Juan Javier Negri

Argentine/Italian citizen, born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, April 9, 1951.


1969: Lewis & Clark High School, Spokane, WA, USA.
1975: Abogado, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1978: Master in Comparative Law, University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign College of Law, Urbana, IL, USA.

Scholarships, Prizes & Awards:

1968-1969: American Field Service International Scholarship to finish secondary education in the United States.
1977: Institute of International Education Travel Grant.
1990: “ADEBA” award, granted by the Association of Argentine Banks for La reestructuración de la banca oficial (“Restructuring the Argentine publicly-owned banking institutions”) with Martin Zarich.
1990: “Argentine Legal Profession Award” granted by the Argentine Press Association and the Argentine Federation of Bar Associations for his public defence of constitutional values as columnist in La Prensa (Buenos Aires daily newspaper)
2015: 2nd. prize, Rodrigo Uría Meruéndano Art Law Award granted by Fundación Profesor Uría (Madrid, Spain) for his essay Landet’s dilemma: an essay about destruction of art works.
2016: 1st. prize, Rodrigo Uría Meruéndano Art Law Award granted by Fundación Profesor Uría (Madrid, Spain) for his essay Banksy’s door: mistake in the sale of works of art, delivered by Javier Solana in Lisbon, Portugal.

2003, 2006: Designated “Leader in the field of Corporate Governance” by The International Who’s Who Legal, London.
2004: Designated one of the three best Argentine lawyers in Corporate Governance named by Law Business Research, London.
2006: Named one of the three best Argentine lawyers in the fields of Corporate Law and Mergers & Acquisitions by Practical Law Company, London.
2006: Named “one of the best Argentine lawyers in Capital Markets” by Who’s Who Legal, London.
2006: Chambers & Partners ranked him as one of the best Argentine lawyers in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Law, London.
2007: Named as a leader in Mergers & Acquisitions by The International Who’s Who Legal, London.
2007: One of the best Argentine banking lawyers according to The Banking Expert Guide, London.
2007: One of the three best Argentine corporate governance lawyers according to Law Business Research Ltd., London.
2008: Practical Law Company ranked him as one of the best Argentine lawyers in Mergers & Acquisitions.
2008: Elected as a Mergers & Acquisitions leading lawyer by The International Who’s Who Legal, London.
2008: Chambers Latin America ranked him as one of the best Argentine lawyers in Mergers & Acquisitions.
2009, 2010: Elected as a leading lawyer in Corporate Governance and Mergers & Acquisitions by The International Who’s Who Legal, London.
2010: Elected as a leading Business Lawyers by The International Who’s Who Legal, London.
2010: Euromoney ranked him as one of the best world lawyers in the field of Emerging Markets, London.
2011: Elected by The World’s Leading Banking Lawyers, London, as one of the best Argentine banking lawyers.
2011: Elected by Finance Monthly Law Awards, and The International Who’s Who Legal, London, as one of the best Mergers & Acquisitions.
2011: World Finance Legal Awards ranked him as one of the best Argentine lawyers.
2011: The International Who’s Who Legal, London, named him as one of the best Argentine Corporate Governance lawyers.
2012: Elected as leader in Mergers & Acquisitions by The International Who’s Who Legal, London.
2012: Included by Best Lawyers, South Carolina, among The Best Lawyers in Argentina in Banking & Finance, Capital Market, Corporate and M&A, Investment and Partnership Law.
2013: Nominated by Expert Guides, Euromoney, London, as one of the world’s leading Banking Law attorneys.
2013: Included by Best Lawyers among South America’s Best Lawyers.
2013: Elected as a leading Banking and Finance attorney by Expert Guides, Legal Media Group.
2013: Designated as one of the top 500 lawyers in the world by InterContinental Finance Magazine Leading Lawyer 500.
2013: Recognized with a Premier Practitioner status by LegalComprehensive.com.
2013: The International Who’s Who Legal, London, named him as one of the best Argentine Corporate Governance and Merger & Acquisition lawyers.
2013: Nominated by members of Latin American Corporate Counsel Association among the region’s leading business lawyers.
2013: Identified as an expert in Public Mergers & Acquisitions by Practical Law Company, London.
2014: Elected as a leading lawyer in Corporate Governance and Mergers & Acquisitions by The International Who’s Who Legal, London.
2014: Elected as a leading Business Lawyer by The International Who’s Who Legal, London.
2014: Appointed Honorary Member of IGEP (Argentine Institute on Public and Private Governance).
2015, 2016: “One of the world’s leading practitioners in M&A and Governance” determined by Who’s Who Legal/Law Business Research Ltd., London.
2015: Nominated by in-house counsel and peers as leading practitioner in the fields of Banking, Finance and Transactional Law according to “Expert Guides” published by Legal Media Group, United Kingdom.
2016: Worldwide Financial Advisor Award Magazine 2016 Golden Globe Award.
2016: Included in The Best Lawyers in Argentina 2017 edition in the practice areas of Banking and Finance Law, Capital Markets Law, Corporate and M&A Law, Investment Law and Partnership Law.
2017: Appointed director of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (National Arts Fund) by the President of Argentina The Executive Decree mentions Mr. Negri’s outstanding service to arts and culture.
2017: Included by The International Who’s Who Legal (Law Business Research, London) among the best lawyers in the world in Corporate Governance and Mergers and Acquisitions.
2017: Nominated by in house counsel and peers as “one of the very best M&A practitioners in the world” according to Legal Media Group/Euromoney Institutional Investor, New York.

