At 103 Colmore Row, Browne Jacobson Opens New Birmingham Office

In order to prepare for future growth in the West Midlands, Browne Jacobson has launched its new look office at 103 Colmore Row, the city’s newest flagship commercial development.

103 A 108-meter-tall, 26-story commercial office skyscraper called Colmore Row is situated on Colmore Row in Birmingham, England. This structure replaced the previous NatWest Tower, which John Madin designed and finished in 1975.

The company reported record earnings of £94 million for the fiscal year 2021–2022; the Birmingham office had double-digit revenue growth, with earnings reaching over £23 million. The turnover increased by 30% as a result of this increase since 2019.

The new multi-functional area on the 15th Floor of the iconic building offers an improved working environment for its workers and clients thanks to the collaboration with office design and fit out professionals, Office Innovations.

In favour of more adaptable, collaborative workspaces that double as client conference rooms or private offices, the company has cut the number of traditional desks by 40%.

To complement its hybrid working approach, the company has implemented the most recent developments in video conferencing technology. In line with its commitment to more positive working environments the Browne Jacobson – Office Innovations design team has also introduced living walls alongside a series of images, chosen by staff, that capture the essence of the city.

The team also sought assistance from the company’s Disability Networks Group on how to make the new area as inclusive and accessible as feasible. As a result, in addition to male and female restrooms, the company has added height-adjustable work surfaces in the bistro-style kitchen area.

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