Liquid Death, A US Beverage Brand, Names Its First UK Agency

Liquid Death, a US beverage company, has hired Eulogy as its first UK agency to handle all communications when it enters the market. The $700 million, rapidly expanding firm, which makes canned beverages like water, has recruited Eulogy to handle all UK communications.

Most recently, the company worked with American TV personality Martha Stewart to create a $58 dismembered hand candle. The company partners with Moxie Communications Group in the US.

About Liquid Death

Mike Cessario started the company Liquid Death, which sells canned water. “Murder your thirst” is the company’s motto. By 2023, Wilderness Asset Holdings LLC in Virginia, US, will be canning its water. In January 2019, the beverage’s website started taking orders from customers. Supplying Demand, Inc. is its maker.

Natural minerals found in Liquid Death water, which comes from a deep mountain source shielded by a few hundred feet of stone, not only benefit your body but also quench your thirst.

After witnessing concertgoers at a Vans Warped Tour in 2009 sipping water from Monster Energy cans to stay hydrated, graphic designer and native Delawarean Mike Cessario was inspired to develop Liquid Death. Cessario said he questioned why no one has promoted water in a way akin to Monster. Cessario prioritised interest in his marketing strategy because he thought it would lead to natural social media sharing.

About Eulogy

Eulogy is a top 20 independent, award-winning creative communications agency with expertise in social media and digital strategy, delivery, and activation. It has a track record in consumer, business, and corporate PR consulting.

You don’t get to live for 27 years in such a cutthroat industry without picking up a few tips on creative communications. And Eulogy have not only survived, but even thrived.

A diversified clientele and a preference for producing exciting and gratifying work for consumer brands, corporate organisations, and business services in the UK and around the world are the results of such phenomenal success.