Academic Activities:

1977, 1991: Adjunct Professor to Professor Jaime L. Anaya, Commercial Law, Argentine Catholic University, Buenos Aires.
1979: Lecturer on Latin American Law, University of Illinois College of Law at Urbana Champaign, United States.
1981: Lecturer on Legal Aspects of International Financing, Centre of Comparative Studies, Buenos Aires.
1986, 1991: Associate Professor, Banking Institutions, ESEADE (Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration), Buenos Aires.
1987: Professor of Law, Graduate Course on Banking Law, Argentine Catholic University, Buenos Aires.
1987, 1990: Professor of International Trade Terms, Bank of Boston Foundation’s School of Export Trade, Buenos Aires.
1988: Lecturer, Mar del Plata Stock Exchange.
1988: Lecturer, Seminar on Risk Investments organized by the Province of Córdoba, Argentina.
1989: Guest Lecturer on Banking Law at the Santa Cruz (Bolivia) Bar Association.
1990: Guest lecturer on Foreign Trade and Exchange Control Laws, Course on Legal Aspects of Financial Activities, Escuela de Abogacía de Buenos Aires.
1992: Professor, Commercial Law Continuing Education, (Legal Aspects of Capital Markets Law) School of Law, University of Buenos Aires.
1993, 1999: Professor, Legal Aspects of Capital Markets, Centro de Estudios Macroeconómicos de la Argentina (CEMA), Buenos Aires.
1994, to date: Professor, Corporate Conflicts and Dynamics, Master’s Program in Corporate Law, Austral University, Buenos Aires.
1996, to date: Member, Board of Advisors, Torcuato Di Tella University School of Law, Buenos Aires.
1997: Member, Board of Advisors of the Journal of the Association of International Capital Markets and Banking Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School, United States of America.
1999, to 1998: Professor, Master in Corporate Law, Universidad Empresarial Siglo XXI, Córdoba, Argentina
2000, to 2004: Professor, Master Program in Corporate Law, Fundación Alta Dirección/ Universidad Católica de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.
2013, to date: Lecturer at the PriceWaterhouse Coopers Chair on Corporate Governance, IAE Business School, Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires.
2014: Professor at the Universidad Católica del Paraguay Post-Graduate Course on International Business Transactions (Asunción, Paraguay).
2015: Member of the Editorial Board of Banks and Bank Systems Journal, (ISSN 1816-7403) published by Business Perspectives, Ukraine.
2016: Guest Speaker, Second Art Market Seminar “¿Verdadero o Falso?”, Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, Buenos Aires.

