Berraies Law Firm Announcement

Dear Members, Subscribers and Readers of Advisory Excellence,

Berraies Law Firm is happy to announce that we joined the Advisory Excellence network, as their exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law firm in Tunisia.

Berraies Law Firm is dedicated to assisting clients in every aspect of business life, founded by Mr. Abdessattar Berraies with the collaboration of Multidisciplinary Tunisian Lawyers to provide clients with legal services in the direction of the business and advise foreign companies in investment operations.

We aim to meet all the legal needs related to professional projects, both at national and international levels.

Thank you for your interest in Berraies Law Firm.

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +216 53 91 23 66
Mob: +216 93 99 09 78
Address: 31, Avenue Alain Savary Immeuble <<SAVARY CENTER>> 5éme étage, Tunis, Tunisie

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