Boat Rental 101: 6 Ways To Keep Your Clients Safe And Happy

Boat rentals are some of the in-demand businesses today. Apart from the vast range of benefits boating provides, the onset of the pandemic made boating one of the best leisure activities one could enjoy without much exposure to the illness. In addition, this is one of the businesses attributed to the rising experience economies around the globe.

Suppose you’re planning to manage or already running a boat rental business. In that case, you need to identify how to attract customers consistently. One of these is to keep your clients safe and happy. For this purpose, here’s an article to guide you. So, read on.

Rental boats in an marina during sunrise

1. Offer Clear Boat Trip Orientation

Among the many offers, a boat rental business should provide. This may entail the safety protocols and reminders including the following:

  • proper wearing of life jackets
  • taking a boat safety course, especially for people who’d manoeuvre the boats
  • safe boating speed
  • familiarising safety devices, such as fire extinguishers, flares, and safety buoys

In addition, the orientation could also include the things one must do after a boating accident to give ideas about this circumstance. This may include the administration of first aid, contacting the authority or boat owner, and legal entities, such as Sadaka Attorneys or other law firms within the vicinity.

Apart from these, the orientation may also include an explanation of your business’ terms and regulations. You can also explain every detail in the rental contract. That way, you can clearly discuss their responsibilities as a renter and their liabilities, if in any case, they incur any damages.

2. Collaborate With Other Marina Businesses

Working with other businesses opens doors to more opportunities. You could partner with a seafood restaurant or a hotel that you could advertise in your business. You may also look for diving tutorial companies who can help you provide more activities to your renters.

In return, your partners may also advertise your boat rental in their circle of clients for an expanded area of operation. For better results, you may offer service packages in collaboration with other businesses that’d probably cost less if availed in promotional deals.

3. Provide Top-Notch Boats

The lifeblood of every boat rental business is its boat. If you own one, you may need to invest in the different types of boats, so your customers will have a wide range of options. The more choices you offer, the more unique your customer’s boating experience will be. In addition, the considerable number of vessels gives out a message that you’re a credible company and you are capable for large-scale rentals.

If you want to invest in the best boats that can pique the interests of your clients, here are some suggestions:


This is one of the most acceptable options for international locations. This could accommodate a lot of guests at the same time and the potential for higher rental rates because of its size and comfortability. However, yachts are typically expensive and may need more rigorous maintenance. But if you have the budget, yachts are great investments that you won’t regret.


This option is ideal for people who seek instant diving spots, including scuba diving. Aside from its recreational purpose, authorities could also rent this watercraft for rescuing reasons as it could quickly strike through waves easily.

In choosing a speedboat, you may check its seaworthiness, speed, and ease of handling. Moreover, you must consider its capacity and functionality features.

Also, don’t forget to research if it’s easy to maintain and make sure that the basic parts are readily available if you’ll encounter mechanical problems in the future.


These kinds of watercraft are perfect for big groups, such as families. Generally, it has a capacity to accommodate between 6 to 10 people, but more prominent types could have more. One of the best features of bowriders is their suitability for adding party and water sports features that many tourists enjoy. In choosing a bowrider, you may consider its power (through its outboard engine), stowage room, and ease of operation.

Wakeboard & Ski Boat

Since its function is to pull a water skier, you may look for a high-powered boat. You may not have a big deck, as fewer people on board are ideal for this activity. In addition to what you should check, you may consider the watercraft’s ease of handling and durability.

Offer Freebies & Discounts

Apart from your collaboration with other businesses, you may offer discounts and freebies on your own. During high seasons, you may offer discounts in rental prices, especially if the renters are loyal clients or if they rent in bulk schedules.

On low seasons, you could also offer a lower-priced rental matrix. In addition, your company can launch special events, such as free training on boat launching, diving, boat safety, and sea

survival skills. These promotional events are sure-fire marketing strategies that can boost customer retention, new customer referrals, and higher revenue.

5. Consider Hiring The Experienced Staff

While hiring newbies could save you money, employing experienced staff will likely save you time and effort. Accordingly, you could have them work as soon as your business is ready. In defining experience, you may consider the different experiences of the staff as a diver, boat captain, trainer, and customer representative in a boat rental business.

Despite your staff’s experience, you may need to continuously train them to make them more versatile with regards to their job. If possible, you could upskill and cross-skill your team so they could function at best in any position they’re designated.

6. Invest In Safety

Aside from safety training, you may need to consider buying safety equipment to be placed in your watercraft and also in your business premises. In line with this, you need to purchase high- quality buoys, flares, lights, fire extinguishers, and radios. Since most of these have expiration dates, consider checking them regularly and replacing them if necessary.

Wrapping Up

As the adage says, ‘Success is not the key to happiness, but happiness is the key to success.’ In the context of your boat rental business, keeping your customers happy builds your connection with them, which results in satisfaction, customer retention, and high chances of business growth. Apart from this, keeping their boating experience safe is a plus factor to consider.

The ideas in this article could help you achieve these goals, although these tips may not guarantee overnight success, keeping your customers happy may help your boat rental business thrive in the long run.

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  1. Mia Evans
    Mia Evans says:

    I totally agree when you said that businesses offering boats for hire should have various options for their customers. For example, our family is going to try this experience for the first time in the summer. So we still have no idea what kind of vessel we should choose for our family, especially when we want something that will be comfortable for us.


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