5 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer About Your Case

Personal injury, whether from a minor slip and fall or a devastating car accident, can throw your life off course. After an injury, you may incur expensive medical costs, take days off and lose work wages, and deal with a stressful compensation claim process.

To make it easier for you, calling a trusted personal injury lawyer is best. These experts are trained and know personal injury laws and can help build and fight for your case. While they can take most of the work, you must learn more about your case to know what to expect and ensure that you and your lawyer are on the same page.

Here are some questions to ask your personal injury attorney:

1. What’s The Law In My Area?

Laws and regulations about personal injury claims generally vary by state. For instance, in Florida, the statute of limitations to file an injury claim is four years, whereas, in California, it’s two years.

Thus, your lawyer must know your local area’s legal requirements and regulations. So, suppose you were injured in Jacksonville, Florida. In that case, you should work with a personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville who have the knowledge and experience of specific laws and regulations in your area.

Being familiar with the law in your area and hiring a local lawyer allows you to understand your case’s requirements and proceedings fully.

2. Can You Handle My Case?

Regardless of how good a lawyer is, the best ones know their limits. While it’s often generalised, personal injury cases are a broad category–whether caused by a car crash, work accident, or a slip and fall while on your neighbour’s property.

As such, it’s essential to understand if your lawyer has experience with a case like yours. As a good start, you can ask them the types of cases they’ve handled in the past and how many years they have been handling personal injury cases. You can also inquire about their industry track record, case results, and success rates.

That said, assessing if your lawyer has enough knowledge and experience to work on your case can help ensure you win and get the fairest compensation.

3. What Is My Role?

While you’re hiring a lawyer to have someone knowledgeable of the law defend you, it’s still essential to understand your role and what is expected from you. That way, you can be involved and better understand the process.

Ask your lawyer to outline the different steps involved in your case and how you can contribute. On the other hand, if you wish to leave everything to them, communicate with your lawyer about your professional relationship to ensure you’re on the same page regarding the work that needs to be done.

4. What Do You Think Of My Case?

As a victim, it’s easy to assume that your case is as simple as getting substantial compensation because you were injured. However, accidents and injuries are very different, and the legal world can be pretty confusing regarding the rules and regulations. An unbiased and objective expert can assess your case and advise you on your next steps.

In addition, you can also ask your personal injury lawyer about your case’s value. Generally, an experienced lawyer should be able to provide you with a rough estimate of how much they think your personal injury case is worth. Knowing the value of your case is essential to determine if it’s worth putting in the time and effort to pursue it.

However, be wary of unrealistic estimates. It’s essential to know that each case is different, so there’s no set amount for any injury. Moreover, unique conditions and the people involved can influence the worth of your case. As such, no lawyer can guarantee the exact amount you can get.

5. How Long Will It Take?

Case processing and negotiations can take quite a while, particularly if you’ve suffered severe injuries and damages. Moreover, there are numerous variables to consider including court calendars, case complexity, and the opposing party’s willingness to settle and attitude.

While it isn’t easy to offer an accurate timeline, your personal injury attorney should be able to provide a rough estimate based on similar cases or past experiences. In addition, it’s best to coordinate with your lawyer on recent updates on your case. That way, you can be informed of changes in the timeline.


Personal injury is no joke. As such, trying to learn more about your case and your personal injury lawyer makes sense. By asking your lawyer the right questions, you can have a smoother experience and ensure your case goes the right way.

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