Create a Sustainable Action Plan: Key Steps for Effective Waste Management in Community Clean-Up Initiatives

A lot of our communities in the United States are in dire need of cleaning. Unfortunately, most of the neighbourhoods that need to be cleaned are low-income ones. Such areas tend also to have high crime rates which makes community efforts somewhat difficult to organise.

If you are somebody living in a particularly dirty area, now’s the time to take action. Creating a sustainable action plan can help you to ensure your community clean-up initiative goes smoothly. Obviously, if you have never had to create such a plan before then you will have no idea how to. This post will help you with this:

Dump Trailers

If you are launching an initiative to clean your neighbourhood up, think about where you are going to discard waste. One easy way of cleaning up excess mess is to hire a dump trailer. Dump trailers make debris removal significantly easier than they otherwise would. Without a trailer (or a skip, which is a smaller version of the same thing) you won’t be able to get rid of waste in a sustainable way. Make sure that the trailer you hire conforms to the waste that is going inside of it.

When you are discarding rubbish and waste, it is important to ensure that plastics go with plastics and papers with papers. Biodegradable materials should always be thrown away alongside other biodegradable materials so that they can break down over time and not end up in landfills sitting alongside vast piles of plastic and synthetics. Dump trailers come in many different shapes, types, and sizes so they are one of the best things you can invest in for your community’s clean-up efforts. They are very affordable too.

Enlisting Support

In your local community, enlist the help of individuals who’re interested in keeping their neighbourhood safe and clean. If you do not know anybody in your neighbourhood or community then you can get to know them by canvassing and handing out leaflets. Alternatively, you can ask somebody you do know to tell people they know to get in touch with you and get involved. Enlisting the support of locals is probably the best way to keep your area safe and clean because nobody other than you and they are going to care enough about where you live to want to devote their time to cleaning up.

Bear in mind, enlisting the help of locals might not be easy if you are not compensating them for their time. Getting people to volunteer in this day and age when people’s lives are so busy and consumed by money can be an impossible feat. Even so, give it a go and get out and meet people in your area. Be sure to print flyers and posters so that people can learn about your local efforts and initiative. Printing out flyers is not something that takes a lot of time and can be arranged for next to nothing.

Environmental Clean-up

When people want to make a change in their local community and start cleaning things up, it’s good to think about the environment as well. Right now, more than ever, environmental concerns are paramount to communal clean-up efforts. If you do not think about the environment then you will not be able to make a change for the better. If your local neighbourhood is messy, there is a very strong chance that pollution has also occurred. Pollution in your area can have a detrimental effect on the environment and cause damage to fauna and flora.

If you think that pollution has occurred then there may be a government body or office that you can get in touch with to get a professional, trained clean-up crew dispatched to begin clearing away any mess or debris. If you come across hazardous waste, i.e., chemicals or radioactive materials, while you are conducting your own checks, you need to tell the police or relevant government body. Keeping such discoveries to yourself can actually be illegal in some places so it is something that you must never hide lest you get into trouble.

Creating Council

If you want to clean up your community, you may want to create a kind of council. Creating a council where the most committed, passionate individuals get more of a say over how the community is cleaned up can help to keep things running smoothly. Before you can create a council though, you again are going to need to gather together as many people as you can and invest the local community in your clean-up efforts. If you can, try to source funding from your local government so that you can compensate people for their time. By acquiring funding you can make your clean-up efforts much easier.

If you are interested in getting funding for your clean-up efforts then you might want to write a letter to your local government representative. If they do not respond then you could form a petition. If you get a lot of people in your area to sign it, it could motivate the local government to take action. Make sure that you do not embellish or exaggerate in your petition. You need to stick to the facts as much as you can and ensure that you do as you say that you are going to do.

Consistent Efforts

Let’s be honest: community clean-ups can take a long time. Finding appropriate timeslots where everybody can be present and participate can be extremely difficult. If you are planning on launching a community clean-up then you need to take this into consideration. If you are not consistent in your efforts then you won’t be able to make significant changes happen. Bear in mind that if everybody is not as passionate as you then things won’t progress as smoothly. Make sure that everybody you involve cares as much about keeping the environment clean as you do.

Creating an action plan for your community clean-up is one of the best things that you can do if your community is very dirty. A dirty neighbourhood can be a breeding ground for viruses, diseases, pests and germs. Clean yours up now if these things are present.