Boost your Commercial Property’s Profile and Curb Appeal For Success

Curb appeal can hold more power than you imagine, especially regarding commercial buildings. Whether you’re attracting clients to your unit or if you want to entice customers through the doors, the curb appeal of your property will be instrumental in making that happen.

Did you know it takes seven seconds for someone to form a first impression? And this first impression is usually made from the curb side as someone looks at your building. If you are trying to fill empty office units or a warehouse, for example, people being turned off because of how your building looks from the outside won’t get that lease signed, far from it.

It doesn’t matter how spectacular the amenities are inside; if it looks less than impressive from the roadside, it will harm your chances of getting people through the doors. So how can you improve your curb appeal?

Add Cladding or Panels

If your building looks a little bit worse for wear, adding cladding can be a good option to give it a much-needed facelift. Not only this, it can provide extra protection from the elements and make for a stand-out design feature. You can cover the whole building or just add panels to make it stand out, such as using composite panels from MCM or high-quality complete building cladding. This can be especially useful for older buildings that need a more modern facelift to attract younger clientele or businesses.

Clean It Up

No one wants to be walking across scruffy parking lots or sticking to the ground because you have failed to clean up spills or messes outside left by customers or even staff and vehicles.

Make cleaning the exterior of your property a priority, from side walls to parking structures, signages, doors, windows, and even the building itself. You want your property to stand out for all the right reasons, not have its shortcomings highlighted. So get outside and give it a good clean, or hire a professional external cleaning company to ensure your building looks good inside and out.


Landscaping can instantly boost that curb appeal. Whether you purposely build planters and add optical plants and grass outside, you bring in landscapers to cultivate a green oasis of calm, bringing nature to the forefront of your business can really help you increase your chances of improving your curb appeal. Adding plants and shrubbery and using colour can further enhance this and help you wow visitors.

Update Signage

Do people know where you are and what you do? Can you be easily identified from the street? You need to use clear signage to direct people to your building. Whether this is a store sign to bring shoppers in, a building name and number sign to make your address clear, if you are a commercial unit letting office space, or you want your business name above the doors, it doesn’t matter, What does matter is that people can see you easily and don’t struggle to find you.


When it comes to getting feet through the door, you need to take a step back and view your building as a potential customer or leaseholder would. Is this building attractive? Would you want to set up shop or even do business here? Is it clean, safe, and accessible? By putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and viewing your property with fresh eyes, you can enhance the curb appeal and increase your chances of success.