Why Use Video in Your Real Estate Marketing?

Video marketing is crucial in many sectors, and real estate is no exception. For starters, it offers businesses a significant opportunity to attract customers and get deals done more quickly. A recent study shows that around 85% of home buyers and sellers prefer to work with video marketing agents. Interestingly, only a handful of real estate professionals use video to promote their businesses. Below are nine compelling reasons you should use video marketing if you haven’t started.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Many real estate agents and professionals are competing for business, and standing out isn’t the easiest of tasks. However, you may use video to create high-quality content that sets you apart and differentiates you from your competition. Many common misunderstandings could arise even with the best text-based insights and explanations. Fortunately, you can reduce the chances of misinterpretation or misunderstanding by using video to showcase your property visually and informatively while indicating that you’re a modern business that adapts easily to suit your target market’s needs.

Save Time and Money

Creating video content can initially be time-consuming and taxing for your pocket. Yet, the benefits are worth the effort. Think about all the time and effort you put into visiting and preparing the property anytime you have a potential buyer. Using video can also benefit interested buyers as they wouldn’t have to spend too much time and effort seeing a property they wouldn’t be interested in. Consider interested buyers located in different cities or states and the cost of travel. Overall, leveraging video’s power can be a win-win for all parties regarding money and time-saving.

Increase Conversions

Studies have shown that video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Meanwhile, properties with video have been shown to receive 403% more inquiries than those without video. Viewers are more likely to retain information from video than text, meaning they are more likely to remember the features and benefits of a property showcased in a video. Consider incorporating video in your marketing strategies to increase the odds of closing more deals and generating more revenue, ultimately leading to greater success in your business.

Improve Search Engine Optimisation

Yes, video can improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for real estate websites using video marketing. Search engines like Google highly rank websites with high-quality content, and video is a highly engaging and shareable type of content that can help boost a website’s visibility and ranking. Optimising your video content with relevant keywords, descriptions, and tags can improve your website’s SEO and increase organic traffic. Likewise, video can improve bounce rate, a significant component in SEO ranking. Search engines understand that your website delivers value to users when they view your videos and interact with your information. Your site may rank better in search results as a result.

Create More Engagement Beyond Text

Unlike video, which can be highly engaging and effective, text-based content is often static and less engaging. The latter is proving less effective daily as attention span decreases while customer competition remains high. There are many possibilities for videos as you can use them to give potential buyers a virtual tour and provide them with more view of the property layout features without visiting the location physically. You may check out helpful platforms like DrDrone for affordable drones to take your video creation up a notch, capture your properties’ atmosphere, and showcase their unique qualities and key selling points.

Showcase Your Expertise

To showcase your expertise using video, create informative and engaging videos that provide valuable insights into your industry. That could include tips and tricks for buying or selling a home, market updates, or area spotlights. You may create a video series focusing on specific places and topics and ensure to promote it. You can use your website, social media channels, or email marketing campaigns. Explore tools like a camera to create and share your insights and expertise, and don’t be afraid to inject your personality and style into your videos. Using quality and insightful videos can show your expertise and position you as a trusted authority in the industry to attract more clients.

Target Different Stakeholders

Aside from using video to entice clients, you may use it to target several stakeholders who could also contribute to your business growth. These stakeholders could be your existing and potential staff, individuals who provide you with references, and other real estate agents representing individual buyers and sellers who deal with. Prospective partners and investors might also find videos that offer a detailed analysis of a property’s financial performance and potential ROI very useful in their decision making. You may create videos with any of these groups in mind. Earnings from these stakeholders can be just as high as how much you earn using client-facing videos.

Explore The Future of Marketing

It is crucial to be agile and adaptable to succeed in today’s digital climate. Video marketing remains key in the future of marketing, and numerous studies back this claim. According to HubSpot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands and businesses they support. That means that video marketing will remain increasingly pervasive in the marketing scene so long as technology evolves. So how do you future-proof your business? Begin by incorporating video into your marketing and communication plan and invest in new ways to use video to boost your real estate marketing strategies.

Encourage Social Media Sharing

Research suggests that video content outperforms other types of content shared on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can reach a wider audience and attract new leads by creating and sharing your compelling video on social media. Additionally, these platforms provide various tools and features that boost your video visibility and reach using tags, hashtags, and paid advertising. Sharing your videos via social media can create a sense of community and trust with existing and potential clients.

Video marketing is undoubtedly powerful for growing your real estate business. The above reasons justify why you should consider video marketing a crucial part of your strategies to succeed in this competitive yet highly rewarding industry.