Legal Articles & Papers:

In English: “Product Liability in Argentina; a Manual on Practice”, published in Product Liability Series by Oceana Publications, New York, 1981.”Bank crisis in Argentina”, International Financial Law Review IV:6 (1985).”Turning Argentine debt to advantage” International Financial Law Review V:27 (1986).”Latin American Bankruptcy Laws” American Bar Association (1987). “Unincorporated Joint Ventures in the Argentine Companies Law”, Acquisitions Yearbook 1992-1993, New York Institute of Finance, 1992.“Reporting Requirements for Banks”, Latin America Law and Business Report, September 1994.“The Argentine Banking System” in “Doing Business in Argentina”, American Bar Association, Section of International Law and Practice, 2000 (with M.C. Caparrós).“Validity and Enforcement of Shareholders´ Agreements and Other Voting Arrangements Under Argentine Law”, International Bar Association, Cancún, México, October, 2001; “Argentine Decrees Halt Reorganization and Bankruptcy of Public Utilities” (co-authored), Latin American Law & Business Report and Latin American Finance & Capital Markets, United States of America, 2002.“Collecting Debt in Argentina: Worth the Effort?” (co-authored), Latin American Law & Business Report, Latin American Finance & Capital Markets and International Finance & Treasury, United States of America, 2002.“Security Finance 2005”, Chapter on Argentina, Law Business Research, London; “Distressed M&A and restructuring: strategies and concerns of the main players in the region. LBO financing”, International Bar Association, Buenos Aires, September, 2011.“Security Arrangements for the Financing of Communications Satellites”, 44 Uniform Commercial Code Law Journal 151 (Vol. 44, n° 2), March 2012; “Cultural heritage at stake”, IBA Legal Practice Division Newsletter, Vol. 11, n. 1., p.14, May 2013; “Increasing difficulties to business activities in Argentina”, IBA Legal Practice Division Newsletter, March 2013, p. 12: Argentine Contributor to “The Art Collecting Legal Handbook”, Thomson-Reuters, 2013, London (ISBN 978 04 140 2693 3); Argentine contributor to “The Treasury Shares Guide”, published by the International Bar Association Corporate and M&A Law Committee, 2017.

