Why Business Podcasts Are the New Cool

In today’s buzzing business scene, standing out is pretty much everything, and guess what? Podcasts are now the secret sauce. It’s not just your neighbor or the big-shot companies tuning in or creating their own shows; it’s everyone. So, you might wonder, why jump on this podcast train? Well, starting a business podcast isn’t just about catching on to a trend–it’s about striking gold in terms of benefits. Giving your brand a voice, literally, lets you connect with your audience like never before. A well-done podcast is your ticket to getting up close and personal with your listeners, fostering a connection that old-school marketing could only dream of.

Making Real Connections Count

Think of a business podcast as your audience’s go-to chill spot. It’s where they get to know the humans behind the brand, hear stories that linger, and get the inside scoop. This direct line to your audience fosters a genuine sense of belonging and trust, which is so hard to nail with other methods. By regularly popping up in their listening routine, you’re like that reliable friend who’s always got the good stuff–keeping your brand on their radar.

Showcasing What You’ve Got

A podcast isn’t just about chitchat–it’s a stage to flaunt your business smarts. Diving deep into industry-related topics, sharing nuggets of wisdom, and expressing your views solidifies your rep as a thought leader. It’s all about delivering value that transcends your products or services, morphing your brand into the ultimate resource hub in your domain. This boost to your credibility makes you the go-to choice for potential clients who trust your expertise.

A Marketing Shift

Truth be told, we’re all a bit tired of the same old ads. More often than not, we’re scrolling past or eagerly waiting to hit “skip.” But…Podcasts draw listeners into meaningful conversations and stories where the usual ad tactics can be subtly woven into content that people genuinely enjoy. It’s like being part of a convo where a buddy casually drops a mention of a product or service that’s right up your alley. This approach is pure gold because it doesn’t come off as pushy. It’s akin to getting a recommendation from a friend, making it feel real and trustworthy. When a podcast shares how a product or service made life better, we’re all ears, largely because it doesn’t seem like a sales ambush. Podcasts have mastered the art of engaging audiences in a natural, enjoyable manner, making them a killer avenue for spreading the word about what you offer.

Why Teaming Up with a Podcast Production Agency Is a Brilliant Move

Now, you might be thinking launching a podcast sounds fabulous, but you’re clueless on where to start. This is where a podcast production agency steps into the spotlight. Putting together a thriving business podcast is more than just hitting records. Great sound quality, engaging content, and professional production are key if you want to stand out. A stellar production agency brings all the expertise and tools to the table, ensuring your podcast not only sees the light but also shines in a crowded market. They tackle everything from sound engineering to distribution, letting you focus on sharing what really matters.

At the end of the day, here’s why jumping into the podcast scene is a great move: it’s like hitting two birds with one stone–you get to be more relatable while also establishing yourself as an expert in your field. And secondly, when you decide to add a podcast to your marketing mix a big positive shift automatically takes place because it offers your audience a new and personal way to engage with your brand–setting you apart from the competition.

How to Promote Your Podcast: 10 Effective Strategies to Try

Podcasting has become a buzzword nowadays. There are plenty of paid podcasts focusing on different topics. You can also see an increasing trend in podcast subscriptions. It collectively makes an ideal situation to start a podcast.

Once you start a podcast, you must also focus on its promotion. Without this, all your hard work might go in vain. It is the ideal way to grow your audience.

Promoting your podcast takes a lot of effort, but the results are worth it. When you hit your podcast subscription target, your hard work pays off.

10 Effective Strategies for Podcast Promotion

You are on the right site if you have been looking for some tried and tested tips. Here are some effective strategies leading to successful podcast marketing and promotion.

1. Word of Mouth Promotion

This might be for you if you are looking for a cost-effective and worthwhile promotional strategy. Word-of-mouth recommendation is one of the most effective tactics to gain organic traffic. Firstly, identify your audience and their interest. Ensure your presence in events where your target audience is present.

Conduct and attend events, conferences, and seminars relevant to your podcast. When you have your target audience in one place, it is easier to spread your message. Make a proper strategy to interact with people to boost your podcast subscription.

