MrBeast Burger Draws a Large Crowd to The Mall

In the world of online influencers, Jimmy Donaldson, better known as “MrBeast,” stands out as a true luminary. With over 100 million subscribers on YouTube, he has earned a reputation for orchestrating extraordinary acts of generosity and creativity. In a surprising twist, MrBeast has entered the culinary world by collaborating with Virtual Dining Concepts, LLC, to create and launch “MrBeast Burger.” This venture has not only expanded his brand but has also drawn massive crowds to his physical burger joint, where fans eagerly waited for hours to get a taste of his unique offerings.

The Grand Opening

In a thrilling turn of events, Jimmy Donaldson unveiled the first MrBeast Burger restaurant in East Rutherford, New Jersey’s American Dream shopping centre. The grand opening, which took place on a Sunday, witnessed a massive turnout of devoted followers who had eagerly anticipated this moment. With his charismatic online presence and boundless creativity, Donaldson managed to attract thousands of fans to his new burger joint.

The Viral Effect

To capture the excitement of the moment, Donaldson shared a video on social media, estimating the crowd to be more than 10,000 individuals after just two hours of the restaurant’s doors being open. This overwhelming response showcased the power of online celebrity in the real world. Donaldson is part of a growing trend where popular internet personalities leverage their fame to venture into the culinary sector, often without the need for traditional brick-and-mortar establishments.

A New Paradigm

Unlike conventional celebrity-owned restaurants, which often come with the complexities of managing physical spaces, celebrities like MrBeast are associating their names with meal delivery services. These services operate out of existing kitchens, making them more cost-effective and flexible. For instance, fans in London can order a MrBeast Burger for delivery, which is prepared in collaboration with a different burger business called Dirty Bones. This approach not only broadens their reach but also keeps overhead costs manageable.

Expanding the Menu

MrBeast Burger is not the only celebrity-driven food venture to hit the market. In recent years, the culinary world has seen a surge in celebrity collaborations. In the United States, consumers can choose from an array of options, including macaroni cheese by TikTok content creator Larray, sub-style sandwiches endorsed by the esports club FaZe Clan, and even Mariah Carey’s signature cookie line. These collaborations bring together the fame of the celebrity with the culinary expertise of established brands, offering fans a unique and enticing dining experience.

MrBeast’s Latest Success

While Jimmy Donaldson has explored the food industry in the past, his foray into MrBeast Burger may be his most successful venture yet. Earlier in the year, he launched his own chocolate business, running a widespread giveaway campaign that distributed a staggering $1.3 million worth of chocolate. Additionally, he established a YouTube channel with a philanthropic theme in 2021, which has since garnered more than 10 million subscribers. Donaldson’s commitment to giving back to the community is further reflected in his registered organisation that serves as a food bank, benefiting communities across the United States.

A Record-Breaking Day

On the day following the grand opening of MrBeast Burger, Jimmy Donaldson made a bold claim – he had set a new record for the most hamburgers sold in a single day. However, before he can rightfully claim the title of “burger king,” Guinness World Records has requested documentation to verify his achievement, which adds an exciting element of suspense to his latest venture.


Jimmy Donaldson’s MrBeast Burger has made a resounding impact on the culinary scene, attracting legions of devoted fans to his physical location and expanding his reach through innovative delivery partnerships. With a track record of philanthropy and an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, MrBeast continues to capture the imagination of his audience and break new ground, both online and in the world of food. As the burger industry eagerly awaits confirmation from Guinness World Records, one thing is certain – MrBeast’s star continues to rise, and his influence shows no signs of waning.