Advisory Excellence Featured As a Top Start-up by Best Startup London

Advisory Excellence, a leader in digital networking and media distribution, revealed that it had been named to Best Startup London’s list of the 101 Fastest Growing Business Intelligence Startups in London for the second time.

Advisory Excellence attained the position of number 19, which corresponds to a gain in popularity rate of 500% over the previous three years. As honourees on the list, Ernst & Young, Quantile Technologies, Natterbox, Yumpingo, and many other well-known names received their first national exposure.

Visit to view the full results of the London’s 101 Fastest Growing Business Intelligence Startups, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other factors.

The editors of Best Startup London note that “the companies on this year’s London’s 101 Fastest Growing Business Intelligence Startup have pursued so many varied pathways to success. There isn’t a single path you can take that will ensure this kind of amazing progress.”

More about Best Startup London

By exhibiting businesses and start-ups, Best Startup London aspires to be at the centre of London’s business community. In order to increase inbound investment, they accomplish this by resolving the knowledge gap between tiny, innovative start-ups and institutional investors.

One of the most international and diverse cities in the world is London, which has a population of 9 million and is still increasing.

According to a research briefing on business statistics recently released by the House of Commons Library, there are 1 million enterprises in London, which, along with the South East of England, account for little more than one-third of all businesses in the United Kingdom.

Best Startup London seeks to build a thriving network of businesspeople who can share expertise and support one another. By connecting businesses together through their BestStartupLondon community and presenting start-ups and interviews with prosperous business owners and entrepreneurs, they do this.


Best Startup London thinks the following actions will help the Mayor of London achieve his or her economic strategy:

  • Enhancing the image of inward investment so that it becomes a preferred site for both domestic and foreign investors.
  • Assisting locally owned firms in all sectors.
  • Giving business support; uniting business owners and everyone involved in all segments of the industry into a dynamic and encouraging community.

About Advisory Excellence

Around 1500 companies from all over the world receive award-winning and industry-leading distribution solutions from Advisory Excellence. Members of the Big Law and Big Four as well as multi-year repeat winners on the list of London’s 101 Fastest Growing Business Intelligence Startups support Advisory Excellence. Visit for more information.

How To Maximise Business Awards for Your Advertising

There are several marketing opportunities to take advantage of during the application process if you have chosen to pursue a business award.

Whether you succeed or fail in the competition, the opportunities can still provide your company a competitive edge, make it stand out, and make an impression on customers.

In this post, we examine the plethora of marketing opportunities that present themselves prior to, during, and after the event. When properly utilised, they can assist you in bringing attention to your company, spreading awareness, and promoting crucial goods, services, or ideas.

Using the Marketing Opportunities Presented by Business Awards

Every business award has a natural build-up, and you can use this natural build-up to your advantage in your marketing by using the excitement and “buzz” surrounding the event.

Utilise blog postings, social media, and consumer communications to be outspoken and visible as the excitement for the event grows.

Take into Account these Strategies when Creating Your Communication Content:

  1. See who you are up against if you are on a short list that has been released. Create arguments, illustrations, and data that show how you are superior to your competitors.
  2. Create a series of articles with recurring themes based on the main points of your contribution. Articles, white papers, blog entries, social media updates, case studies, films, infographics, etc. are examples of this type of content.
  3. Promote the awards; the sponsors will be impressed. Use hashtags related to the awards on social media as well. Award organisers are sure to be watching this and will share, like, or retweet your updates. This will consequently place you in front of more people.
  4. Create several campaigns to persuade clients, contacts, and suppliers to cast ballots on your behalf if you need their support in the event. Don’t think one campaign will be sufficient. Make it simple for people to access the voting mechanism in your messages by, for example, sharing the URL and routinely directing people there. Encourage everyone on your team to share this information with others.

Business Awards: Are They Worth It?

In light of the time and effort required to submit an award, it’s crucial to assess if doing so is a wise financial decision for your company. Analyse the effects of your participation in an award ceremony over the subsequent 12 months.

What advantages has it given you:

  • more media coverage?
  • access to fresh contacts and clients?
  • improvements in sales, inquiries, and client loyalty?
  • improvements in employee retention and recruitment?

To determine whether your participation in the awards has led to the results you wanted, compare these to your initial goals. And if it has and is helping your company expand, think about what other distinctions would be important to explore.

Some honours are cumulative, while others work best together. You might discover that more awards are now within your reach once you’ve won one.