2. Submit to Podcast Directories

If you want to reach out to more audiences, you need to be present on all popular podcast directories. Not all of your target audience would have an Apple podcast subscription. There are several other directories with as many audiences.

You must make your podcast available on those platforms. Do not only focus on popular directories but also less popular ones. You might find the ideal listeners outside of the Apple podcast subscription. Making your podcast available on these platforms will be more effective and specific.

3. Share on Social Media

The use of social media for marketing and promotional strategies enhances its effectiveness. Nowadays, most people use social networking sites. Create social media accounts for your podcast to ensure an active presence. Connect with your current and potential audience to enhance their engagement.

Create discussion opportunities to know about their feedback. You can also post short teasers of the upcoming podcast. If used properly, social media can do wonders for your paid podcast promotion.

4. Collaborate With Podcasters

With the abundance of podcasts, finding other podcasters to collaborate with has become easier. This strategy benefits both parties in attracting listeners. It will help you grow your connections with others. You can join podcasting networks and support groups to connect with like-minded podcasters.

Collaborating includes inviting other podcasters to your show. You may also appear as a guest on other podcasts. It is a unique learning process with cross-promotion of collaborating partners. The increased exposure gets you more organic and referral traffic.

5. Create a Website

You need a website for your podcast if you want to enhance the effectiveness of your promotion strategies. It offers more benefits than you think. Create an SEO-optimised website and keep updating it with the latest content. You can publish podcast transcriptions on this website.

Usually, people start a podcast to promote their business or website. If this is the case, make sure you update your website regularly. Make all the episodes easily available for people on a web page dedicated to your podcast.

6. Create a Newsletter

A podcast newsletter is a great idea to stay connected to your audience. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies with the most favourable results. The best part about newsletters is that they are easy to create, even using free tools. Use your website to add a landing page for your newsletter.

Make it attractive with a clear call-to-action (CTA). It will help people easily subscribe to your newsletter to receive timely updates. Do not forget to add links to your content.

7. Urge People to Subscribe and Review

This might seem an ordinary tip, but it yields amazing results. Ask people politely to subscribe to your podcast. Once you get plenty of subscribers, it is easier to keep them updated. They also get to know about your latest published podcasts.

Another thing is to urge them to share their feedback. Invite them to review your podcast and share it on social media platforms. The more subscribers do it, the more people will know about it. Share these reviews on your social media platforms also.

8. Announce Giveaways and Contests

Who does not want to win? When you offer a reward or a giveaway, it encourages more people to learn about your podcast. You may ask them to subscribe and share it to participate in the giveaway.

Try to align the prize with the theme of your podcast. Run giveaways often but not too frequently. Use social media posts to reach out to the maximum audience. You might get new subscribers along with engaging the existing ones.

9. Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is popular nowadays. There are many social media influencers with a high number of followers. They endorse or promote a product, business, or idea. People tend to trust them more than the traditional advertisement.

Reach out to an influencer with a huge following and relevant to your podcast content. They will promote your podcast, and you can give them a shout-out. They might sometimes charge a fee or some other compensation in return for their posts. Choose an influencer wisely if you opt for this marketing strategy.

10. Create a YouTube Video

The idea of promoting your podcast means increasing its availability. When it is available on all popular platforms, you can expect a greater audience. It also offers many other benefits. You can get auto-generated closed captions for your video. This compensates for the need for transcription as well.

Many viewers prefer video podcasting over audio podcasts. Creating a YouTube video captures such an audience. Moreover, you get exposure to the large YouTube user community. If you find video recording challenging, you may add a static picture along with the audio podcast.

Wrapping Up

Promoting your podcast is not difficult when you are equipped with all the tips and tricks. Efficient planning is the key to making your promotional strategies a success. It is as important as any other function, such as recording, editing, and publishing. Hopefully, these 10 promotional strategies will help you boost your podcast significantly.

What Is The Joe Rogan Experience? We Explain Here

The American comedian, presenter, and UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan is the host of the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. On December 24, 2009, Rogan and comedian Brian Redban launched it on YouTube.

