Brazilian Law Office is Finalist for Lloyd’s List Americas

Promare is among the seven finalist offices of the international award, organised by Informa Group, the Lloyd´s List Americas Awards. The law firm competes in the “Maritime Law Excellence” category and the result will be announced at a ceremony in Houston on September 24.

In a remarkable feat of legal excellence, a prominent Brazilian law office has secured its position as a finalist for the highly coveted Lloyd’s List Americas Award. This prestigious recognition not only reflects the law office’s commitment to maritime law but also highlights its contributions to the industry’s growth and development. As a testament to its expertise and dedication, the law office’s recognition has reverberated across the legal and maritime sectors. This article delves into the significance of this achievement and the reasons behind the law office’s standout performance.

The law firm is based in North-Northeast Brazil and is competing for the Americas prize against the largest law firms in the United States, being the only Latin American law firm on the finalist list. This is the top prize in the entire Shipping industry.

Lloyd’s List Americas

Lloyd’s List Americas is the industry awards program that recognises and rewards excellence in all fields of the maritime industry. Through extensive research with players in the segment, Lloyd’s publishes a list of finalists, who are judged and chosen as the best by a community of associations and industry leaders, making the Lloyds List Awards a highly desirable award of distinction.

The exclusive maritime event will feature two expert-led discussions on how marine fuels have advanced and how they meet decarbonisation targets, coupled with the presentation of awards judged by a panel of data-proven associations and industry leaders.

The law firm was founded in 1999 focused on maritime commerce based in the north- northeast of Brazil with national and international reach. The law firm provides advice on maritime commerce with simple but legally safe business transactions, offering a pragmatic approach to all the areas that are strategic to the operation and expansion of a businesses in this sector.

Defending the Logistics of Northern Arc

Promare is a dynamic, modern office with traditional values based on commitment, proactivity, passion, integrity, strategic vision and results.

The North-Northeast runs through our veins and in recent years we have been hard at defending the logistics of Northern Arc and the players that use it. We operate in the region in Emergency Response system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in situations of Shipping casualties and incidents.

We are extremely honoured to be part of the Lloyd’s List Americas 2019 exclusive shortlist. We thank all our staff for their excellent work and all our clients and partners for their trust. Honoured to be representing our country and the North-Northeast region!


The Brazilian law office’s recognition as a finalist for the Lloyd’s List Americas Award is a testament to its exceptional contributions to maritime law, industry growth, and sustainable practices. With an innovative approach, client-centric focus, and a penchant for establishing impactful legal precedents, the law office has solidified its position as a leading legal authority in the maritime sector. As the firm continues to evolve, its journey serves as an inspiration to legal professionals and industry stakeholders alike, setting new standards for excellence in maritime law.

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