4 Important Things You Should Know About Healthcare Technology

Tech is radically changing our world, from AI that’s practically everywhere to behind-the-scenes health tech. Healthcare is a mega industry globally, and no one does it bigger than the USA. Each year billions of dollars are invested into research and development, making healthcare tech companies some of the biggest fish in the S&P 500 pond. Their goal? To make every single aspect of healthcare better – improving patient outcomes, increasing efficiency, and even slashing costs across all areas of this system.

As we’re seeing technology revolutionise how we give and receive care, it’s crucial for both patients and providers to be up-to-date with these exciting developments. Let’s dissect some of the most captivating parts driving this rapid progress in healthcare.

It Permeates Into Obscure But Crucial Areas That Are Less Well-Known

When you think of technology, it’s easy to get swept up in the glitz and glamor of buzz-worthy tech like AI (although that is covered later in the post). However, in most cases, it’s the jobs that are done behind the scenes that enable almost all other healthcare outcomes. Options like logistics and things that boost efficiency are often overlooked, but the entire industry would cease to function without them. Therefore, it is terrific to see opportunities like NavvTrack iOS Fleet Management, which has the potential to enhance workflows and shorten patent waiting times, emerge. These kinds of technologies typically form the backbone of a health organisation and keep things running smoothly.

Telemedicine Has Enabled Patients In Remote Areas To Receive Care

Another major innovation expanding patient access is telemedicine. Although it has been around in some form for decades, it has come to the forefront, particularly during the lockdowns experienced at the beginning of the 2020s. Through secure video visits, patients can conveniently consult doctors online for minor conditions or follow-ups. This has eliminated the need to travel long distances for minor medical attention. Where it has come into its own has been the ability of remote diagnosis and treatment. Patients can transmit health data like blood pressure to providers for real-time monitoring and recommendations. Telemedicine is fundamentally improving equity and outcomes by meeting patients where they are.

Cybersecurity Has Become An Increasing Concern

Cybersecurity has quickly become a major headache in our tech-driven world. As we dive deeper into the digital age, there’s been an alarming uptick in bad guys hacking systems and swiping precious patient data. To combat these nefarious actors, healthcare organisations are dramatically stepping up their game, including setting up comprehensive training for staff members and implementing state-of-the-art tech solutions designed to slam the door on system breaches before they can wreak havoc.

Artificial Intelligence Is Slowing Improving Diagnosis

Finally, we come to the most widespread and oft-misunderstood technology currently taking the world by storm; AI. While still in the early stages of testing (and currently showing too many issues to be put to widespread use), AI tools are demonstrating their profound potential as they continue to improve.

Healthcare technology is a vast field that encompasses a massive range of applications. It’s currently used in backend services like logistics and workflow improvements and shows incredible promise for the future, a la AI.

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