Rogan’s California house served as the podcast’s initial recording location. The podcast’s production was moved to Texas after it was granted an exclusive Spotify licence in 2020.

The podcast has included a broad ideological mixture of political guests. For inviting far-right guests and for using racially offensive words, Rogan has drawn criticism. Medical experts have also attacked him for his opinions. Rogan has received appreciation from the podcast’s fans for his support of free speech.


A podcast is a programme that is made available online for download in digital form. For instance, a user could download an episodic collection of digital audio or video files to their own device and listen to them whenever they choose.

The Joe Rogan Experience first started in early 2003 when Rogan hired self-taught video editor Redban, who was working at an Ohio Gateway 2000 computer store at the time, to be his full-time employee and produce, film, and edit films for his website.

After spending some time on Justin.tv, Rogan proposed the idea of hosting a live video stream from his house using Redban, talking with viewers in a chatroom and on Twitter, and releasing the audio as a downloadable podcast.


The podcast’s first video episodes were released to YouTube in January 2013. They quickly attracted thousands to millions of viewers each time.

The Joe Rogan Experience will be exclusively licenced to Spotify, which is estimated to be for $200 million. Up until December 2020, full episodes of the podcast could be uploaded on YouTube as per the rules of the deal.

More than 11 million people listened to the podcast in January 2015. By the end of October 2015, it was averaging 16 million downloads per month. The podcast, according to Rogan in April 2019, has 190 million monthly downloads.

7 Reasons Why You Should Start A Podcast For Your Business

Starting a podcast is a good idea, because podcasts are scalding hot right now. Alex Cooper (Call Her Daddy) recently penned a three-year deal worth more than $60 million with Spotify.

The popularity of podcasts has risen during the last two years and major streaming platforms have been creating brands in the podcasting space. So much so, that we may be entering a new era of media and multimedia advertising.

If you do it correctly and consistently, you can quickly increase your audience for your brand. Starting and maintaining a podcast will take hard work and planning. You shouldn’t start one unless you have figured out your differentiator.

During the pandemic, digital content saw a huge surge in consumers. Growth forecasts predicted revenue of $659 million for digital content, as a result of employees working from home, enforced social distancing, and by creators having to transition their content to the digital space.

Below is a list of 7 reasons why you should start a podcast for your business:

1. Audience Building

Hosting your show on platforms such as iTunes will also expose your show to new listeners who find your show by searching for specific topics on those platforms. For example, if you host a show about marketing, someone looking for a podcast about marketing will find your show if it appears in the search results for that keyword.

2. Cheap To Start

There are only a few pieces of equipment required to host your podcast. The first is of course a computer with an internet connection. From there, your basic essentials are a microphone, headset, and a pop filter. This equipment can be purchased on Amazon for $140.

3. Business Networking

If you host a podcast in which you interview various guests for your show, one of the most obvious benefit of doing so is that you get to expand your network. A podcast is a great platform to reach out to people you might not have been able to otherwise. As your audience grows in size, your ability to reach out to the high-profile industry leaders increases.

4. Alternative Revenue Stream

There are a few ways you can monetise your podcast. If your download numbers are high enough, you can charge sponsors to be mentioned on your show. You can also use your show to promote your own products or services. Another option is to include a recommended resources section on your show’s main website, and include affiliate links in each of the recommendations. This way, when someone clicks on a recommended resources and decides to buy, your earn a commission.

5. Authority Building

Sharing helpful advice on a specific topic on a consistent basis helps position you as an authority in your industry. Hosting a podcast has a similar effect as running a blog or writing a book – it helps develop your reputation as an expert. As you increase your authority in your market, you attract other opportunities to you. You may also consider offering coaching or consulting services as people begin asking you for specific advice on your area of expertise.

6. Free Promotion

A podcast can be a great tool to attract your ideal customers or clients. You can use your show to help promote your own products and services. You can mention these things in your episodes, or simply tell your listeners to visit your website to learn more about what your service offering.

7. Low Maintenance

There are a few podcasts out there that publish episodes on a daily basis. But most shows publish an episode once per week and that seems to be the current norm. The good news is that once a podcast has been launched, maintaining it isn’t as time consuming as you think.