In Spanish: “La Ley 22016: una fuente de problemas”. LL 1979-C:872;.“Ámbito Personal y Temporal de Validez de la Ley 22.016 y sus Normas Modificatorias”. EDLA, 1980-1164; “Comentarios Acerca de la Naturaleza Jurídica de la Garantía Estatal sobre las Operaciones de los Bancos Oficiales y sus Consecuencias” ED: 95:935 (1982);“Extraterritorialidad de las Normas de Control de Cambios”. RDCO, 18:513 (1985);“El Colapso del Derecho de Propiedad”. ED 124:142 (1987);“Los Contratos Diferenciales en la Actividad Bancaria”, IV Conference on Legal Aspects of Financial Entities, First Academia Meeting on Banking Law, Papers, pp. 231 et seq. (Buenos Aires, 1988); Reestructuración de la Banca Oficial: una Propuesta de Cambio. Norma Editorial, Buenos Aires, 1990. (Argentine Banking Association Award, 1990); “Prescripción y Vicios Redhibitorios en la Compraventa Comercial: Nuevas Orientaciones Jurisprudenciales”. ED: 143:718 (1991);“La Crisis Financiera y las Advertencias de Alberdi”. Colegio de Abogados de Buenos Aires Law Review, 51:47 (1991).“Entidades Financieras: Iliquidez y Facultades del Banco Central”. ED: 147:512 (1992);“Graduación de los Créditos contra Entidades Financieras”. ED: 152:825 (1993);“Mecánica de la Inversión Directa en la Argentina”. Swiss-Argentine Chamber of Commerce Bulletin, July 1996;.“Breve Análisis Comparativo de los Requisitos para la Confección, Autenticación y Legalización de Documentos”. (Argentine-North American Legal Seminar, Torcuato Di Tella University, March 21, 1996); “Reconocimiento Judicial de la Calidad de Presidente e Inexistencia del Acta de Asamblea en la Sociedad Anónima”. ED: 170:77 (1997);.“Transferencia de Control Accionario y Deber de Lealtad del Accionista Mayoritario” in “Temas de Derecho Comercial Moderno”, Depalma, 1998;“En torno a la Sindicación de Acciones”. ED: 175:355 (1998). “Un Fallo Destacable en Materia de Aportes Irrevocables” ED: 187:254 (2000). “El Derecho a la Información del Accionista en la Legislación Vigente” Colegio de Abogados de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires Law Review, 61:15 (2001);“Algunas Cuestiones Formales Vinculadas con la Impugnación de Decisiones Asamblearias” ED: 194:13 (2001);“El Derecho a la Información del Accionista, la Obligación de Informar de los Administradores y el Deber de Confidencialidad”. Derechos Patrimoniales, Ad-Hoc, Buenos Aires, 2001; “Las Ofertas Públicas de Adquisición Obligatoria en el Derecho Argentino” ED (7/19/2002); “Reflexiones sobre las Normas Legales Argentinas”, Newsletter #. 1, Instituto Argentino para el Gobierno de las Organizaciones (IAGO), July 2002;“Aspectos legales que Aplican al Gobierno de las Organizaciones”, Instituto para el Desarrollo Empresarial de la Argentina (IDEA), Buenos Aires, September 2002;“El nuevo ‘Comité de Auditoría’ en las sociedades abiertas”, Newsletter # 2, Instituto Argentino para el Gobierno de las Organizaciones (IAGO), Buenos Aires, October 2002; “Comité de Auditoria y Régimen de OPA Obligatoria” (co-authored), Newsletter # 3, Instituto Argentino para el Gobierno de las Organizaciones (IAGO), April 2003;“Ajuste por Inflación en los Estados Contables” (co-authored), Newsletter # 3, Instituto Argentino para el Gobierno de las Organizaciones (IAGO), April 2003; Código de Mejores Prácticas de Gobierno de las Organizaciones para la República Argentina (with Alberto Schuster), Instituto Argentino para el Gobierno de las Organizaciones (IAGO), 2005;“Una interesante sentencia italiana: ¿se puede transferir un estudio profesional como una empresa?”. LL, 22 September, 2010, p.10;..“Garantías para el financiamiento de satélites de comunicaciones”, Liber Amicorum in honor of Professor Manuel Augusto Ferrer, Asociación Latinoamericana de Derecho Aeronáutico y Espacial, Buenos Aires, 2011;“Los límites entre arte y derecho” Diario Página/12, Buenos Aires, July 24, 2012; “Límites legales del arte actual”, Revista Noticias, Buenos Aires, August 24, 2012; “Convenios de sindicación de acciones” in Tratado de los Conflictos Societarios, Abeledo Perrot, Buenos Aires, 2013; “El dilema de Landet: ensayo sobre la destrucción de la obra de arte”, Madrid, 2015 (Civitas-Thomson Reuters; ISBN 978 84 470 5273 8), commented by Arteaga, Alicia de, National Academy of Journalism Bulletin 18:32 (2015); “La puerta de Banksy: nulidad de la compraventa de obras de arte”, Madrid, 2016 (Civitas-Thomson Reuters; ISBN 978 84 9135 585 4). “La globalización de la profesión del abogado”, with Russell Miller, La Ley 2015-C….

In Italian: “Il Trust in Argentina”, Il Bollettino, Associazione Internazionale di Giuristi di Lingua Italiana (AIGLI), 2007; “La tutela giuridica del contraente debole: protezione del consumatore in Argentina”, Il Bollettino, AIGLI, 2011;“Tutela giuridica del contraente debole in Argentina”, Raccolta degli atti, Convegno sul contraente debole, a cura del Prof. Fausto Capelli, Milano, 2012.

Journalism: Columnist on law and economic matters, “La Prensa”, Buenos Aires (1988-1991 (“Abogacía Argentina” 1990 Award; Merit Award 1991); editorial writer, La Nación, Buenos Aires (2010 to date).

Technical & Literary Translations:

From English: U.S. Supreme Court decisions in re: “Miranda v. Arizona” and “Brown v. Board of Education”, included in Constitución y Derechos Humanos by Miller, Gelli and Cayuso, Astrea, 1991; Revision of the Spanish translation of Mediation Practice Guide: a Handbook for Resolving Business Disputes”, Benett G. Picker, American Bar Association, Maryland, 1998; From Italian: Italian Corte di Cassazione’s Judgment of February 2, 2010 in re “C.C. vs. S.V.”; From French: Victoria Ocampo-Thomas Merton correspondence published as “Fragmentos de un regalo”, Editorial Sur, Buenos Aires, 2011.


– Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires (Member: Board of Directors, 1989-1991; Treasurer, 1990-1992).
– International Bar Association (Corporate and Banking Committee and Art, Heritage and Cultural Institutions Law Committee). Member of the Organizing Committee, Buenos Aires Conferences, 1988 and 2008; Deputy Secretary-General for America -South- (1992-1994).
– Committee of Bank Lawyers of the Argentine Republic (Member, Board of Directors, 1987-1991).
– Argentine Association of Comparative Law; (Vice Chair, 2014-2016)
– Secretary, Section of Commercial Law of the Institute of Legislative Studies, Federación Argentina de Colegios de Abogados (1986-1988).
– Member, Associazione Giuristi di Lingua Italiana, Milano, Italy.
– Member of the Board, Swiss Argentine Chamber of Commerce.
– Member of the Chilean-Argentine Chamber of Commerce
– Trustee, Fundación del Quemado, Buenos Aires, 1999-2000.
– Member of the Board of Trustees and Governor, Northlands School, 2000-2010.
– Honorary Secretary (2000-2001), Vice President (2002-2003) and President (2005-2006) Rotary Club de Buenos Aires.
– Member, Board of Trustees of PENT Foundation (Fundación para la integración de la Argentina en el mundo), 2002-to date.
– Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Fundación Sur, 2003-to date.
– Member of the Board of Trustees, Fundación Konex, 2004-2016.
– List of Neutrals, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Arbitration and Mediation Center, Geneve, Switzerland, August 2011.
– Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Fundación PlaNet Finance Argentina, 2009-2013.
– Member of the List of Mediators for Conflicts on Works of Art and Cultural Heritage, World International Property Organization/International Council of Museums, Geneva, Switzerland (2012).

Presentations & Lectures:

