Crypto Exchange Platforms That Did Not Survive The Crypto Winter

It is evident that the financial scenario of the cryptocurrency market has been one of the most complex during 2022; one could compare the struggle of the Exchanges with the jungle where the strongest survive during a severe crypto-winter phase. The most widely used Blockchain software is The Official Bitcoin Revolution Website 2022 because it protects your cryptocurrency.

Not only have prices had a direct impact, even leaving several projects worthless, but it has also caused the bankruptcy of users who trusted these cryptocurrencies. In turn, the exchange platforms have received blows similar to the users.

In the specific case of crypto exchange platforms, it could be assumed that improper management of resources and liabilities is what has led to the failure of many of them.

The decapitalisation of investors and the Exchanges could be due to the volatility of the market and the sensible decisions in a risky scenario.

This situation could be directly connected to the reflection in which the human being is always taking advantage and enjoying when the cows are fat, and they do not prepare for when the lean cows arrive.

It is how, without expecting it, a series of events arise, such as the geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the economic and financial crisis that the powers of the United States and Europe are going through, in addition to the drastic measures of the Fed to combat this situation.

The sum of all these elements brought devastating effects on the crypto asset market, giving way to a crypto winter that has managed to devalue digital assets in some cases by more than 60% of their value registered at the last all-time high in November 2021.

The Exchange That Went Bankrupt Recently is FTX

Although it had already given indications of possible financial complications due to its relationship with the Alameda Research company, the FTX exchange platform, despite assuming the commitments and not letting one of the largest companies related to the cryptocurrency market die, was in vain in your effort.

After an alleged announcement that Binance would be responsible for a transition of FTX, where the main objective was the protection of users who were on the brink of the abyss and collapse, it did not go further; after the complex financial situation, the owners of Binance gave a definitive no to the purchase of FTX.

Once this type of event occurs in the market, the main ones affected are not only users but digital assets in general because a domino effect is generated that culminates in a decrease in their value.

The giant hole left by the shareholders and the owner of FTX could be considered impossible to fill; many irregularities and the mismanagement of funds led to this exchange platform’s disappearance.

The First to Fall

It is relevant to highlight that in addition to all the factors that had already been affecting the digital financial market, the constant need to regulate cryptocurrencies and digital asset exchange platforms is added, leading to the fall of the first Exchanges.

For this reason, Celsius, Three Arrows Capital, and Vauld were the first crypto companies to fall, bringing all cryptocurrencies to a state of distrust and lack of reputation as digital financial investment instruments.

The market’s fall affects not only corporations but also the users of these digital assets, where regardless of the bearish phase that the market experiences, everything is due to the poor capital risk management that each of the company’s crypto exchange must owns.

The fight for digital assets has not faltered at any time; they are giving everything for everything as long as the digital financial market recovers and investor confidence in the various cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, one of the Exchanges that activated its alarms was Coinbase, which as a measure of action against the crypto winter, was to reduce its payroll, considering many factors that could also lead it to bankruptcy.


The fall has been constant, definitive, and unfortunate in the case of platforms that were considered leaders in the digital investment market with crypto assets, where it seems that they were prepared only to obtain profits but not for a crypto winter of the magnitude of this 2022.

The increase in the market capitalisation of the various cryptographic projects attracted new users and institutional investors who did not hesitate to dispose of their assets to obtain the desired return on investment. More information go to Bitcoin-Prime trading system.

Record Month for Advisory Excellence as Readership Soars

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6 Passenger Safety Tips To Remember When Using Rideshare Services

The growing acceptance of ridesharing platforms has significantly impacted the taxi business. People don’t mind paying for these services because they’re convenient. Every day, millions of people use ridesharing apps.

Side view of a female passenger with a face mask texting on the phone while using a carpool service app

These days, many different ridesharing applications are available, and individuals can select one depending on preferences, reputation, availability, and cost, among other factors. It’s a relatively safe means of transportation. However, it’s not completely risk-free by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, individuals shouldn’t let their guard down when using these services.

Below are some passenger safety tips to remember when using rideshare services.

1. Buckle Up, Always

Just because you’ve done everything above doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. You must always wear your seatbelt. The reason is that, even if you get a good driver with a good rating, this doesn’t reduce your chances of getting involved in an accident.

Remember, accidents happen. When they do, they often occur unannounced. Ask yourself, are Uber or Lyft accidents common in Florida or your locale? If the answer is yes, you need to be careful whenever you use ridesharing apps. But if you do get involved in an accident, you’d probably need a personal injury lawyer to claim damages if there are any injuries. Nevertheless, you need to have your seatbelt on at all times because it’ll help reduce an accident’s impact.

2. Travel With A Friend If Possible

With ridesharing, traveling with someone else is always a great idea. You’re safer with someone than when you’re alone. Traveling alone puts you in a vulnerable position if something happens. So, next time you use a rideshare application, ask a friend to accompany you. Again, this is particularly necessary if you’re traveling during the night.

3. Inform Somebody

If you’re going to visit a new or unfamiliar place for the first time, it would be a great idea if you shared your trip status with someone you trust or know. This is particularly important if you’re traveling during the night-time.

Most ride-sharing apps allow you to share a trip so that the other person may monitor or track your movements. However, you could also share your phone’s actual location with that other person outside of the ridesharing application. This ensures that people can track your location in the event of an accident.

4. Verify Vehicle Specifics

Before getting inside, you must confirm that the vehicle’s details match those on the ridesharing application. Once a trip has been confirmed, the rideshare app typically provides information about the driver’s car, like the colour, license plate, model, and make. They give this information to help the rider to verify the vehicle upon arrival. It’ll also help the rider quickly identify the car in high-traffic areas.

So, as soon as the driver arrives, double-check the vehicle’s specifications. If the details do not match, cancel the ride and request another one. The car should also be in decent condition. If you observe any severe damage to the vehicle, you should probably avoid it.

Moreover, you must also verify the driver’s details before entering the car. You could also request that they show their driver’s license to ensure optimal safety. If they’re genuine, they won’t have anything to hide. As the passenger, it would also help if you confirmed that you’re the passenger, so ask them who they’re here to pick up before entering the vehicle.

5. Check Driver Ratings

Rideshare apps have the facility for riders to leave reviews on completed rides. People can give feedback on their experience with their driver. It’s doubtful that a person would give a dishonest review, even though it’s possible. However, generally, these ratings provide a clear depiction of the type of driver you’re dealing with.

So, even before you accept a ride, check the rating. The higher the rating, the better. This increases your chances of having a successful trip. On the contrary, a poor rating is a red flag, and it might be wise to cancel the trip promptly.

6. Contact The Police

Now in some extreme cases where you feel threatened, unsafe, or if danger is imminent, call the police right away. You can also try yelling out the window to attract attention if you see people close by. It could be that the driver is harassing you, or maybe he’s taking suspicious routes. Whatever the case, if you feel unsafe, get help as soon as possible and try to exit the vehicle safely.


While ridesharing apps are great in many ways, riders still need to be vigilant, especially when using them at night. Remember, your safety is a top priority. So, consider the points mentioned above when using rideshare apps going forward.