursuing and defending claims against large corporations and domestic and government entities. They have demonstrated experience in dealing with the complexities of this type of litigation and have the resources to dedicate to prosecuting actions to resolution.

Prominent Assignments:

Practice is focused on the full range of commercial litigation including complex cases.

Acts in law suits at all levels of court in Ontario and Canada as well as in Mediation and Arbitration. Gained extensive corporate commercial and securities law experience as corporate counsel to a multi-billion dollar publicly traded corporation. Lead counsel in successful enterprise risk litigation between that corporation and the Province of Ontario.

Firm Overview:

We are an innovative litigation boutique that has been counsel on some of Canada’s most important class actions and enterprise risk (bet the farm) litigation.

We have been providing litigation and general counsel services in Ontario for clients around the world for over 20 years. We bring in resources as necessary/appropriate to ensure that our clients receive ‘the best’ legal advice and services available.

Howard Levitt

Howard Levitt is our exclusively recommended Labour & Employment Law expert in Canada on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Howard directly using the contact details listed above.

Howard has appeared as lead counsel in more employment law cases in the Supreme Court of Canada and at more provincial Courts of Appeal than any lawyer in Canadian history. He has been lead counsel in thousands of employment law cases, acting as counsel in over 50 trials, appeals, judicial reviews and other hearings annually. He has regularly chaired employment law and labour law conferences across Canada, including the Ontario Law Society, for its first ten years 2001-2009, the maximum time permitted.

Howard is the best known and most widely quoted authority on employment law in Canada. Howard writes a twice weekly employment law column in the Financial Post, hosts a weekly talk show on employment law on Newstalk 1010 CFRB, and is the author of one of Canada’s leading dismissal textbooks, The Law of Dismissal in Canada, five other texts, and is Editor-In-Chief of the national law report, The Dismissal and Employment Law Digest, which covers every notable dismissal and employment law case across Canada. The Law of Dismissal and accompanying law report is cited extensively in decisions across Canada. He is cited by the Canadian media more than any other lawyer in any field for his commentary on legal issues of the day.

Howard practices employment law and labour law in Toronto, the GTA and throughout Canada and has an extensive national profile. Any lawyer can settle a case in some amount. Howard Levitt’s settlements are noteworthy as a result of his effective and tireless representation. Mr. Levitt conducts his own trials, which is not the case for many employment lawyers.

Howard is the labour lawyer and employment lawyer for many of Canada’s largest corporations and acts as chief spokesperson for numerous collective bargaining negotiations in a variety of industries. He conducts lobbying at the Federal and Provincial level on behalf of several clients regarding labour legislation. Howard frequently represents other lawyers and provides his opinions on complex employment matters when requested.

Over the past 42 years, Howard has lectured at seminars across Canada, appearing at over 400 employment law conferences.

Howard Levitt is a recipient of the Governor General’s Award for Community Service and Citizenship.

Firm Overview:

LSCS Law is the leading labour and employment law firm in Toronto, the GTA, and across Canada. Our expert lawyers represent employers and employees in all manner of legal matters including wrongful and unjust dismissal, terminations, lay-offs, severance pay and packages, employment contracts, statutory and regulatory compliance, discrimination and human rights violations, and sexual harassment. With specialised knowledge and expertise to assist clients on even the most complex matters, we work with you to ensure an equitable outcome both in and out of the courtroom.

Erika Anschuetz

Erika Anschuetz is our exclusively recommended Civil Litigation expert in Canada on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Erika directly using the contact details listed above.

Erika practises in all areas of commercial and civil litigation, with a focus on securities litigation, contractual disputes, and class actions.

Erika has represented individuals, businesses, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies in a range of disputes before the Small Claims Court, Superior Court of Justice, and Court of Appeal for Ontario.

Erika joined us as a summer student in 2015 and returned to complete her articles in 2016.

While in law school, Erika Anschuetz competed in the Gale Cup Moot and volunteered with the Student Legal Information Clinic and Pro-Bono Students Canada. Erika maintained Dean’s List designation throughout law school, graduated among the top 10 students in her class, and received the Bryden Family Prize in Administrative Law and the McInnes Cooper Prize in Trial Advocacy. Before law school, Erika worked in learning and development for a global human capital management company.

Firm Overview:

Our lawyers and agents service a broad range of institutional and entrepreneurial clients in Toronto and national markets in major practice areas and across key industries. These include financial institutions, energy, infrastructure, mining and commodities, transport, technology and innovation and life sciences and healthcare. Our practice strengths include banking and finance, corporate, M&A and securities, dispute resolution and litigation, employment and labour, antitrust and competition, patents and trademarks and brands.

Axis Geffen

Axis Geffen is our exclusively recommended Investigation Services expert in Canada on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Axis directly using the contact details listed above.

Axis is the founder and president of AXIS VERO INCORPORATED, an Ontario, Canada-based Private Investigation Firm that offers an extensive array of investigative services to a broad spectrum of clients as well as providing investigative support, training and security consulting to a number of established Private Investigation and Security Agencies worldwide.

Axis is an Information Gathering Specialist with extensive experience in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), Anti-Terrorism and Narcotics Investigations. Axis is relied on by Security and Investigation Agencies as well as Formal Investigative Bodies. He is a commissioned author, mentor and his investigative experience encompasses all aspects of the investigative industry including;

  • Undercover (Covert) operations
  • Surveillance (Overt and Covert),
  • WSIB and Insurance investigations,
  • Family Law investigations
  • Fraud investigations,
  • Privacy matters,
  • Research and Due Diligence,
  • Mergers and Acquisitions investigations,
  • Digital Forensic investigations,
  • Data Retrieval,
  • Post-Termination investigations,
  • Employment Law Investigations,
  • Harassment/Sexual Harassment/Bullying investigations,
  • Counter-Surveillance investigations,
  • Missing Persons and Heir Location investigations,
  • Corporate investigations,
  • Criminal investigations,
  • Vandalism and Theft investigations,
  • Internal Corporate investigations,
  • Labour Dispute Management / Resolution,
  • Interviews and Statement Taking,
  • Background Research,
  • Civil and Domestic investigations
  • Process Service,
  • Hague Law related investigations,
  • Intellectual Property (IP) investigations,
  • Site Security Analysis,
  • Risk Assessment and Prevention,
  • Loss Prevention Operations,
  • Personal and Physical Security,
  • Personal Injury Claims Support and Accident investigation,
  • Drone investigations,
  • Marine investigations,
  • Commercial Airline/Airline investigations,
  • Cold Case investigations,
  • Social Media/Alternate Identity Locate investigations,
  • Witness location and location for international service investigations,
  • Design / Installation of Camera systems,
  • Troubleshooting / repair of sensitive electronics and various security systems.

Axis Geffen is also one of the very few individuals in the Province of Ontario to be awarded with the distinction of Non-Lawyer Notary Public (NLNP), which permits him to verify evidence and Affidavits for use in court within the USA and internationally. At the time of this writing, Mr. Geffen is the only Private Investigator in Ontario, Canada to have ever been permitted this achievement.

Finally, Mr. Geffen is known to assist a number of charities around the world, serving in the capacity of adviser, as well as conducting due diligence & various investigations. Mr. Geffen is an active/participating member in good standing of the World Association of Detectives, the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators, and the California, Texas, and Florida Associations of Licenced Investigators.