“Legal Aspects of Foreign Financing”, Centro de Estudios Comparados, Buenos Aires, April 1981;“Legal English in Financing Operations”, Colegio de Traductores Públicos de Buenos Aires (1982-1986);“Rules and uniform uses of the International Chamber of Commerce in Argentine Law”, Argentine-South African Seminar of Comparative Law, Buenos Aires, 1984;“Legal Aspects of Foreign Trade”, Escuela Argentina de la Exportación, Fundación Banco de Boston, Buenos Aires, 1987; “Regulations of Foreign Investments”, Provincial Committee for Risky Investments, Córdoba, 1988; “Credit Cards”, “Differential Agreements”, Bolivian-Brasilian Chamber of Commerce and Bar Association of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, 1989;“Banks in Stock Placements”, Asociación de Bancos de la República Argentina, Buenos Aires, August 1992; Panelist on “Legal Risk” and “Country Risk: Economic Analysis and Legal Answer Symposium” organized by the School of Law of Torcuato Di Tella University, October 24, 1995; “The Leasing Corporation”, Institute for International Research/International Finance Corporation, Buenos Aires, August 1996;“Purchase and Sale of Corporations in Argentina”, Swiss-Argentine Chamber of Commerce, September 1996; “Transfers of Controlling Capital Stock”, Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires, November 19, 1996; Participant, “Colloquium on Legal, Ethical and Economic Aspects of Corruption”, School of Law of Torcuato Di Tella University, November 21, 1996; Panelist, “New Legal Challenges” (speaker on “Syndication Agreements” and “American Depositary Receipts”), Institute for International Research, Buenos Aires, March 18, 1997; “Privatizations in the Southern Cone”, Seminar on Privatizations organized by the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid and the Asociación Española de Abogados de Empresas; Madrid, April 8, 1997; Panelist, “Leaders of the Legal Profession” Latin American Regional Conference, International Bar Association, Buenos Aires, April 14, 1997.; Speaker, “The Survival of Federalism under Increasingly Centralised Governments”, International Bar Association, Vancouver, September 16, 1998; Speaker, “Trust Agreements”, Fundación de Altos Estudios, Mendoza, April 26, 1999; Speaker, “Recent trends on the globalisation of the legal profession: cross border practice issues”, International Bar Association, Santiago de Chile, March 22, 2000; “Directors’ liability derived from lack of diligence”, Institute for International Research, May 2001; “Legal Aspects of Corporate Governance”, Instituto para el Desarrollo Empresarial de la Argentina (IDEA), Buenos Aires, September 2002;Panelist, “Selected Legal Aspects of Project Financing in Latin America”, Center for International Legal Studies, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, February, 2002; “Tender Offers” Legal Challenges for the 21st Century, International Bar Association, Fourth Latin American Regional Conference, Cusco, Perú, April 2002; “Recent Developments on Corporate Governance Rules” International Bar Association, Durban, South Africa, October 2002; Representative of the Instituto Argentino para el Gobierno de las Organizaciones, in the launching of the White Paper of Corporate Governance, project organized by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Cartagena, Colombia, May 2004; Panelist, “A Look at Argentine Law: Certainties and Perils for Argentine Directors”, KPMG, “Corporate Governance Rules”, 2005.; Speaker, ADR in Latin America, Overview of Developments in Resolution of Commercial Disputes in Latin America through Arbitration at the Meritas Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California, April 20, 2007; Speaker, “Internal lawyers… seen from outside” Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires on May 17, 2007; “Corporate Governance and Comparative Law in Argentina”, Thomson Reuters, Buenos Aires, July 2011; “Mergers & Acquisitions in Argentina”, The Institute Global, Buenos Aires, September 2011; Financial Entities Corporate Governance, Comité de Abogados de Banco, Buenos Aires, August 2011; “Board of Directors: Capabilities and Challenges”, IAE Business School, Austral University, Buenos Aires, August 2011; “Corporate Governance”, La Ley, October 2011; “La protezione giuridica del contraente debole”, Convegno della Associazione Internazionale di Giuristi di Lingua Italiana, Parma, Italy, 2011; “Restructuring and Distressed M&A Conference”, International Bar Association, Buenos Aires, September 2011; Moderator, “The role of museums in the 21st century”, Museo di Arte del Secolo XXI (MAXXI), Rome, Italy, May 2012; “Mergers & Acquisitions in Latin America: Boosting growth”, International Bar Association, Lima, Perú, March 2013; “La destrucción de la obra de arte”, National University for the Arts, Buenos Aires, September 2016; Panelist, “Directores Independientes”, 2017 IGEP’s VI Annual Convention, Buenos Aires; Guest Lecturer, Zimbabwe Advanced Commercial Law Training: “Helping Zimbabwe’s Lawyers Face Globalisation”, November 2-3, 2017, Nyanga, Zimbabwe.

Corporate Positions:

– Former Member and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Holcim (Argentina) SA., 1991-2015.
– Member of the Board of Directors, Ángel Estrada SA (2000-2016);
– Member of the Board of Directors, Decker SA (2000-2016);
– Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, La Holando Sudamericana Compañía Argentina de Seguros SA.
– Member of the Board, Editorial Sur SA.
– Chairman, SCI-Sanmina Corporation (Argentina);
– Member of the Board, Argentina’s National Arts Fund, 2016 ato date.

Literary Activities:

Author of the foreword, introduction and notes of “Fragmentos de un regalo” (the collected correspondence between Victoria Ocampo and Thomas Merton) published by Editorial Sur, Buenos Aires, 2011; responsible for the publication of works by Victoria Ocampo in France (Lettres d’un Amour Défunt), Italy (Amarti non è stato un errore), Germany (Mein Leben ist mein Werk) and in Argentina (Cartas de Posguerra; Fragmentos de un regalo; Testimonios –primera serie-); introductory note to Lawrence de Arabia, Victoria Ocampo’s biography of T.E. Lawrence, Buenos Aires, 2014.

Languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Hugo Bruzone

Hugo Bruzone received a law degree from the Law School of the Buenos Aires University in 1992, he obtained a master degree in Corporate Law at Austral University in 1994 and a master degree in Finance at CEMA University in 1998.

