Salcombe in Devon is The Most Expensive Seaside Town in All of Britain

Salcombe has seen significant transformation over the years and now draws some of the wealthiest visitors in the nation, but its remaining people continue to live there during the winter months when the second houses and yachts are docked.

Some locals worry that the town’s resources for basic necessities are inadequate because Salcombe heavily caters to the huge influx of wealthy tourists during the summer. There aren’t many convenience stores remaining, she claims.

Salcombe has lovely beaches and a subtropical environment, and more than 20,000 people can travel there during the summer. However, with just 1,800 people living there year-round, there is a significant difference in population.

High-end clothing stores now make up the majority of the little town’s downtown, while the number of individual enterprises is declining. Since high-end stores like Jack Wills opened its main store on the high street in 1999, Salcombe has gained popularity among tourists from London’s wealthiest neighbourhoods.

What stands out to you as you stroll through the town centre during the height of winter is the sheer volume of builders and construction projects going on. The most common things are drilling, scaffolding, and construction vehicles. Apartment owners prepare in the winter for the affluent travellers for the Easter and summer rush.

Salcombe has essentially been a construction site for the past 40 years, according to a local guy who has lived and worked in the area for many years. The issue is that wealthy Londoners want to claim they own property in Salcombe, similar to how New Yorkers claim to live in the Hamptons.

According to reports, Salcombe’s real estate market is the second-highest outside of London. Many developers visit Salcombe with the goal of making money.


Salcombe’s position as the most expensive seaside town in Britain is a well-deserved accolade, reflecting its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant community. From its opulent real estate market to its maritime legacy, the town offers a blend of exclusivity and authenticity that captivates residents and visitors alike. As Salcombe continues to thrive as a top-tier destination, its balance of luxury, heritage, and natural beauty will undoubtedly keep it a shining jewel among Britain’s seaside towns.