Advisory Excellence Website Gets 10k Clicks Monthly via Google Search

More website clicks is what a marketer or business owner would like most in the world. What frequently follows that? More customers to buy your product or services. In fact, 61% of marketers claim that generating traffic and leads is their top difficulty.

Advisory Excellence Website Gets 10k Clicks Monthly via Google Search

Advisory Excellence Website Gets 10k Clicks Monthly via Google Search

If we build a content strategy around what we know about the research people are conducting and directly address those research terms, we may attract customers early in the purchase cycle. Bingo if our material contains a distinct call to action that points to our goods and services.

Customer retention and loyalty is transparency’s main advantage, which is why we love showing what goes on behind the scenes.

How to Use Content to Increase Website Traffic

A spoiler alert: content is necessary for increased website visitors. So feel free to skip this part if you intend to. I’ll watch to see whether you skip back up in ten seconds after realising that you can’t utilise any of the other tactics without high-quality content.

Establish a Business Blog

Your company needs a blog above all else so that you can consistently provide informative, in-depth information on your website. This cannot be negotiated.

  • Businesses who blog see a 97% increase in links to their websites.
  • Businesses who blog receive 55% more traffic to their websites than those who don’t.
  • Bloggers are 13 times more likely to produce a profitable return on investment.

While news and popular topics may temporarily increase your traffic, they are not worth the time and effort. Focus your material on subjects that your audience will always find interesting. Over time, these evergreen posts will attract traffic and links, especially if you update them frequently.

Create Catchy Headlines

One of the most crucial aspects of your material is the headline. In fact, studies have shown that good blog headlines can increase traffic by 500%. Even the most in-depth blog post won’t get read if it doesn’t have a catchy headline. Learn the craft of writing headlines so that people would select your content on the SERP.

Request Guest Posts from People for Your Website

Not only can you expand your topics and viewpoints with the help of guest authors, but they’ll also want to share the piece with their network and include a link to it on their website, which can attract more readers to your site. Just make sure you only publish original, high-quality content.

Make Amazing Images

Use design applications like Canva to visualise data, recreate charts, and illustrate ideas. Your website will receive links from other websites that utilise your photographs. Additionally, Google is including more photos in its standard search results, which gives you more chances to rank and raise the attraction of your result.

Including Video

Text-based material is fine, but video may draw in more viewers and keep them watching.  Include videos in your blog entries so that they can be found through video search engines. Directly in your video, provide call to action buttons that link viewers to your website.

How to Use SEO to Get More People to Your Website

Therefore, all of the aforementioned strategies have one flaw. They won’t bring visitors to your website if they can’t be found. You also need an search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy because 71% of Google search traffic hits go to the first page.

SEO is the process of making a website more search engine friendly so that it will appear higher in search results for pertinent queries.

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