Was Robert Kardashian O. J. Simpson’s Lawyer? We Explain Here

American businessman and attorney Robert Kardashian gained notoriety for supporting pro football player O.J. Simpson during his 1995 murder trial.

Robert was born in Los Angeles in 1944 and attended the University of Southern California to study law and business.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, at the time of his death in 2003, Kardashian had a net worth of $30 million. He was a born-again Christian who eventually became engaged with a number of businesses, including a frozen yoghurt company, the magazine Radio & Records, and the music label Movie Tunes.

Robert passed away in 2003 at the age of 59, eight weeks after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

What Transpired Between O.J. Simpson and Robert Kardashian?

According to reports, Robert Kardashian and O.J. Simpson became good friends when they met while playing tennis in 1969.

When police questioned the lawyer-turned-businessman about the contents of Simpson’s bulging Louis Vuitton luggage, Kardashian claimed he had never opened it.

Following the killings, Simpson sought refuge at Robert’s home amid intense media attention. When he left, police led him on a 60-mile vehicle pursuit.

Robert joined the “dream squad” of attorneys representing Simpson, including Johnnie Cochran and Robert Shapiro, as a voluntary assistant.

On October 3, 1995, at 10 a.m., a jury found the football player not guilty of the killings. Following the trial, some jurors stated that they still thought the football player was guilty of the killings despite the prosecution’s failure to present sufficient evidence.

Robert reportedly said to Barbara Walters, when asked about his friend’s innocence in 1996, “I have reservations.”

While attending USC in 1967, Kardashian and Simpson first crossed paths and become close. Simpson served as the best man at the 1978 nuptials of Kris Houghton and Kim Kardashian.

Prosecutors conjectured that the bag might have contained the murder weapon or Simpson’s bloodied garments. Kardashian read a letter written by Simpson to the assembled media on June 17, 1994, when he failed to present himself in at 11 a.m. Many people considered this letter to be a suicide note.

Before the Simpson case, Kardashian had allowed his law licence to lapse, but he renewed it to work as a volunteer assistant for Simpson’s defence team, alongside Simpson’s principal defence lawyers, Johnnie Cochran and Robert Shapiro. Throughout Simpson’s trial, he sat close by.


In summary, Robert Kardashian’s role in the O.J. Simpson trial was that of a supportive friend and a member of the defence team, but he was not one of the lead attorneys. The media’s portrayal of his involvement led to misconceptions and rumours that have persisted over the years. Understanding the true extent of Kardashian’s role is important for accurately recounting the history of the trial and the individuals involved. While the trial is a testament to the complexities of the legal system and the impact of media sensationalism, it also highlights the enduring nature of friendships and the multifaceted lives of those involved.