He held different position in government agencies, acting as Legal Counsel and General Manager of the “Banks Capitalization Trust Fund” (Fondo Fiduciario de Capitalización Bancaria), Member of the Board of Directors of the Banco de la Nación Argentina, Member of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Central Bank (Banco Central de la República Argentina), President of the Board of Directors of Pellegrini Sociedad Gerente de Fondos Comunes de Inversión S.A. and President of the Board of Directors of Nación Bursatil Sociedad de Bolsa S.A. and Syndic of the Argentine Deposit Insurance Corporation (Sedesa S.A.).

Mr. Bruzone is the leader of the firm’s Banking & Capital Markets department. He has participated in a significant number of capital market transactions including equity offerings, tender offers and debt securities. He has extensive experience in the banking industry, representing Argentine and foreign financial institutions in M&A transactions and regulatory matters. He advises the Argentine Banking Association.

He is author of “Legal Aspects of the Franchising” Revista Lecciones y Ensayos – Astrea – 1992 and “Comments on transfer of shares in connection with the New Bankruptcy Act”, First Price awarded at “The VI Argentine Congress of Company Law”- Ad-Hoc 1995. Between 1995 and 1997 he acted as Academic Secretary of the “Banking and Finance Program” of the Austral University.

Furthermore, Chambers & Partners, Legal 500 and International Financial Law Review have recognized him as one of the leading lawyers in his field of practice in the Argentine legal sector. In addition, Magazine Apertura ranked him among the Best Lawyers of Argentina -as far as legal rankings are concerned, Apertura is the most recognized magazine in Argentina.

Mercedes Balado Bevilacqua

Mercedes founded the firm in December 2012 after working for relevant national law firms, being partner of one for six years.

She graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires with honors and holds a master on the Law School of the University of Connecticut, U.S.A. She has over 18 years experience in business consulting focused on labor and employment law nationally and internationally and human resource matters.

She is the only women who has been featured among the leading lawyers in her practice area by Legal 500 Latin America for the years 2012-2016, Chambers & Partners for the years 2010-2017 and Who’s Who Legal for the years 2015 and 2016 among the ten (10) most relevant lawyers in the area of Employment and Social Security Law.

Member of the Committee on Employment and Discrimination and Senior Newsletter Editor of the Labour and Employment Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA).

She is also Coordinator of the Research and Study Commission for the Master in Employment Law of Universidad Austral. Mercedes is also a member of the Human Resources Committee of the Argentine-French Chamber of Commerce and of the “Marianne” Association, an organization created by the French Embassy that gathers the most relevant business women in Argentina and France.

Regularly, she contributes with articles to various academic publications and conferences as speaker and moderator for local and international organizations

The Labor & Employment Law Practice:

We have a high reputation for our preventive approach in the area of human resources, which includes, among other matters:

  • Conduct human resources policies; give workshops and conferences on the latest trends in labor law
  • Assist in corporate restructurings due to international and local mergers and acquisitions, reducing contingencies in a way that combines efficiency in the results and costs of our clients;
  • Advice, negotiate and implement particular solutions for the needs of our clients, with an emphasis on protecting their investments;
  • Write and adapt corporate policies, contracts, agreements and other international instruments to local legislation with creativity minimizing risks under local law;
  • Define strategies for negotiating termination of labor contracts, settlement agreements for termination of labor relations, interventions before the local authority;
  • Review, modify and prepare non-compete agreements, local and international confidentiality;
  • Make recommendations on issues of collective law, negotiations with unions and management of situations involving union representatives;
  • Carry out auditing and / or due diligence processes with reasons of corporate transactions or for the purpose of detecting contingencies and improving the management of human resources;
  • Represent our clients in front of administrative bodies and local judicial authorities;
  • Propose solutions on issues of immigration law and expatriation of employees.

MBB Balado Bevilacqua Abogados:

MBB Balado Bevilacqua Abogados is a boutique law firm founded by Mercedes Balado Bevilacqua in December 2012, after 15 years of career working for different Argentinean relevant firms and having been partner of one during 7 years.

