John Lydon

John Lydon is our exclusively recommended Management Consulting Services expert in Australia on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact John directly using the contact details above.

John works as a client counsellor, helping the leaders of large, complex organisations understand, embrace, capture, and sustain the value potential in their businesses. This includes improving the results of successful companies by building on their strengths, rapidly turning around less well-performing organisations, and improving the outcomes of investments and capital projects. During his career, John has led several large-scale transformation programs across multiple industries, such as banking, telecom, and industrial companies in Australia; resources companies around the globe; and building lean-manufacturing capability in one of China’s largest state-owned enterprises.

Through both his leadership of McKinsey Australia and New Zealand and his personal client service, John has been instrumental in changing the way we serve clients. Innovations such McKinsey Implementation, Recovery and Transformation Services, and Digital and Analytics now represent more than half of our work in Australia and New Zealand.

John also has led our Operations Practice and is currently a member of McKinsey’s Asia Leadership Team and our global senior partners’ committee.

Among his external appointments, John is a member of the University of Technology Sydney’s Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Board, a representative on several Business Council of Australia committees, and part of the founding group of Male Champions of Change.

Robert Beutum

Robert Beutum is our exclusively recommended Financial Planning Services expert in Australia on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Robert directly using the contact details above.

Robert has almost 30 years experience as a financial adviser. It was Robert’s vision and foresight that saw FTS Financial Planning commence business in 2005. Robert is also a Director of FTS Financial Planning. Robert helps people plan successfully for their long-term goals, build wealth, and manage life transitions (such as retirement or loss of employment). In particular, Robert has a special interest in assisting a variety of people including senior executives and retirees.

He also provides advice to many of Australia’s leading sports people and sees his role as a ‘financial coach’ assisting clients to reach their lifestyle objectives. Robert says he enjoys helping clients to achieve their dreams, and to understand that, like on the sporting arena, there is no quick way to reach their goals.

Robert Beutum has close links in the community and is a Director of a leading charity foundation.

Firm Overview:

Take a moment to think about all the changes that might occur through your life— changes to work (enhancement, retrenchment or redundancy), career changes, relationship changes such as marriage or divorce, health issues or the changing needs of your parents or children.

Now think about the financial challenges you will face in your lifetime—investment market fluctuations, interest rates and currency swings, new government legislation and changes to superannuation regulations to name but a few.

FTS offers you personalised financial advice and guidance, tailoring their advice to help turn your dreams into concrete plans, no matter what changes occur in your life or the economic environment.

Recognising that money is simply a means to achieving the things you want out of life, your FTS adviser will spend time listening to what you want out of life and will help explore options and strategies to help you get there.

We will help you put plans into action and, once you are in control, provide ongoing advice and services to help assist you to achieve your long term goals.

Given we rebate commissions on all investment recommendations, you can be rest assured that our advice has no bias or conflict of interest associated with it.