Ten Ideas for an Outstanding Trade Show Booth to Engage, Entertain, and Energise

There are a tonne of interesting and unusual things you should think about doing at your trade show booth that can greatly increase customer engagement with your product and, as a result, increase sales, whether you’re thinking about taking part in your very first trade show exhibition or are an experienced trade show booth user looking to improve your next booth.

Ten trade show booth ideas are provided below to engage, amuse, and invigorate your visitors and potential customers. Even if you only implement a few of the following suggestions at your next booth, they will guarantee that it will be your most successful trade show yet. Some of the following ideas are better suited to specific sorts of businesses and products, while others are universally applicable.

Live Test Products

Allowing on-site product testing for visitors to your trade show booth can be a great way to boost sales because they will be able to decide immediately whether or not your product is suited for them. Most of the time, people hesitate to make purchases out of concern that they would dislike them and wind up wasting their money. Allowing clients to try your goods in-person can also convey to them your implicit belief in and confidence in it, which may persuade them to make a purchase. Additionally, you have the option of providing free samples so that customers can test the goods in private before deciding whether to buy them.

Establish A Mood

A great trade show booth involves more than simply your merchandise. The atmosphere also plays a role. A happy booth that feels lively and lively will draw much more traffic and attention than a sad booth that feels dull and lifeless. To assist make your booth the place to be, consider adding intriguing lighting or playing some upbeat background music. Additionally, you can employ aromatherapy to entice visitors (think of invigorating aromas like lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint). On a more fundamental level, your booth should always be neat and orderly, so pay close attention to the little things when you’re setting it up.

Offer Discounts And Prizes

A fantastic method to boost sales at a trade show is to offer incentives to booth visitors who sign up for your service or buy your goods right away. There are numerous approaches you can take, and which one you choose will largely rely on the type of business you run. The most crucial thing to keep in mind, though, is to verify your budget and run some calculations beforehand to ensure that the offers you provide don’t ultimately affect your business.

Make It Instructive

Some individuals erroneously think that buyers have little interest in knowing why and how a product truly functions. The opposite is true, as you can see. Even if a sizable portion of people may not be interested, a lot of curious individuals actually feel better about making a purchase or enrolling in a service if they feel as though they truly understand it. In fact, a staggering 92% of people who visit trade shows claim they do so specifically to learn about new items.

A wonderful method to engage your guests and give them the impression that the item you are offering is authentic is to include an educational slideshow presentation, invite a subject-matter expert to speak, or offer printed materials for people to take and read about your product.

Social Media Use

A booth from the past is one that doesn’t take social media into account. Social media is here to stay, and trends indicate that using it to interact with your clients and give them a chance to interact with your company is a great method to boost sales. At the very least, ensure that your booth lists links to all of your social media accounts. Encourage your visitors to follow your Instagram page or check in on Facebook at your booth if you want to take it a step further. Feel free to reward their involvement with small rewards or one-time discounts.

Offer Free Stuff

You must provide some giveaways for customers to take home with them if you want to keep them interested in and enthusiastic about your business and product long after they have left. You wouldn’t want to be the lone booth that didn’t provide swag as other booths will do so. Logo pens will continue to be the most popular choice for trade exhibitions in 2023. Give away some branded pens as a result, or try something a little more creative, like golf caps or wine bottle openers. There are countless options, but you unquestionably need something. This is a clear cut decision.

Play Games And Run Contests

A friendly competition may really energise and enthuse the people that come to your booth. Create some light-hearted contests, like ring toss, or set up a reward wheel that participants may spin. You may also choose the older-style raffle ticket. Giveaway prizes to game winners, and then (with their consent) snap pictures of them to post on social media. The important thing to remember is that the more fun people have at your booth, the more positively and joyfully they will identify your business with, and who wouldn’t want that?

Selfie Hashtag

You may even think about including a “selfie station” or photo booth at your booth to emphasise the social media theme. The use of props and posing with items in front of a colourful backdrop will encourage visitors to take pictures and upload them to social media, which will improve the exposure of your business to their friends and followers who aren’t at the trade show.

Introduce New Products

Introducing new products is a fantastic strategy to maintain client excitement. They won’t only be eager to see what you’ve been working on for them; you’ll also reassure them that your business is still evolving and developing, suggesting that the best is yet to come rather than having already happened. You can even grant “first dibs” to your guests to test out new products when you introduce them at your trade show stand. They will feel valued as a result, leading them to make an immediate purchase.

Position, Position, Position

Last but not least, you should always give serious thought to where you want to put your trade show booth. Making the incorrect choice of location is a pretty common blunder for beginners. You wouldn’t want anyone to miss your booth, would you? Some trade exhibitions are so large that some attendees don’t make it all the way through. A central position is ideal because of this. However, you should also consider who your target market is and aim to position your booth where you anticipate they will spend the majority of their time. For instance, if you are selling beauty products, it is preferable to set up close to other beauty and wellness booths rather than close to booths selling other things.


Creating an outstanding trade show booth that engages, entertains, and energises attendees requires careful planning and creativity. By incorporating interactive elements, technology, engaging staff, and valuable content, you can leave a memorable impression on visitors. Remember that the key to a successful booth is to make it enjoyable, informative, and relevant to your target audience. By implementing these ten ideas, your trade show booth will stand out and make a lasting impact on both domestic and international audiences.