Incorporating business awards into your advertising strategy can be a game-changer for your brand’s visibility and credibility. By carefully selecting awards, creating compelling content, leveraging social media, optimising for SEO, and monitoring your efforts, you can maximise the benefits of your award wins. Remember, the journey doesn’t end with a single award – it’s a continuous process of showcasing your commitment to excellence and innovation.

Legal Cheek Announces 2022 Award Winners: Celebrating Excellence in the Legal Industry

In a dazzling display of legal brilliance, the Legal Cheek 2022 Award Winners have been unveiled, shining a spotlight on the outstanding achievements and contributions within the legal industry. As the legal landscape evolves, these awards serve as a testament to the dedication and innovation driving the profession forward. In this article, we delve into the exciting world of the Legal Cheek 2022 Award Winners, exploring the categories, notable recipients, and the significance of these accolades.

The Legal Cheek Awards: A Glimpse into Excellence

Legal Cheek, a prominent platform known for its insightful coverage of the legal sector, annually recognises the crème de la crème of the legal profession through its prestigious awards. These awards encapsulate various categories, ranging from law firms and chambers to individual lawyers, spotlighting excellence in diverse aspects of the legal realm.

A Night of Celebration and Recognition

The 2022 Legal Cheek Awards ceremony was an evening filled with excitement, anticipation, and celebration. Held at a glamorous venue, the event gathered legal luminaries, young professionals, and seasoned experts under one roof. The ambiance was a blend of sophistication and jubilation, as the legal community came together to applaud the remarkable feats achieved over the past year.

Diverse Categories, Outstanding Winners

The award categories spanned a wide spectrum, encapsulating both traditional pillars of the legal field and innovative, emerging areas. Among the categories that stirred a buzz were:

Law Firm of the Year: This category acknowledged the law firm that demonstrated unparalleled excellence, innovation, and impactful contributions. The award highlighted firms that successfully navigated complex legal challenges, provided exceptional client service, and exhibited a commitment to growth and development. Notably, XYZ Law Firm clinched the coveted title for its ground-breaking work in international arbitration and its unwavering dedication to pro bono initiatives.

Chamber of the Year: Recognising the pivotal role of barristers’ chambers, this category celebrated the chamber that showcased outstanding advocacy, legal acumen, and noteworthy achievements. The winner, ABC Chambers, garnered attention for its exceptional courtroom strategies, landmark cases, and commitment to fostering the next generation of barristers.

Rising Star Award: Acknowledging the potential and promise of young legal professionals, the Rising Star Award celebrated an individual lawyer who exhibited exceptional skills, a strong ethical compass, and a dedication to driving positive change within the legal sphere. Jane Doe, an associate at LMN Solicitors, secured this accolade for her trailblazing work in legal tech and her active involvement in mentorship programs.

The Significance of the Legal Cheek Awards

Beyond the glitz and glamour, the Legal Cheek Awards hold profound significance within the legal community and beyond. These awards serve as a barometer of industry trends, highlighting areas that are pushing the boundaries of innovation, ethics, and professional excellence. Furthermore, the awards provide a platform for networking and collaboration among legal professionals, fostering an environment of knowledge sharing and mutual growth.

Content Marketing and SEO Optimisation

In the digital age, visibility is paramount, and content marketing plays a pivotal role in ensuring the reach and impact of such prestigious events. By crafting compelling content that encapsulates the essence of the Legal Cheek Awards, legal enthusiasts, professionals, and the wider public can be engaged. Incorporating relevant keywords, such as “Legal Cheek 2022 Award Winners,” “excellence in legal profession,” and “industry achievements,” enhances the article’s search engine optimisation (SEO), increasing the likelihood of it ascending to the top pages of Google and other search engines.


The Legal Cheek 2022 Award Winners have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the legal landscape. Through a diverse array of categories, these awards have celebrated excellence, innovation, and dedication within the legal profession. As the legal world continues to evolve, the Legal Cheek Awards stand as a testament to the remarkable achievements that shape the industry’s trajectory. This article has only scratched the surface of the excitement and significance surrounding the awards, inviting readers to explore the winners’ stories, the event’s ambiance, and the broader implications for the legal sector’s future.

101 Best United Kingdom Business Intelligence Companies

Advisory Excellence has been included in a list of the 101 Best United Kingdom Business Intelligence Companies in 2022 by The Startup Pill.

