Advisory Excellence Featured As a Top Start-up by Best Startup London

Advisory Excellence, a leader in digital networking and media distribution, revealed that it had been named to Best Startup London’s list of the 101 Fastest Growing Business Intelligence Startups in London for the second time.

Advisory Excellence attained the position of number 19, which corresponds to a gain in popularity rate of 500% over the previous three years. As honourees on the list, Ernst & Young, Quantile Technologies, Natterbox, Yumpingo, and many other well-known names received their first national exposure.

Visit to view the full results of the London’s 101 Fastest Growing Business Intelligence Startups, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other factors.

The editors of Best Startup London note that “the companies on this year’s London’s 101 Fastest Growing Business Intelligence Startup have pursued so many varied pathways to success. There isn’t a single path you can take that will ensure this kind of amazing progress.”

More about Best Startup London

By exhibiting businesses and start-ups, Best Startup London aspires to be at the centre of London’s business community. In order to increase inbound investment, they accomplish this by resolving the knowledge gap between tiny, innovative start-ups and institutional investors.

One of the most international and diverse cities in the world is London, which has a population of 9 million and is still increasing.

According to a research briefing on business statistics recently released by the House of Commons Library, there are 1 million enterprises in London, which, along with the South East of England, account for little more than one-third of all businesses in the United Kingdom.

Best Startup London seeks to build a thriving network of businesspeople who can share expertise and support one another. By connecting businesses together through their BestStartupLondon community and presenting start-ups and interviews with prosperous business owners and entrepreneurs, they do this.


Best Startup London thinks the following actions will help the Mayor of London achieve his or her economic strategy:

  • Enhancing the image of inward investment so that it becomes a preferred site for both domestic and foreign investors.
  • Assisting locally owned firms in all sectors.
  • Giving business support; uniting business owners and everyone involved in all segments of the industry into a dynamic and encouraging community.

About Advisory Excellence

Around 1500 companies from all over the world receive award-winning and industry-leading distribution solutions from Advisory Excellence. Members of the Big Law and Big Four as well as multi-year repeat winners on the list of London’s 101 Fastest Growing Business Intelligence Startups support Advisory Excellence. Visit for more information.

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