Best Investment Potential: DASH vs BCH

With hundreds of new cryptocurrencies materializing nearly every day, it can become challenging to find the right one to invest in. Moreover, some successful projects from past cycles get easily forgotten in this abundance of choice of new coins and tokens. 

Dash and Bitcoin Cash might not be the first choice for new gem hunters. However, these cryptocurrencies have shown a lot of resilience over time and have managed to grow strong communities. 

This article will help you decide which one between DASH vs BCH is a more solid investment in the mid and long term. Our fundamental analysis should give you a good idea of their value. Finally, the price predictions from reputable websites should provide a price range where you could be comfortable investing. 

What Is DASH?

Dash is a veteran cryptocurrency in the space, first released in 2014. Rebranded multiple times since its inception, Dash stands for Digital Cash, which it aims to achieve. It’s the precursor of the Proof-of-Stake mechanisms, as it uses masternodes to verify transactions. These masternodes are powerful computers that hold a large amount of DASH to be able to participate in the consensus. 

This way, rewards and penalties ensure that validator nodes remain honest in their work. The Dash protocol uses this mechanism to provide highly scalable transactions on its network. 

What’s more, Dash provides a high level of privacy to its users. Holders can opt in a privacy mode, where their data is obfuscated when sending DASH crypto. 

DASH Price Prediction

The website provides a decent bullish vision for DASH, considering the crypto is currently trading at $33. For 2025, they provide a target of $99.98 per coin, which equated to a 3x increase from the current price. 

For 2030, their analysts aim for $472.12 per DASH, which would be higher than the local high reached in 2021. 

What Is BCH?

Bitcoin Cash was born amidst the so-called block wars of 2017. During that period, a significant portion of the Bitcoin community felt that the original cryptocurrency veered away from its creator’s vision. Due to its low scalability, Bitcoin was too slow and expensive for daily usage, as Satoshi planned. 

As a result, the majority of its holders preferred to use it as a store of value instead of a digital currency. Bitcoin Cash was created with a larger block size, to allow more transactions to be included in each block. Initially, the BCH network increased the block size to 8 mb. In 2023, with a new update, this size was further increased to 32 mb. 

Since it’s a fork from the initial Bitcoin blockchain, BCH has some similarities, like the SHA-256 algorithm and a capped supply of 21 million coins. However, unlike Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash supports smart contracts and dApp deployment. This feature brings it closer to networks like Ethereum and Solana than Bitcoin itself. 

BCH Price Forecast

BCH recently surges amidst rumors that some institutions might adopt it over Bitcoin. The price went from $110 to $320 in a matter of days, proving that even more established coins can experience strong volatility. expects BCH to reach $794.17 in 2025. For the long term, the website provides a target of $5,251.38 for 2030. Could be a great opportunity for Bitcoin holders with better upside potential than a BTC to ETH exchange. 

DASH vs BCH: Market Performance

When looking at DASH and BCH charts, we can see similar performances. The coins have strong communities, and their high volumes allow them to gain significant value in bullish cycles. However, BCH seems to have a more active Web3 community with a good pool of developers deploying dApps in its ecosystem.  

DASH vs BCH: Best Option for the Investor

Dash and Bitcoin Cash are veterans in the crypto space and have undergone a couple of market cycles to prove their resilience. Unfortunately for DASH, Proof-of-Stake blockchains have appeared in numbers and propose better technology than this digital currency. Bitcoin Cash has managed to stay afloat proposing new tools for developers and its growing community.