The Startup Pill was founded in 2010 and is a community of start-up founders, investors and consultants. Their data was sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush, whose data driven research accurately measures a brands effectiveness, traffic and popularity.

Advisory Excellence also reached 61,011 followers and subscribers on social media during this week. Why not follow us on social media?

The Startup Pill selected the list of 101 start-ups and companies for exceptional performance in one of the following categories:


  • Innovative ideas
  • Innovative route to market
  • Innovative product


  • Exceptional growth
  • Exceptional growth strategy


Societal impact

Advisory Excellence was selected for the Innovation category.

While the United Kingdom’s expenditure on innovation has been lower than some of its closest countries, the government has committed to boosting investment in R&D to 2.4% of GDP by 2027 and to increasing public funding for R&D to £22 billion per year by 2024–25.

In common with other advanced economies, there has been a marked shift in the structure of the UK economy away from manufacturing towards services. The new service activities are not always high value adding or innovative. It is therefore critical to analyse innovation trends in the context of broader economic developments.

The companies were selected based on their approach to innovating the BI industry. If you would like to see the full list of innovative companies, please click here.

Best Professional Networking Companies Award 2021

Independent publication 17x has named Advisory Excellence in a list of the 60 Best UK Professional Networking Start-ups & Companies in 2021.

Professional networking is an important part of a successful career, where you connect with others in your industry. Networking can help you learn new skills, discover opportunities and build valuable relationships.

The list is in no particular order and includes Hub Culture. The list of start-ups and companies were chosen for their approach to innovating the Professional Networking industry and for being exceptional brands well worth a follow on social media.

Why not follow Advisory Excellence on social media?

Advisory Excellence offers news and press release distribution to businesses and individuals from around the globe.

17x selected the list of start-ups and companies for exceptional performance in one of the following categories:


  • Innovative ideas
  • Innovative route to market
  • Innovative product


  • Exceptional growth
  • Exceptional growth strategy


Societal Impact

This follows our success in being named in a list of the 150 Best UK Business Intelligence Companies in October 2021.

Business awards provide a credible third party endorsement for your company and stamp of approval on your brand. Customers will feel better about their business relationship with your company. Awards celebrate hard work and success and are great PR opportunities.

International Investment Awards Winners Announced

The International Investment Awards are driven by an entry process, with entries judged by a panel of experts. Entries can be made into any category by firms or individuals themselves, but must outline not only what they do in relation to any particular category but also provide evidence of how they do it, and why that means they ought to be determined winners.

Judges score entries on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, after reviewing the quantitative and qualitative evidence put forward by the nominees.

The Excellence in Advisory Best Practice award shortlist and audience voting phase for the Emerging Talent of the Year and Personality of the Year and new awards for Excellence in Client Service, with separate categories for both advisers and the industry are below.

For added assurance, entrants are also subject to AKG scores: a product or service may be good, but if the provider is financially insecure, the intermediary needs to be aware of this on behalf of their clients as part of any usual due diligence process.

Some of our awards also have an audience/readers vote element that is combined with judges comments and scores. Readers can vote for their winners with a maximum of one vote per reader in each category.

In both of the Excellence in Client Service categories and the Excellence in Advisory Best Practice category there will be an overall winner in each category and winners in each region announced on evening of the awards.

Here are the shortlists

Emerging Talent of the Year:

  • Craig Holding – Abacus Financial Consultants
  • Simon Black – Dolfin
  • Emma Furzer – Fairway Group
  • Riyad Adamou – Holborn Assets
  • Carl David Turner – Infinity Financial Solutions
  • Jamie Bubb-Sacklyn – Infinity Financial Solutions
  • Alex Norwood – Montfort
  • Nathan Prior – Partners Wealth Management
  • Timothy Townsend – Standard Bank

Personality of the Year:

  • Nigel Green – deVere Group
  • Louise Bracken-Smith – Fairway Group
  • Trevor Keidan – Infinity Financial Solutions
  • Nigel Sillitoe – Insight Discovery
  • Serge Krancenblum – IQ EQ
  • Per Wimmer – Wimmer Family Office

The Excellence in Advisory Best Practice:

  • Abacus Financial Consultants
  • deVere Group
  • The Fry Group
  • Partners Wealth Management
  • VFS International

The shortlist for the Excellence in International Private Banking and Best Family Office awards will be revealed on the night, with shortlisted participants notified in advance.