4 Tips to Improve Workflow and Productivity in Your Office

Running an office-based business isn’t as easy as it sounds. Aside from managing a large team of employees, you need to make sure that your office is well stocked, clean, and secure at all times.

One of the most difficult components of being an office manager is managing workflow. You need to know how to effectively delegate tasks and oversee multiple projects to maintain a high level of productivity in your office.

When you can successfully increase workflow optimisation and productivity, this will be reflected in the rest of your business. You’ll notice an increase in employee and client satisfaction and a decrease in overhead costs.

So, how can you improve workflow and productivity in your office? Here are some top tips.

1. Invest in Great Software

The software that you use in your office makes a significant difference to workflow efficiency and productivity. When you use top-quality software, your staff will get more done during the day.

Whether you’re using ServiceNow AIops or ATS software, you can reduce the demand on your staff by automating some of your operations. Software enhances communication between your employees and encourages collaboration between all departments in your office.

2. Make Your Staff Comfortable

When your staff feels relaxed in the office, they’ll get more done. Productivity relies on comfort and job satisfaction, so it’s important to do everything that you can to give your employees what they want and need.

Making your staff comfortable may involve replacing existing furniture with ergonomic options, optimising the temperature of the office, and investing in top-quality technology. When your staff is comfortable and content, they’ll find it easier to focus during the day and power through their tasks.

3. Allow Flexible Working for Your Staff

Since the pandemic, thousands of US-based businesses have switched to working 100% remotely. This has enabled employees to have more freedom over their schedules and find a great work-life balance.

If possible, give your employees the choice to work remotely or in the office, depending on their preferences. If 100% remote working is not possible for your business, consider a hybrid approach, where your team can work a few days in the office and a few days at home each week.

Providing flexible working arrangements for your staff will increase employee satisfaction and boost morale. As a result, your staff will work harder and smarter, and they will be more loyal to your company, all of which can boost productivity.

4. Enable Your Staff to Take Regular Breaks

Most employees allow their staff to have one break during a full workday. While this might work for some people, many workers require more than just one break during a typical eight-hour day.

Allow your staff to take multiple short breaks throughout the workday so that they don’t lose concentration or focus. Encourage them to take a walk around the block to stretch their legs and give them some fresh air before they return to the office.

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  1. Ricky Thomlinson
    Ricky Thomlinson says:

    I have a number of clients that own office buildings, others rent spaces for their business. Most are getting rid of the offices. They realized they had a bigger profit margin during covid when people were working from home. Others realized one person could do the work of two without increasing salaries so they never hired more people. I asked what about the lose on that building. Depending on how it was set up, who owns it, there are great tax benefits letting buildings, strip malls stay vacant. Cities steal enough of our taxes, they can afford to buy them and house the homeless they are always whining about.


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