Since its commencement MBB Balado Bevilacqua Abogados has been singled out as one of the leader law firms in providing local and international legal counseling in labor, employment, social security and human resource matters. In view of that, we have recently decided to expand our practice and include counseling in corporate and tax matters addressed to provide our clients with a global legal service.

We are experts in handling a variety of legal matters and recognized for our expertise in providing preventive counseling aimed to minimize clients’ exposure and contingencies, considering our clients’ particular needs.

We provide tailored-made comprehensive legal advice on a daily basis to general company business queries, significant re-structuring operations due to local and/or international mergers and acquisitions, reducing contingencies in such a way that our services combine efficient results with a cost lessen effect for our clients.

In addition, if the matter needs it, we represent our clients before Legal Courts or Administrative Authorities of diverse areas of practice.

In such a sense, we determine specific defensive strategies considering the particular circumstances of the case with the purpose of protecting our clients’ interest.

Our international focus is reflected, among other issues; in alliances with international law firms, for its clients with operations in Argentina. This perspective provides us with a distinctive profile in our different areas of practices when counseling our clients.

MBB Balado Bevilacqua has been singled out by International Legal Reviewers, Legal 500 Latin America 2013-2016, Chambers and Partners Latin America 2013-2017 and Who’s Who Legal 2015-2016.


Ignacio Cavallero

We are a firm that provides advisory and professional services in accounting, taxes and finance with international experience that gives solutions which strategically add value to your business.

We work near our clients with personalized and direct contact based on respect and confidence, aiming to meet their needs and interests.

Our People & Philosophy:

“Only through highly developed Human Resources we can ensure the level of Quality and Professional Services required to grow and gain prestige in an extremely competitive market.”

This philosophy is shared by every member of the Firm, whose have been selected not only by their technical skills but also by their capacity to assume responsibilities and to work in a specialized and interdisciplinary team.

Pablo S. Cereijido

Pablo S. Cereijido joined Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal in 1993 and has been a partner of the firm since 2003. A member of the Litigation Department, he specializes in insurance and reinsurance law and has actively participated in international commercial arbitrations.

He advises on reinsurance matters, on matters related to different lines of insurance, on insurance and reinsurance claims, on the drafting of insurance policies and on matters related to insurance brokers and agents.

He has worked on the registration of foreign reinsurers and reinsurance brokers with the Argentine authorities and advises on the insurance and reinsurance regulatory framework.

In 1997 he worked as a foreign associate at the Insurance and Reinsurance Department of the firm of Eversheds in London.

Pablo S. Cereijido qualified as a lawyer at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina in 1993 and attained a Master of Laws degree at the University of London in 1999. He is a professor of Insurance Law at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina School of Law.

He has been a speaker in different seminars and conferences and published articles on insurance and reinsurance matters in Argentina and abroad. He is a member of the Insurance Law Institute of the Colegio de Abogados de San Isidro and of the Club de Abogados del Seguro.

Firm Overview:

Founded in 1923, Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal is the largest law firm in Argentina. A market leader at both local and Latin American levels, the firm has been providing sophisticated, high quality advice to international and local clients for 90 years. The firm comprises over 300 lawyers and has wide experience of international business issues and the complexities of cross-border transactions.

Our unmatched strength allows us to react quickly and to simultaneously handle large, complex and time-consuming transactions without compromising on quality. All our teams are led directly by highly experienced partners and carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We have a strong focus on high-end corporate and finance transactions and the largest, most active litigation and arbitration practice in Argentina. Our leading intellectual property department provides a comprehensive service and has unrivalled experience; the firm was originally founded as an intellectual property office. We are also a market leader in a wide range of other key practice areas including tax, labor and employment, competition/antitrust, energy and natural resources, administrative and public law, insurance and reinsurance, telecommunications and broadcasting as well as real estate and construction.

We are the Argentine member of Lex Mundi, the world’s leading association of independent law firms, comprising more than 160 members. We also have an office in New York, providing invaluable support on US transactions.

With a long history of advising multinational companies and international institutions, we have an unique understanding of the Argentine market and how to help our clients achieve their goals. Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal has a 90-year track record of being prepared to respond to any challenge, both in the country and in complex cross-border transactions.